I stayed in Dali for six days and it rained for five days

I hardly went anywhere, but I went around Erhai twice!

The first time around Erhai Lake was to find a plane seat for sunrise and sunset. I walked all the way through caicun wharf, longkan wharf, haitongue Park, Erhai wetland, Shuanglang, gouse, luwoshan, and xiaoputuo, but after looking at the weather forecast, I found that so many seats were useless to me

Because of Norden, I came to Yunlong. Maybe it's because of Yunlong, I came to Nuodeng

This is actually a little difficult to explain, because I am a scenery lover! The ancient village is not so attractive to me, because "the ancient village in Yunnan" knows all about it. Even the name Nuodeng ancient village was heard from my childhood Chen. She strongly recommended me to come, and I agreed. However, it may be the "Tai Chi map" of Yunlong County that attracts me here

At the end of April, Yuanmou was already extremely hot. The dry air made my throat itch. I didn't care about drinking water. I just wanted to get to the tulin scenic spot as soon as possible

Before coming here, I only knew Yuanmou earth forest. In fact, Yuanmou earth forest is just the general name of many earth forests in Yuanmou County. Among them, there are two earth forests developed into scenic spots on a large scale, one is Wumao earth forest, the other is langbapu earth forest.

In fact, I could see the earth forest landscape when I was close to Yuanmou County, but as a Star lover, I naturally chose a remote place with less light pollution, so I chose langbapu earth forest.

I drove through the 245 national highway, looked at the Red River Bridge, and then went into the mountains. I saw that the soil outside the window gradually turned dark red. This was my first time here, so I was very surprised!

I think the name of the Red River must be inseparable from the red soil I saw there!

Speaking of Yunnan tofu, I have to mention coated tofu

The first time I ate steamed tofu was in Fuxian Lake in Yuxi. I thought it was a local snack in Yuxi. Later, I learned that steamed tofu is everywhere in Yunnan!

When it comes to delicious tofu, I think Yunnan is blooming everywhere. When it comes to delicious tofu, it must be Jianshui tofu. Although I haven't eaten it yet, I don't accept any form of refutation. Who dares to say no, the millennium old wells of Jianshui, large and small, will not agree first!