This is a sobbing story:

In other words, there have already been three generations of the Nujiang Bridge on National Highway 318, one in use, one abandoned, and one standing between the other two generations of the Nujiang Bridge with only its piers. This pier is the Nujiang Bridge more than sixty years ago, and the bridge has already been demolished. Why is it that the pier of this bridge is only preserved?

Thieves don't leave empty! This time I'm a ticket dodger!

I am very familiar with the millennium ancient salt field of Salt Well in Tibet, where there are 81 tickets. I came to Salt Well for the first time because the ticket price was prohibitive!

At that time, I had nothing to waste except my leg strength. I had to walk seven or eight kilometers with my friends, passing through villages and farmlands of Naxi nationality, and came to a cliff to watch from afar

When turning over the pass, the car stalled. I guess I was angry! The gas of raw gasoline, raw 95 gasoline has sold for eleven yuan per liter of gas

I don't care about money. After all, 92 # gasoline has been sold for 10 yuan and 50 cents. How much gasoline you add is a "50 steps and 100 steps" business! But the car is not willing, and I can't help it

The car has suffered a lot. I know it costs me 50 cents more for every liter of oil it drinks, but it has to walk a hundred times worse than usual! You can't stand to let broken and sharp stones pierce your feet every day

Angry Shara is a kind of cuisine that I can never imagine

It is both food and drink. Such food attributes make me ambivalent in enjoying it, although I prefer to use "drink" to complete it!

When I just entered the Nujiang gorge, I found that every town and village I passed by had churches

This is amazing!

Nujiang state is not only on the border, but also very backward in economy, so it has no sense of existence in the hearts of Chinese people. If you haven't been to Nujiang state, people don't even know where it is!