The Great Harmony has a phoenix, hence the name Phoenix City.

In the cold winter of the twelfth lunar month, on the banks of the Sanggan River, the cold wind was piercing and the chill was pressing. However, I saw red clouds curling up along the skyline, resembling a vortex, resembling a phoenix in nirvana.

Because of the epidemic, I was driven out of the Zizhu Temple, and then out of Xizang.

Although I wander around in Xizang, where the epidemic is spreading, I always live in a car and hardly contact anyone. I haven't even said a few words. What I crave is beautiful scenery. Everything else is unimportant to me.

Although the footsteps of the city lockdown were closely following behind me, I felt that my luck was still quite good. In a limited amount of time, I stayed at Sap Mountain for two days. As soon as I left, Sap Mountain was sealed off; I stayed at Sanse Lake for two days, and as soon as I left, Bianba County was locked down; I stayed at Zizhu Temple for a day and wanted to stay for another day, but I was told that if I didn't leave, I would be locked up there. There was no other way, so I had to flee quickly

Terraces are very rare in Xizang. I never expected to meet terraces in Tibet, and the scale is beyond my expectation. If there are clouds in the valley, the scenery must be no less than Yuanyang terraces

This is Bianba County, Changdu, Xizang. On my way from Sanse Lake to Zizhu Temple, I didn't follow the navigation recommendation to take G349 to Luolong County. Instead, I chose a valley path from the map. Unexpectedly, soon after leaving Bianba County, I met this piece of terraced fields when I turned over Yakou.

In the summer of August, the Xiangla Glacier did not see its beauty in full bloom! I couldn't feel its beauty, as the sand, stones, and soil covered most of the glacier made the originally pristine ice tongue appear filthy and unbearable. In front of the glacier is a huge glacial lake, and the blue lake water looks decent, but this lake also blocks the path to the glacier.

Upon hearing this, in the winter, ice and snow will cover everything around us, and the world will be shrouded in silver. At that time, it will be the peak of the appearance of the Xiangla Glacier. More importantly, people can go deep into the glacier through the frozen lake. In this glacier, there is a very amazing ice cave. This cave is not only spacious, but also the blue ice pattern is refreshing. This is the Rocket of Xiangla Glacier.

From Mount Sapu, I stepped into the border county of Changdu, a place I had never heard of before. Upon arriving here for the first time, I didn't know where to go for sightseeing. As I wandered aimlessly in the county town, I came across a promotional map of tourist attractions around Bianba County. As I approached it, I immediately saw this beautiful Three Color Lake.

At that time, during the epidemic, when I was undergoing nucleic acid testing in Bianba County, the doctor ordered me to self isolate for several days. This problem was not difficult, so I immediately drove to Sanse Lake and closed myself in the mountains.