When I just entered the Nujiang gorge, I found that every town and village I passed by had churches

This is amazing!

Nujiang state is not only on the border, but also very backward in economy, so it has no sense of existence in the hearts of Chinese people. If you haven't been to Nujiang state, people don't even know where it is!

Nucleic acid was ready when I slept, and I could finally drive into Lushui!

Although Lushui is the seat of Nujiang state government, the economic environment of this state can only make it a county-level city! Its lack of prosperity can be clearly felt when I pass it

Entering Lushui, I was stopped at the checkpoint and asked to provide nucleic acid proof within 24 hours! Although my nucleic acid proved to be within 48 hours, it still couldn't pass. I can understand the strict attitude towards the epidemic. Therefore, in order to wait for the new nucleic acid results, I'm ready to stay at the checkpoint for a night!

Fortunately, the location of the checkpoint is next to the Nujiang River Bridge in Lushui, which makes me bored. I seized the opportunity to understand the boredom and hurried to explore the aircraft position!