The sunset is like blood, scattering on the Zada soil forest. I stood high, and the scene before me was like an epic geological painting, filled with awe for nature in my heart.

The afterglow spreads in the sky, the clouds and shadows change, as if telling an ancient epic. Zhada Tulin, like the texture of the earth, appears desolate and majestic in the light and shadow of the sunset. The snow peak of the the Himalayas in the distance is shining with silver light, which reflects with the earth forest, forming a magnificent picture.

I entered the deep canyon of Zhada Tulin - Xiayi Gully, as if I had entered another mysterious world. The earth forest is golden in the sunset, the valleys are crisscrossed with ravines, and the folds are bright and dark. In the setting sun and silence, it looks bleak and vigorous.

The river has left traces of history flowing through the canyons, and ancient temples, pagodas, as well as the ruins and old palaces on the earthen slopes, all bear witness to the glory and decline of the Guge Dynasty. These relics that disappear in the earth forest add a touch of mystery and mystery to this place.

The earthen forests on both sides of the canyon are diverse in shape and rugged, some resembling giant warriors in armor, some resembling heavily fortified fortresses and watchtowers, and some resembling fierce beasts dancing their claws and teeth. The incredible craftsmanship of nature is breathtaking. These scenes are all the grinding and carving of wind and water, extraordinary earth art after the vicissitudes of time.

Strolling through the Zada soil forest is like walking in a mysterious foreign land, with each step filled with unknowns and surprises. This vast and majestic land interprets the legend of nature in its unique way.

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