It's so comfortable to shoot the starry sky in Fuxian Lake!

I drove into Fuxian Lake at the end of April and booked a B & B casually. As a result, I lived near Gushan! This is the first time I found a place with moderate temperature, cool but not cold, full of popularity and no mosquitoes nearby!

The world knows that the water of Fuxian Lake is very clear, but I found that the sky belonging to her is also as clear! When I came out for a walk in the evening, I found that if it wasn't for the harsh requirements to see the Milky way with naked eyes, the stars in the sky would be enough to meet people's imagination of the starry sky! If I bring a tent, I think I can set up a tent in the park next to the lonely mountain and sleep with the stars

Standing on the Bank of Fuxian Lake, the direction facing the isolated mountain is just south of the East. The silver heart of the Milky way will rise slowly from behind the isolated mountain at 11 o'clock at midnight, and then take the neat boats arranged by the lake as the foreground. This picture is still very good!

Without a tent, I had to drive into the park and park on the bank! Sort out the shooting equipment, set up the tripod, and let the interval shooting of the camera automatically help me record the rise of the Milky way. I just need to lie in the car and open the skylight to take a sip of beer and stars

I still remember that night more than ten days ago, I was struggling with mosquitoes and damp heat in Hailing Island. It's hard to imagine such a leisurely time to shoot the starry sky

The wind chimes on the lonely mountain are clattered by the evening wind. The crisp and moving voice makes people relaxed and happy and calm; From time to time, the small boats on the Bank of the bank are swayed by the gentle lake, making a babbling sound, which makes people involuntarily want to stretch; And I don't know who is singing karaoke on the roof, taking everything here as an echo tube, but it's a pity that he can't always sing in tune!

The takeout order arrived. I took a sip of beer. I feel really comfortable at the moment

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