Speaking of Yunnan tofu, I have to mention coated tofu

The first time I ate steamed tofu was in Fuxian Lake in Yuxi. I thought it was a local snack in Yuxi. Later, I learned that steamed tofu is everywhere in Yunnan!

When it comes to delicious tofu, I think Yunnan is blooming everywhere. When it comes to delicious tofu, it must be Jianshui tofu. Although I haven't eaten it yet, I don't accept any form of refutation. Who dares to say no, the millennium old wells of Jianshui, large and small, will not agree first!

When it comes to tears, I really regret not staying in Jianshui when I came out of Yuanyang, so the title of my article can be called "Jianshui tofu"! At that time, I only thought Jianshui was an ancient city, and I saw many ancient cities, so I didn't care about it. As a result, I found myself missing 10000 opportunities to eat delicious food

This may be fate. If I hadn't been busy on my way and missed Jianshui, I wouldn't have entered dog street by mistake!

In other words, the boss didn't give me chili noodles when I first ate the coated tofu. After eating, I noticed that there were chili noodles in the matching picture of the coated tofu in the menu! So, the second time I eat, I strongly remind my boss to make chili noodles for me

In fact, bean curd without chili noodles is also very delicious! The surface of tofu is slightly fried to golden yellow, while the inside of tofu is still soft and waxy soybean milk, but this soybean milk is not that soybean milk. If you have eaten double skin milk, you may experience it immediately!

Yes, I think it's appropriate to use double skin milk as a metaphor! When a mouthful of double skin milk slides into your mouth, the soft waxy taste and strong milk flavor can satisfy you instantly. Of course, the same is true of coated tofu, but the taste turns into a strong tofu taste. The taste is warm and soft. It's like falling into the arms of a girl. It rolls with Jiao, just don't want to come out. In this way, I ate for several days and ordered every meal, because the taste really fascinates me

As for the collocation of tofu and chili noodles, I have eaten it for a long time. It's my friend in Guizhou! Maybe the chili noodles in Guizhou are so delicious that the tofu in Guizhou has become a supporting role. Also, the tofu flavor of tofu is not strong, which makes me have an impression that tofu must be matched with chili noodles, and it is very impressive! It's also this attempt without chili noodles that makes me know that tofu is more delicious

Before, I only remember the marinated old tofu in my hometown, which is used to stew spinach. This is also one of my mother's favorite dishes! If she knew there was such a snack, she would be conquered by it immediately!

After leaving Fuxian Lake, I went to Dali again and found that there was another kind of sauce wrapped tofu in Dali. This tofu is a possibility that it is more delicious! I remember the feeling when I eat it in my mouth. It's like picking up a treasure. It's refreshed the "tofu view" again

I don't know how to make this tofu sauce. I just think it's very fresh and sweet. It's also flavored with millet spicy, broken ear root, celery, green onion and so on. When I see someone criticizing it for its strong monosodium glutamate taste, but I just like the taste, so that I ate it for a few days until I left Dali

It's written. I'm worthless. I unconsciously wipe the saliva at the corner of my mouth! At this time, I was looking up at the stars in the wilderness. Unconsciously, I missed Jianshui again... As a scenery lover, I missed a place because of eating for the first time. This may be the charm of Yunnan tofu

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