Angry Shara is a kind of cuisine that I can never imagine

It is both food and drink. Such food attributes make me ambivalent in enjoying it, although I prefer to use "drink" to complete it!

At first sight, Shara is like a pot of soup full of oil. If you don't get close, you won't think it's a pot full of Baijiu, a pot of Baijiu salted with fried chicken

Brother Ying said that not eating Xiala is equivalent to not having been to Nujiang! I asked him half jokingly that 99% of the people came here for nothing! Brother Eagle replied solemnly: Yes!

If I hadn't met Daniel, I wouldn't have met brother Ying. If I hadn't met brother Ying, I wouldn't have eaten Xiala with Daniel. This may be my fate with Nujiang!

Shara made me deeply remember Nu River and Bingzhongluo! I remember the day I ate Xiala, I drank three bowls, equivalent to a kilo of Baijiu. Its exaggerated stamina made me hangover all night. I was tortured by it in the middle of the night until I woke up. Dizziness and vomiting continued until noon the next day

Although Yingge is from Henan Province, he has lived in Bingzhongluo for five consecutive years. Counting the past Nujiang career, he has more than ten years of experience. So no one can fool him in eating Xiala. In the process of ordering meals with the restaurant, brother Ying said that he was right. For example, judge whether the chicken is native chicken by the weight of the chicken, and let the chef use one third of the chicken to make Xiala, and the rest to make Muqiu stewed chicken, so that we can eat two Nu dishes

Charaton usually uses the most essence of chicken, such as chicken breast and chicken thigh. Of course, it can also be cooked with pork or fish. Local native chickens should be selected for chickens, and local black pigs should also be selected for pigs. Of course, Nujiang fish is the best fish! You can understand the meaning of this cuisine through the literal translation of the word Xiala. In the Nu language, Xiala means meat and wine, Xia is meat, and La is wine.

The fried meat of Xiala usually uses lacquer oil. Although butter can also be used, people who grow up not from snack lacquer oil are easy to be allergic to lacquer oil, so we carefully choose crisp meat. When the meat is fried until it is burnt, put a lot of morels or Muqiu into it, and then fry it for a few minutes. Pour a pot of prepared Baijiu, cover the pot and stew for a while. When the wine boils in the pot, it can be put into the pot. It is not suitable to cook for a long time, because the alcohol will evaporate after a long time. At this time, the rich and delicious Xiala is made!

The wine for making Xiala is a highly Baijiu made by Nu people. The main raw materials for brewing are corn, rice and buckwheat. Brother Ying said that drinking authentic Xiala is to drink this high Baijiu! So you must be careful when drinking Xiala. Its entrance is very soft, and even if it flows into the stomach, it doesn't have much stimulation, but this is the danger of Xiala, because its stamina is full, which makes you get drunk unconsciously until you overdo it without knowing it. This also contributed to my lesson of drinking three bowls of Xiala

Nujiang people love drinking very much. They make their own wine, make their own wine utensils, and innovate their own way of drinking. Maybe this is how Xiala was born

When I write this article, I feel dizzy when I think of Shara, especially when I smell a little alcohol and oil the next day after drinking Shara. It can be seen that the shadow left by Shara in my heart

If you let me eat Shara again, I must refuse. If I have to eat, I must not be so extravagant

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