Entering Lushui, I was stopped at the checkpoint and asked to provide nucleic acid proof within 24 hours! Although my nucleic acid proved to be within 48 hours, it still couldn't pass. I can understand the strict attitude towards the epidemic. Therefore, in order to wait for the new nucleic acid results, I'm ready to stay at the checkpoint for a night!

Fortunately, the location of the checkpoint is next to the Nujiang River Bridge in Lushui, which makes me bored. I seized the opportunity to understand the boredom and hurried to explore the aircraft position!

There is a large area of terraced fields in the river valley where the Nu River flows. Seedlings have just been planted on the terraced fields. The water waves are suffused with a little green light, which has the flavor of spring. Scattered around the terraces are some houses, like a village. Look into the distance along the village and terraces, and that is the bridge on the Nu River.

Nujiang bridge is magnificent, but the Nujiang River under the bridge is not so rough, maybe because I am too far away from it, or the rainy season has not yet arrived! The other end of Nujiang bridge extends into the valley in the distance, and the direction is just south by East! So at ten in the middle of the night, the Milky way will rise there

I didn't prepare for night shooting, because the weather forecast results made me feel very embarrassed! Sunny and cloudy days will change frequently in a few hours of midnight, and eventually turn into light rain

Although I can also take a few photos during the gap between overcast and sunny, I certainly won't believe the ghost of weather forecast. With past experience, I know I will be there alone and helpless

Night fell, but the temperature did not drop. Lying in the car, I deeply know how rampant mosquitoes are outside the car, because I will definitely not get off the car unless I have to! Even if I get off the bus, I will spray mosquito repellent water first! I saw brother MOTU outside the window and his nowhere to put himself. I thought about the past backpacking trip has also encountered many such embarrassments!

Many years ago, I rode around Taiwan Island. On the way to Jiufen, I was trapped in the mountains of Keelung by heavy rain. I also took a rain bath for two hours. I really had nothing to do except gritting my teeth and insisting! A passing car beckoned me to go in, but compared with getting wet, I think I'm more reluctant to get into someone else's car

I don't know when I formed the habit of not giving others trouble. I haven't stretched out my hand for help. I firmly believe that I can carry it for another two hours. This may be "faith"

The conditions of the checkpoint are very limited, and the toilets are all built with simple partitions. There can't be a shelter for my brother here, but there are also staff and police who stay outdoors with my brother. I think if I stay outside, I don't have any complaints to say

At midnight, the nucleic acid test results finally came out, and the boy was finally able to leave on his handsome motorcycle. I think he must have a good sleep in Lushui. Although, at that time, I was already asleep

Before dawn in the morning, I was awakened by the alarm clock when I planned to enjoy the morning glow! I looked out of the window and found that it was wet around. It might have rained at night!

I'm happy with my wise move last night, and I'm also sad about the dawn sky. It's covered with dark clouds, and it seems that the chance of sunrise is slim

I have to wrap my sleeping bag and sleep for a while

Vaguely, I felt the sky outside the window slightly began to turn red! The heart of taking pictures made me wake up immediately, get up quickly and go to the plane I explored yesterday

With my camera in my hand, I trotted all the way towards Nujiang bridge, but I felt that the more I ran, the more something went wrong. Not surprisingly, I found that my luck is still that piss

The sky in the northeast is pink and a little beautiful, but the sky in the southeast where the Nujiang bridge is located is actually black and blue. Even the strong sun did not shake the dark clouds there!

I took a few disappointed photos. Although I was not satisfied, it was estimated to be "luck"

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