Before eating dog Street rice noodles, I have a "dog Street rice noodles" in my memory, because one of my colleagues is from dog street!

At that time, we talked about Yunnan rice noodles. I asked him if Yunnan rice noodles are all bridge rice noodles. He said that's not true. There are many kinds of Yunnan rice noodles, and delicious rice noodles are not cheap. All kinds of materials are added. How can I get 40 or 50 yuan a bowl

I'm a little surprised! Because in the noodle shop in my hometown, a bowl of noodles is only six or seven yuan, and the topping with some eggs, balls, oil tofu and so on is more than ten yuan, but the rice noodles in his hometown are so much more expensive than those in my hometown! This virtually gave me the impression that I must go to dog street to have rice noodles

In fact, it's also a coincidence to come to dog street! Just because I wanted to walk a little less, I chose the national highway from Jianshui to Kunming instead of the expressway, but I really regret this road more and more, because there are too many his mother planned roads, almost 100%!

In this way, I drove into dog street by mistake! At first, I didn't care. I was surrounded by the winding mountain highway in the mountains. When I finally saw this building complex, my first reaction was to get off and eat! However, when I saw several signs at the intersection that said "welcome to dog Street", the impression in my heart immediately made me laugh

Dog street is a town, but it looks much larger and more prosperous than the town! There is a commercial street in the town. Perhaps because of the epidemic, the people on the street are better than nothing, and seven or eight out of ten shops are closed. What a pity

Back to the rice noodle shop in dog street, I met it next to a big vegetable market, and I went to this vegetable market because I wanted to get rid of it! After the solution, I found a snack bar opposite. When I walked in, I found that it was selling rice noodles!

To eat rice noodles here is to spend ten yuan to buy a soup. Rice noodles need to be scalded by yourself, and there is no limit. Rice noodles look like red rice noodles, the same as what I ate in Yuanyang! In addition, you can add all kinds of materials in the soup, including fried meat, pounded meat, meat skin, crispy, chicken, grilled meat, ribs, intestines, braised meat, rabbit meat and beef. These materials are clearly priced. Try them all, but you can't spend forty or fifty yuan

I ordered a large soup. The boss said I could choose two ingredients. I chose fried meat and crispy. Finally, I only charged me ten yuan! The first time I met this kind of eating method, I looked confused and forced. In fact, I haven't figured out how to charge for this, but I still ate it in a muddle and ate two bowls of rice noodles!

The soup is clear soup, but I'm used to spicy. I must Kuai a spoonful of spicy oil. The taste of beef bones in the soup reminds me of Lanzhou ramen, but the taste of spicy oil is completely different, because there is mint in it! It's the mint that makes me feel very, very novel for people who are used to eating spicy oil in the north. Who would have thought that they use mint to enhance flavor and fragrance! And I only know that mint is used to eliminate bad breath

Rice noodles are already cooked. Just put them in the soup and stir them up with chopsticks! When eating rice noodles, pick up the rice noodles with chopsticks, and be sure to bring a few pieces of material and put them into your mouth. That feeling is a satisfaction. At this time, pick up a white radish pickle and put it into your mouth, so you can enjoy taking off!

My stomach is full, but I'm still itching. If I don't have enough to eat, I can greedily choose more materials, but I'll spend 15 or 20 yuan more

The rice noodles in dog Street are like the result of the integration of North and South pasta. They neither neglect the soup nor ignore the topping. Perhaps the only thing I'm not used to is that the rice noodles are not as strong as noodles, but isn't it rice noodles!

After eating and drinking, the wish in my heart has been realized! The rice noodles in dog Street are delicious, but my friends say that Jianshui rice noodles are more delicious. If so, I have to wait until I pass by next time and have a try!

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