I stayed in Dali for six days and it rained for five days

I hardly went anywhere, but I went around Erhai twice!

The first time around Erhai Lake was to find a plane seat for sunrise and sunset. I walked all the way through caicun wharf, longkan wharf, haitongue Park, Erhai wetland, Shuanglang, gouse, luwoshan, and xiaoputuo, but after looking at the weather forecast, I found that so many seats were useless to me

The weather finally cleared up the second time around the sea. On the way to xiaoputuo, I saw large white clouds perched on the Erhai Lake. The sunlight spread to the lake through the gaps between the clouds, leaving bright paths in the gelatinous air. The Erhai sea created a sacred and quiet atmosphere. I remember the last time I saw such a landscape was in the Dachaidan Lake in Qinghai. It was a little exciting to see it again after many years.

When the Tyndall effect occurs, light takes shape.

After the rain, Erhai lake looks like a bath, clean and bright, reflecting the sky like a mirror. Where the water meets the sky, the upper and lower light columns are also connected. At a glance, the spectacular picture is just like a crystal suspended between heaven and earth

Standing on the cliff on the East Bank of Erhai Lake, I heard nothing but the whistling wind. The lake water at the bottom of the cliff gently patted the lake bank, and the sound of water splashes was particularly clear in the vast space. Set up a seat and just stay quietly. I am wrapped in the cold air and the mirrored sea and sky, just like floating in a forgotten space-time

The regret of continuous rainy days was finally relieved at this moment

At this time, my only feeling is comfortable!

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