When turning over the pass, the car stalled. I guess I was angry! The gas of raw gasoline, raw 95 gasoline has sold for eleven yuan per liter of gas

I don't care about money. After all, 92 # gasoline has been sold for 10 yuan and 50 cents. How much gasoline you add is a "50 steps and 100 steps" business! But the car is not willing, and I can't help it

The car has suffered a lot. I know it costs me 50 cents more for every liter of oil it drinks, but it has to walk a hundred times worse than usual! You can't stand to let broken and sharp stones pierce your feet every day

But it can't be blamed on me. I didn't plan to take this road originally. It was Lao Niu's suggestion that I take this road again and again.

I know this road is difficult and dangerous! But Lao Niu said that this road is not so great now. Compared with the past, it has become a "highway"

No big deal! It is only a little wider than before. Although it has double carriageway in most cases, it can't support it!

Although I haven't walked this road, I have seen it on the Internet for a long time. The only good road is on Yunnan side! As soon as you leave Yunnan, there are countless "shell pits" ahead

This is just the beginning!

The road behind is not gravel, or crater. The washboard road turns you into a doubt about life, and you still walk on the edge of the cliff. Especially when it often rains, the most frightening landslide often happens. It has rained every day for the past seven days in Bingzhongluo. Who can walk without fear

But I don't want to leave. In fact, I dare not. I don't know if the car dare, it is an ordinary household transport tool! There is no four-wheel drive, but the automatic transmission is still available. Even the tyres are road tyres. Once you drive in, you will not only test your skills, but also your car

Lao Niu asked me to follow him. He said that he had a spare tire and a trap board. If the car was lying on the road, he could save me!

Looking at the raindrops outside the car, I still can't make up my mind. Maybe I am thinking about another road - Degong Highway! Because my plan is to go to Deqin with the shortest distance to see Meili Snow Mountain

In fact, I am also a fearless ignorant person. After I met Brother Eagle, I learned that the Degong Road is more dangerous than Bingchacha. At least, the Bingchacha in front of us can still walk, but the Degong Road can't walk at present, because the pass is still sealed in the snow

The Degong Highway has been built for more than ten years, and it has not been repaired until now. The repeated landslides have not been effectively solved. Maybe they can be solved by the next access. Because it is building the Yakou Tunnel, and it will be repaired soon!

Brother Eagle comforted me and said, "Bingchacha, you can walk slowly!"!

I nodded and drank the last sip of Shira, which was also an act of honor for myself! Once you embark on the journey, you will never turn back

The next day, Lao Niu left with his friends!

I drove to Bingzhongluo from Gongshan County to try to catch up with Lao Niu, but I never caught up! It's funny. I feel like I'm abandoned

Standing on the viewing platform of Bingzhongluo, the mist in front of you is filled in the villages with the patter of rain in the morning. It's beautiful when you get together and disperse! I can't help sighing that this is the most beautiful rain scene I have seen in the seven days I stayed in Bingzhongluo! While I was staring at the rain, I thought to myself that Lao Niu was really unreliable! But is the beauty in front of me a comfort from God? I went to Tibet without hesitation for a second!

Once out of Yunnan, the tires of the car began to press into the crater! I'm ready to be thrown up. I'll shake around with the car and get used to it

Although some roads are narrow, it is good to see few cars coming from the opposite side, and the road is smooth. But the car is suffering. This is the first time it has faced such difficulties. There is a creaking noise in the car, like it's moaning... I can't care about it. What I can do for it is only to make more turns and step on the brake when encountering big pits

Although the car is very slow, I dare not slack off. I hold the steering wheel and keep a close eye on the road to prevent the tires from being punctured and the underbody from being cut. When I was on the edge of the cliff, I tried to drive my car in the middle of the road. I felt it was dangerous to be too close to either side

I was so engrossed that I forgot the time. I didn't relax until I arrived at Chavaron. It took me more than three hours to walk this way. I didn't encounter any difficulty in passing. It seemed that it wasn't really "great"

It is said that the big quicksand is dangerous. Anyone who passes by it should be careful. However, two 55 year old Guiyang sisters I met when I passed by the big quicksand insisted on taking a lot of aerial photos to follow. After passing the quicksand, they did not forget to take pictures and play handsome. It was really fun!

Speaking of them, I really have to admire them! Just retired, I bought an RV to accompany my trip. The goal of this trip is to link G219 with China!

I asked them, aren't you afraid to drive an RV into Bingcha? Didn't think about what to do when the car broke down on the way?

They said that they had seen the strategy on the short video, and they had no fear!!! I laughed. I never thought that there was someone who was more "ignorant and fearless" than me

Looking at their confidence and the smooth journey today, I am also full of confidence

But before we set out to Zhayu, the bad news came from the Donkey Club! When the road ahead encounters a cave in, the county will notify to close the road for one day! After knowing the news, my two elder sisters and I looked at each other. We had to wait another day for nothing, just to clean my car and take a bath

An old man said that there was a checkpoint on the way to Chayu, just 40 kilometers away from Chavalon. People must pass before 10 a.m., or they will continue to close the road because of the landslide! This news directly made the street lively at four or five o'clock in the morning. Countless hikers got up at this point to tidy up and prepare for departure, fearing that they would be left here

The road to Chayu was indeed difficult and beyond my imagination. Compared with the road we have traveled before, although there are many bullet holes in the first half of the road, we can always avoid them by taking more turns, but the second half is different. There are so many holes that we can't avoid them

Especially when crossing the pass, the road ahead is full of big pits filled with snow and meltwater. People can't judge the depth of the pits. It is common for the chassis of the car to be scratched

Not to mention how hard the car is when climbing! The tire skids due to mud. It is always on the most dangerous turning road, with pits and mud underfoot. The engine driving on the plateau is not only oxygen deficient, but also has to slow down. This test is really great

Although the road is hard to walk, the beautiful scenery is a real instant return! As long as you climb the pass in front of you, the scenery behind you is absolutely epic!

Not to mention the rich and colorful primeval forests and the continuous towering snow peaks, only standing at the pass can you see the heart lake of Fangrong, which is unforgettable

When the car took me past Yishula Pass, I was surprised by the snow walls several meters high on both sides of the road. I couldn't help getting off to take photos!

Although crossing the Yishula Pass means that the destination is coming soon, the crater and mud under my feet always remind me not to be happy too early. The car with a flat tire that we encounter from time to time on the roadside reminds us to be careful at all times.

As the altitude drops, the surrounding cold air gradually warms up and becomes moist. After the cloud and fog halfway up the mountain, the car body seems to have been drenched by rain. Between the clouds and fog is a stunning primeval forest. The mountains and plains are full of azaleas waving to us. In only one hour, we have experienced winter, spring, autumn and summer

The car finally arrived at Chayu. It is estimated that it is still sulking now! Now it is not only covered with mud, but also the engine is buzzing with me

As early as in Muruo Village, I found that I had rubbed off a piece of the underbody guard! It is even more difficult to step on the brake to let it idle when going down the mountain after crossing the pass. Once this happens, it will buzz, so I have to use the horn to scold me

I'm really afraid it will leave me on the way, but I still pretend nothing happened. I know it has been wronged, so I dare not let it idle all the time when I meet the car. After stepping on the brake, I quickly put it into neutral to let it have a rest

The technician in the repair shop looked at the injured car, and only lifted the sledge hammer and hammered the underbody cover several times to solve the problem. It turned out that the cover was dented by me and stuck to the engine. It wasn't a big deal

I never thought it was so strong! I'm also glad for myself!

After repairing it, I took it to have a good bath, and it was dry and quiet from inside to outside. The car is not buzzing any more. I think it's gone

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