After dinner, we seem to have nothing to do. We want to play mobile phones but have no Internet connection. So we have a chance to learn Tibetan with Mr. ong rang

"Aung Jean teacher, I love you, how to say?"

"Autumn ah GA!"

"Autumn ah ga How do I hate you? "

"It's autumn!"

"Hahaha It's autumn! "

Aung asked the teacher to take up the tea bowl, shook it, and said, "will trust!"

"Oh... Will drag... Tea... " I also picked up the tea bowl and said respectfully, "will drag..."

Aung asked the teacher to put down the tea bowl and said, "Kazuo Thank you... "

"Oh..." I nodded and said, "kadjo..."

I asked Mr. ong rang, "to what extent can learning Tibetan be subdivided? Is it divided by words like Chinese, or by words like English? "

Aung rang said with a smile, "it's almost like English..."

"Oh... How do you understand "autumn ah Ga"

"Autumn is you It's me "Ah Ga" is "like"... "

"Then" MOGA "is" don't like it " Ha ha ha

We talked and laughed, but I didn't expect that learning Tibetan is such an interesting thing. Before that, I thought that I had no more words to show my hand except for "zhaxidler". Just as everyone was immersed in a happy atmosphere, suddenly there was a power failure, and it was dark inside and outside

We were too surprised to blink or move. Time seemed to be still. After two seconds, Aung asked the teacher to stand up and walk with us and said, "it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter Maybe there's a power failure... " Then, he skillfully pulled out two candles from nowhere, stretched them into the furnace and lit them, and finally there was light around.

I saw that violet's eyes were wide open. It seemed that I was scared. I smiled at her so that she could relax a little. I remember when I was a child, the power supply in my hometown was not stable, and I would regularly arrange power cuts in cooperation with national resource conservation activities. It was a common practice to light candles for lighting. Later, the power supply of the State Grid became more and more stable, so that we, who lived in big cities for too long, were used to using convenient power services anytime and anywhere, and had forgotten that there was also "power cuts"

The fire began to weaken. Aung asked the teacher to look at his watch. It was more than nine o'clock in the evening. When it was time to rest, everyone was in their own bed. The wind outside the house is blowing, the temperature inside the house has also dropped to the freezing point, the electric blanket is trying to produce heat, only a little temperature remains in the quilt.

Compared with the normal sleep time, the present sleep time seems too early. We are all a little sleepless. When we are bored, we pick up our mobile phones to have a look, but it's like holding a brick board. It's useless except for the light. When we put it down, we are unwilling to take it up. We can only accept the reality silently several times

When I woke up the next morning, I couldn't remember how I fell asleep last night. As in the evening, the temperature in the morning is not much higher. The sunlight shines through the window cracks into the room. It is bright and dazzling. We hide in the quilt and wait for the room to warm up, but the ink is still so cold until more than nine o'clock.

I remember last winter when I was in Lhasa, I ran to Yaowang mountain to have an afternoon's sunshine because of the cold. So, my face is hard to dry into a piece of black carbon, now I can't help laughing, but that day I seem to get a new life, just struggling from the edge of a cold.

I think the plateau sun is the warmest stove in winter!

I simply put on my coat, rushed out the door and stood in the sun to expose myself. I open my arms, embrace the heat of the wind, follow closely, ah Zi also came out of the door, squinting at the sun in the sky, the last smoke rain, squatting under the eaves silently place a cigarette. After a while, we began to feel warm. We didn't speak. We just felt the quiet air spreading in the valley. The fresh taste seeped into every pore, and there was a sense of reassurance.

When the rain finished smoking, he threw the rest of the cigarettes on the ground and wring them out with his feet. He exclaimed, "what a fine day today!"

I look up to the sky, it looks spotless and crystal clear in late autumn. So I also sighed: "today ... Weather... How nice! "

Purple also sighed: "today Heaven's... Weather... Good. Ah! " She sounded like a poem, and we all burst into laughter. Then she asked me, "where are we going today?"

"Go to the opposite side. Mr. ong rang said it was quanhuatan..." As I said it, I pointed to the valley opposite, that is, the place where two Tibetan boys came to take us. Coincidentally, quanhuatan is right at the door of teacher's home in angrang, which makes me feel that the world is really wonderful

"It's said that it's a calcified beach several kilometers long..."

"Isn't that the same scenery as Huanglong?" I was immediately excited.

A Zi couldn't help but say: "wow It must be beautiful! "

"Then let's go!" Now that the goal has been set, we don't have much to say. Wash and eat breakfast.

After going out, we walk up a slope, even if we enter the spring beach. Looking up at the valley, I don't know why, the huge mountain has been dyed white, and the white is slightly yellow, the scenery is a little general

We went to the mountain, the hillside was not steep, and it was not too hard to climb up. When we climbed to the end of the white hillside, colorful pools appeared in front of us. We can't believe our eyes. It's too different from the bad environment around us!

I can only see the different sizes and shapes of the pools, which are like terraces. The water in the pool is clear and sparkling under the sunlight. The water and grass in the pool are dependent on each other. There are many kinds of algae, such as green algae, which make the pool water reflect rich and gorgeous colors, just like the Yao pool came to the world

I've never been to Huanglong, and I don't know the shape of calcified beach. Seeing it today, I can't help but open our eyes! I squatted on the edge of the pool, while observing myself, muttering to myself: "so This is the spring beach! "

Encyclopedia has a cloud: Quanhua, mainly refers to the loose and porous material precipitated from the spring near the spring mouth. Because the spring water overflows from the ground, the pressure drops suddenly, which makes a large amount of carbon dioxide dissolved in it supersaturated and precipitated carbonate. Common springs include fresh water travertine, stalagmite, stalactite, etc. some can also be stacked into huge platforms, such as quanhuatan

Calcium carbonate magically adheres to the edge of the pool and accumulates into a wall, which also becomes a broad road for us to go deep into the calcification pool. We tramped on it to and fro in the spring beach, and found that it was surprisingly solid. Many of its pedals floated on the water like floating bridges, but it held us steady without worrying about stepping on the pool wall and falling into the water.

Going up, we found another spring beach on the mountain. Compared with the former, this pool has a smaller scale and less water. The calcified road is almost covered with red or green algae, so the color is more complex, instead of the previous aura and purity.

I've always wondered what the spring eye of Quanhua beach looks like?

But the spring eye is still four kilometers away from the calcification pool. Like yesterday's lengga wrong, all the first time they went there were tortured to death by the endless uphill road. The third terrace, which passed by, was like a hell, with huge black stones and yellow sandstone covering the mountain, showing no trace of life

At the end of the hillside, there was a narrow path. At the passing place, I saw a lot of yellow and white calcium carbonate mounds. Some of them had bubbles in the center, which almost made me think it was the eye of quanhuatan.

As we continued to turn a big stone, the sound of murmuring water began to ring in our ears! I don't know who built a stone wall on the back of the stone. When we got closer, we found a pool surrounded by the stone wall. The middle of the pool rolled like boiling water

We screamed in surprise. We didn't expect such a lively water spring to exist above the altitude of more than 4500 meters. Such a magical natural landscape is like the magic of nature!

Walking into the wall, I tried to observe the water spring at a close distance. Unexpectedly, a strong smell of sulfur came to my face, which made me stumble and almost fell into the water. It seems that the white calcium carbonate is attached with sulfur!

Although the spring turned violently, I didn't see the steam. I put out my hand and the water temperature was really low.

I urged Yanyu to say, "come and wash the hot spring!"

The misty rain white my one eye, disdain ground says: "I just don't so silly!"

A Zi laughed and said, "sulfur spring is good for skin. After washing, it can whiten at least several times!"

I replied interestingly, "our old skin is rough. It's useless to wash it again! It's more useful for you to wash. We will keep you around and promise not to peek! Ha ha ha

"Hahaha Or wash it for you Come on, come on... " Say, a Zi holds water to pour to us!

I used a small step of Lingbo, and ran out of the wall in three steps and two jumps, while the smoke and rain more nimbly jumped on the big stone near the spring.

There is a yak skull on the big stone, which should be the exorcism method made by the nearby Tibetans. We also jumped on the big stone. Unexpectedly, the back of yak skull was facing Gongga snow mountain. Unexpectedly, Gongga snow mountain can be seen here. It suddenly appeared in the sky, still as great as yesterday.

At sunset, we return to the colorful pool, waiting for the next beautiful picture.

Unexpectedly, the sun hid at the back of the mountain, and most of the area of the colorful pool was covered by the shadow. Without the sunshine, the colorful pool becomes dull and interesting.

Looking at the opposite Gongga snow mountain, as it was yesterday, it was covered by thick clouds, and it was hard to see its true appearance again, so we had to go home bitterly.

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