In the huge Valley, our off-road vehicle is driving on a bumpy dirt road. The dust is flying all around. The mountains in the distance are full of weeds and no trees can be seen. Where I can see it, there are only a few small Tibetan buildings beside the road. Each one is far away.

I quickly rubbed my eyes. I can't believe it. This is Yulong West Village? Is there such a tragedy? The driver will not throw us into a village and fool us! I keep beating drums in my heart, how can it be like this? I asked the Tibetan man, "is this really Yulongxi village?"

The Tibetan man replied, "yes, this is Yulong West Village!"

I thought I heard it wrong. I was a little panicked and said: "wait Wait... We'll find accommodation first. If we can't find accommodation, we'll take your car back... "

The Tibetan man laughed and said, "OK, OK, there must be a place to live!"

After a while, it seems to have reached the final destination. The Tibetan man parked the SUV on the side of the road. I stretched my head out of the window and carefully observed that there were only two Tibetan houses around. Not far away, suddenly two 17-8-year-old Tibetan boys came to us on motorcycles. I got out of the car and asked them, "is this Yulong West Village?"

Two boys nodded, and one of them said, "yes, yes!"

I asked again, "is there anything wrong with it?"

They pointed to the valley ahead and said, "there is Yes... Far away... We can take you to... "

Listen to them, a big stone in my heart is falling to the ground. Get out of the car and thank them.

"Are you going up there?" Two big boys pointed to the valley beside the road and asked us.

I asked them doubtfully, "up there What's on it? Is it lengga's fault? "

They explained, "no It's Quanhua beach... "

"Oh... Oh... Not now. We're looking for a place to live Do you know where to live? " Although I have confirmed where I have arrived, I still have a small stone in my heart. I am not sure

They pointed to the front and said, "well Front, front... "

"Is it far?" I asked

"Not far, tens of meters Get in the car and take you to... " As he said, one of the boys patted the seat behind him. I didn't think much about it, so I politely raised my legs and stepped on it. The car ran out for tens of meters. It was still the side of the road. We soon entered a Tibetan yard.

In the center of the courtyard stands a Tibetan style small building, which has three floors in total. It looks like it has just been built. There are two bungalows on the left side of the small building, and an iron house on the right side, but all the rooms are locked. There is no one in the courtyard.

We went into the yard, but two Tibetan boys disappeared. We didn't know what we were doing. We walked around the yard. After a long time, a simple Tibetan big brother appeared at the gate. He told us that he was a Tibetan teacher in the village primary school, whose name was ang Jean. He hurried to come here when he learned that someone was staying.

With that, he hurried to the tin house to get the key and told me that the two bungalows opposite us were the accommodation. Aung asked the teacher to open the door. There were four big beds in the room. The quilt was thick. There was no stove, only electric blanket. We have been prepared in mind for a long time. There are limited conditions available in the village. I think it is luxurious enough, as long as it can meet our basic needs. Then, we saw off the Tibetan driver and stayed here.

Pack up, it's more than two o'clock in the afternoon. At this time, the weather is just right. The clear sky is cloudless. I sincerely sigh: our luck is so good! I think we are going to lengga wrong now. We can see the perfect interpretation of Gongga snow mountain in the afterglow of the sunset

Out of the door, we met the two Tibetan boys again. They seemed to be waiting for us. I waved to them to express my gratitude. They also waved and walked over. The boy who had carried me asked me, "are you going to lengga wrong?"

I said, "well, yes."

He pointed to the motorcycle behind him and said, "I'll take you there, 200 yuan for one person..."

As soon as I heard that he asked for money, I waved and refused. I said, "ah? Forget it. We can walk past... " I have been helped by them before, but now I refuse them mercilessly. I feel a little embarrassed Although I don't take a bus, but I still want to ask the way, so I cheekily asked: "do you know where lengga is wrong?"

"Where Far away... You can't walk past... " Then he pointed to the valley ahead. I was obviously unmoved by his concern. I said, "it's OK. You can tell me how to go..."

"... Forehead... Can't say... " He is not very good at Chinese. He can only communicate simply. It is difficult for him to guide the way. It seems that I don't understand the route. I look at the rain and smoke behind me. After a simple exchange, I can only do something else. We plan to hire only one motorcycle as a guide, and at the same time, we can also take a Zi to take care of the only girl here. I asked him, "can I just have one of your motorcycles?"

The young man shook his head and said, "no, we are together..."

The young man's refusal made us very helpless, but we didn't know what to do next. We could only walk towards the valley he only gave us, and then we would see the opportunity.

"You went to lengga wrong?" I turned around and saw that Aung had asked the teacher to come. I nodded and said, "do you know how to get to lengga wrong?"

"Go ahead. There is a village ahead. Turn left Take a walk and turn right Take another walk and turn left And then up the mountain On the mountain... " Aung let the teacher say for a long time. I was confused and didn't understand As he said this, he squatted down to draw a map, pointing here and there, but we still don't understand. Maybe we are too stupid to ask. I said, "Mr. ong, please help us find a guide, or a motorcycle."

Aung let the teacher think about it, clapped his head, smiled and said, "you are right! You two walk over, the motorcycle is carrying her, just right... " With that, he strode out of the door, not knowing where he had gone. After a while, suddenly outside the yard came "beep Beep... " The voice, then let's cross the door and say, "come on, the car is outside!"

We rushed out and saw a big Tibetan brother riding a motorcycle that Mr. ong rang had found from nowhere. He was wearing a black Tibetan robe and his dark face was half covered with a scarf. He waved to us and said, "get on the bus, you can get on two people..."

There are still surprises at this time! I was going to take a Zi and Yanyu on a hike on a motorcycle, but I didn't want to say that the big brother of Tibet is so bright. Then, Yanyu should go there by car first. I can walk fast. The distance of 45 kilometers is only 40 minutes. They got into the car of the Tibetan eldest brother and disappeared without trace. I also said goodbye to Mr. ang Jean and walked towards their disappearance

I was walking and looking at the odometer. I walked out two kilometers before long. I thought that the speed was OK. The two people in front of me would wait for me.

At this time, a little black dot appeared at the end of the road. The little black dot came to me with a long gray tail. It grew larger and closer to me. I look carefully. This is the elder brother of Tibetan! I was overjoyed. I didn't expect that he would come back to pick me up. I was overjoyed. How much I owe him!

The Tibetan big brother stopped and waved. I ran to the car without saying anything. When I got on the car, the Tibetan big brother twisted the accelerator. The motorcycle Book swished out. The motorcycle drove very fast. The dust rolled up by the wheels turned into the long gray tail behind me

In a short time, I saw the village in front of me. The elder brother of Tibetan people cut into the village obliquely from the path. We galloped along the path, and soon entered the valley behind the village. The path became steeper and fainter. At last, even the path disappeared!

The magic Tibetan eldest brother's car skill is superb. The motorcycle will drive into the grass, the stone pile, and the road that should not be called the road in all kinds of impressions! Not far away, I finally saw violet and Yanyu. They were waiting for me on the mountain. When they saw me coming, they quickly waved to let us determine the location.

The motorcycle stopped in front of them. It was AKI's turn to get on and get off. The mountain road is steep and rotten. The elder brother of Tibet can only take one person to the mountain. It's OK. Originally, Yanyu and I had made plans for the whole hike, and were well intentioned by the Tibetan elder brother. The extra half of the hike has already made us take a lot of bribes

At the beginning of the mountain climbing, the Tibetan elder brother took the lead with a purple, followed by me and the rain. At first, I felt energetic and fast-paced, but I could not hold on for long before I began to feel weak. As I walked, I observed the terrain of the mountain. I felt that the mountain was not steep or high. The mountain not far away was close to us, but I climbed for a long time. Where is the mountain still, and I didn't mean to be close to us at all

Yanyu's physical strength is better, because he had several years of military career, he took the initiative to walk in front of me to give me a way, but in the process of climbing up, he was also tired of not saying much.

On the plateau, the oxygen is thin. We have to bear the heavy physical labor like mountaineering. It's really hard. In the mountains, we are as small as an ant. If we want to get to the top of the mountain, we must adjust our breathing rhythm, step by step. We can't do it too fast.

I don't know. After a long time, we finally climbed the mountain in front of us. I was already sweating and sat on the grass, gasping heavily. When my body relaxed a little, I turned around and saw that elder brother Tibetan and a Zi had already waved to me and Yanyu on another higher mountain, and we were unable to wave to them, and then the whole person fell down lazily

The wind on the mountain is dry and cold. Although I only rest for a few minutes, the sweat will be blown away! Time will not wait, I and Yanyu continue to set out, heading for the next mountain.

The mountain is steeper and steeper. There is almost no road! Sometimes, we have to grasp the branch, step on the stone seam, and use both hands and feet. It can be called "mountain climbing".

When we stop for a rest, we can see that elder brother Tibetan and a Zi are waiting for us on another higher mountain. I can't imagine how elder brother Tibetan drove his motorcycle up!

We followed the Tibetan elder brother and a Zi to climb many mountains, and there were heavy mountains around. At this time, I have deeply realized what is called "looking at the mountain and running dead horse"

In the embrace of the mountain, we are breathless like cattle, walking heavily. No matter how we walk, we are all in the embrace of the mountain, breathing the fresh air and feeling the cool mountain wind. In the quiet far away from the noise of the world of mortals, we are tired to get the rest and relaxation of our mind.

After more than two hours of trekking, the road ahead suddenly appeared a gentle trend. Walking in front of the rain turned to me and shouted, "it seems to be coming!" I swallowed my saliva, nodded weakly, and continued to climb the last steep slope.

"Look at the back!" The rain and smoke shouted again, looking very excited.

I raised my head and turned back. In an instant, a majestic picture unfolded in front of me. There was no cloud in the clear sky, and the peaks of Gongga were all at a glance. I excitedly pointed to the distance and shouted to the rain, "Gongga!"

Heavy rain nodded, unable to restrain the excitement in my heart, and shouted to the mountain, "ah ~ ~"

"Hi ~ ~ come here quickly" ~ "at the end of the valley, there was a cry of violet again! We looked at him, and he pointed to his back and shouted, "come on, lengga wrong, lengga wrong." his cry was like a dose of chicken blood. Our blood was boiling. We didn't know where to borrow our strength and ran towards him.

At the end of the deep valley, a broad lake is displayed. When we walk around the lake to the other side and face Gongga Mountain, a magnificent picture unfolds in front of my eyes. Tao mountain and wave valley, thunderstruck and broken, have the potential to swallow the sky and the sun, and the whole world seems to be tumbling. At this time, I learned: what is xionghun, what is vast, what is power, what is shock!

The three of us are here quietly. We can't say any more words of praise for our simple cultural level. We just wait for the sunset and look forward to the coming of the perfect moment

I thought lengga wrong was such a remote place. Tonight, it only belongs to three of us, but I didn't expect another pair of people to come here. They came to us with long guns and short guns and erected a tripod! A thin man, walking into the frozen lake without any one, took a selfie against Gongga mountain! What is the mentality of these uninvited guests? When shooting the so-called beautiful pictures, please pay attention to whether they have caused trouble to others

We are also taking photos, because we didn't take a tripod to fix the stand, but we had to walk to the side, adjusted several positions, and we couldn't get the abnormal selfie men's volleyball team out of the picture, but we had to walk around the lake to the other side

At this time, we can no longer let Gongga snow mountain in the center, but show another kind of beauty. Maybe it's because the water here is calmer and the frozen lake is more even. It can not only reflect the Gongga Mountain perfectly, but also see the faint blue light in the deep ice under the low light environment, which surprises us a lot

To protect the plane, we strolled around the rest of the place, stayed until sunset, and then came back to shoot.

As time went by, the sun slowly converged into a dazzling light, and the air temperature in the places not exposed by the sun began to plummet, accompanied by strong winds. In the distance, a sea of clouds gradually formed around Gongga mountain. The clouds are varied and unpredictable. We appreciate this spectacular scene, how can we expect the clouds to spread like crazy, don't know how to advance and retreat, don't know how to stop

In an instant, the white clouds become black clouds, the sea of clouds become cloud mountains, they cover the sky with a dense wind, and the Gongga in the distance is covered by clouds, as if it is going to sleep

We were very depressed. Seeing the coming of "sunshine Golden Mountain" in Gongga Mountain, we suddenly changed the weather. It was like pouring a basin of cold water on our head suddenly, which made us feel even worse when we were shivering with cold.

"What to do..."

"What to do?"

The three of us look at each other, no one knows what to do! Sunset has come, but we can't see Gongga mountain now

"Wait a minute, the whole sunset process has more than ten minutes, I can't see Even if... " I hold the last hope to announce to violet and Yanyu.

But a few minutes later, the weather did not change at all, and I no longer had any illusions, so I put the camera in my backpack. But at this time, a sun through the clouds directly to the main peak of Gongga, gradually, the sun is more and more bright, Sheng Sheng will poke the thick clouds out of a channel, the clouds will be solidified between the top and the mountainside, the middle of the mountain is covered by golden light, it is brilliant

We no longer talk, in addition to mumbling, only seize every second to record this historical picture. The color of the mountain changes from yellow to red and from red to purple. Although there is no picture in dengdeng mobile phone, there is another magic epic with different styles. It's really amazing that the magic rendering of nature.

The magical world only lasted for more than ten minutes, and the sky was no longer a trace of color. The dark clouds covered the sky again, and we set foot on the way home after being amazed.

The night sky is quiet and beautiful. The way down the mountain is hard and not hard. Aung rang's teacher has been waiting at the foot of the mountain, like a parent waiting for the children to go out. When he came into the house, Aung rang's teacher had prepared food for him. Never thought how could life be so perfect this day

If it is not the last "miracle", I think I will feel lost and depressed, but I believe I will go up again, or even several times, until I find the last "distance".

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