If it wasn't for dengdeng, I would never know that there is such a magical place in the world called Yulong West Village

Dengdeng is a hiker and mountaineer. I know him in the Inn at the foot of Siguniang mountain. He is my roommate. When we talk, we soon find that we are congenial and have a good talk, as if we have known each other for a long time.

One day, on a whim, he said he would introduce me to a good place. He said that if you have time, you must go. He took out his mobile phone and came to my eyes. He didn't see it clearly. He only felt that there was a golden flash when the mobile phone moved I rubbed my eyes and looked carefully. The picture in my mobile phone is golden and breathtaking. I have never seen such a spectacular view

When the frame is fixed at sunset, the light around has faded. Only a huge snow mountain is covered with golden light. The mountain goes straight into the cloud. The mountain is as tall as the God of heaven. It is magnificent. Among them, the most striking is a lake in front of the snow mountain. The lake water is clear and transparent. The calm lake surface is like a huge silver mirror. It reflects the magnificent snow mountain. It is integrated up and down. It echoes each other, just like the folding of time and space

I was looking at it, but dengdeng had to withdraw his hand. My head unconsciously moved with his hand and almost ran into his arms. He had to put his cell phone in his pocket again. I shouted: "wait I want to see... " I grabbed the mobile phone in my hand, while appreciating it, I exclaimed: "wocao Wocao... "

Deng Deng, who was robbed of his cell phone, was not worried. He smiled and watched me focus. I knew that he was deliberately hanging my appetite and seeing my appearance.

After a while, I looked up and asked Deng Deng, "is this Gongga snow mountain?". I don't know why I think of Gongga snow mountain. I've never seen Gongga snow mountain. I vaguely remember that it was mentioned in the TV news. It's the "king of Shu mountain" and the first peak in Sichuan. But I've never had such a shocking feeling

Deng nodded meaningfully, and before he could speak, I asked, "where is this?"

Deng Deng replied, "lengga wrong..."

"Lengga wrong? Where is lengga wrong? "

"ERON West Village"

"Where is Yulong West Village?"

"I don't know where it is near jiagenba..."

"You did it?"

"Well, yes!"

"Then why don't you know where it is?"

"I chartered a car to go there. I only know that I passed jiagenba on the way. Others don't know..."

"How do you know about it?"

"It was a couple of foreign couple tourists who took me, otherwise I would never know..."

"Ah? How do you know them? "

"They are my teammates on the Gongga ring road..."

"Wocao... You also ring Gongga... "

"Yes, but it's not finished. I walked for five days in total. I gave up when I met blizzard on the way..."

"Oh, yes! And then you went here? "

"Well, so there's part of luck in coming to lengga!"

"What do you say?"

"At first, I didn't know this place at all. If it wasn't for this couple of foreign tourists, I would be curious to follow them..."

I gave him a thumbs up because he made the right decision. It was a valuable business.

"After looking at the scenery here, I also tried to search for lengga's wrong information on the Internet. I found that there is no information about this word on the domestic website at all. It can be seen that the strategy of foreigners is to break the bull!" Deng Deng shook his head, and then said, "listen to the local Tibetans, it's only three years since lengga's discovery. Few people in China know about lengga's mistake, let alone how many people have been to lengga. Somehow foreigners know a lot about lengga's mistake. People often find them to rent horses on foot..."

It has to be said that the general travel concept in China is as backward as it is. Tourism websites are full of various strategies for eating, drinking and enjoying, but almost several articles on exploration are found. The only information source that we know about new scenic spots is the official media. Where they publicize, people will go, which leads to people losing the right to choose because they don't know much. When holidays come, famous scenic spots such as the Great Wall, West Lake, Guilin, Huangshan, Lijiang, Bund, etc. are so popular that the tourism experience is extremely poor. Such examples Countless...

For example, before the birth of every wanghong scenic spot, it was a secret place. In addition to the rare scenery and wonders, the secret place also had the original local travel experience. But when it is known to people, it is the beginning of losing soul, because the scenic spot will face excessive development and become an extraordinary existence.

Deng Deng sighed and said, "while it's not so famous, hurry up..."

I nodded heavily, "well, yeah, don't be overcrowded when it comes to fire...". But then I asked, "how am I going?"

"... Go to Kangding first. That's the only way to jiagenba and Yulongxi village. Where can I ask for the way! Moreover, Kangding is also a city, where it is relatively convenient to charter cars... " Although dengdeng's suggestion is not perfect, I have great confidence that I can go to Yulongxi village. Looking at the picture in the mobile phone, though my body is still in Siguniangshan, my heart has already flown to Gongga

After a few days, I got to know two partners, Azi and Yanyu. They were also the poor people who were fascinated by the picture in dengdeng's mobile phone. We met at Gongga International Youth Hostel in Kangding and prepared to start this miracle journey with a yak mushroom hotpot.

I still remember boss you in the movie "Party A and Party B" who ate "stealing chicken". Poor him, he even eats mice. If he can't eat meat, he will eat human! Maybe we are too afraid of being such a bird. We have to make up for it before we enter the village. Three people are very strong, but the stomach is very cute

The hot pot with more than 300 yuan just broke its belly when it was half eaten. Not only the yak meat has not been eaten, but also the mushroom can not be eaten. It's heartbreaking to see the full pot of nutrition can't be taken away

When we were full of food and drink, we wandered along the Kangding River, and saw that the night scene of Kangding also had the charm of a big city.

After all, a Zi is a girl. When she sees beautiful things, she will be inexplicably happy and satisfied. She must take photos with beautiful things, so it's very important for her to remember.

The rain lit a cigarette against the railing, as if to light a piece of missing, watching the river eastward, he inhaled the smoke mercilessly, then slowly spit it out, pretending to be deep, but it seemed to spit out both missing and complaining.

I'm a little afraid of the cold. I not only pull the lock of the submachine suit, but also hide my hand in my pocket. I only have two eyes to observe the surroundings and stand silently like a piece of wood.

I suddenly thought of a question: we haven't figured out how to get to Yulongxi village yet!

Just now, the hot pot seemed to be in vain. Three people stood by the river and looked at each other. They couldn't help laughing

The river is really cold! The gloomy air conditioner went straight into the seam of the clothes. So I suggest we go back to Qinglv first. I remember that when I went out for dinner, I saw several carpooling routes written on the small blackboard of Qinglv. At that time, I was anxious to eat and didn't study them carefully, or I asked the boss of Qinglv, maybe he would know one or two!

Back to the inn, it's not too early. Let's talk about it. Three people will act separately. A Zi is responsible for packing, Yanyu is responsible for finding out whether there is a suitable vehicle or traffic mode nearby, and I am responsible for finding out the situation from the innkeeper.

I didn't even dream of it. We really found the right person! The innkeeper had more than one year's teaching experience in Yulong Xicun primary school. We were so familiar with it that we could not help being awed by it. Seeing us coming to inquire, he asked, "how long are you going? I have a route to quanhuatan, but I have to go back and forth with the regiment! "

I think it will take me at least one day to go to Yulongxi village, but I don't know how the weather is on the day I arrive at Yulongxi village. It's unknown whether I can stand in lengga and see the sunset wrongly. In this case, it will take me at least two days. If I don't see the expected scenery, I can stay for another day, so I replied, "maybe three or four days!"

When the innkeeper heard this, he was puzzled and asked, "hmm? Where are you going to live? Have you made a reservation? " Maybe because he lived there, he knew the living environment, and he was a little worried when he saw some of our children who didn't know where Tiangao was.

None of the three of us have tents with us, so we can't camp in the wild. If there is no hotel in the area, I think we can at least ask the local Tibetans for help. If we are lucky, we will live in the Tibetans' house. The conditions almost don't matter, because what we are after is lengga fault, Gongga mountain. I said, "not yet But Tibetans should be able to live in their homes! "

The innkeeper's mouth was slightly raised and he was appreciative. He smiled and said, "if you want to live in a Tibetan home That's easy! To go to Yulongxi village, you need to turn over the mountains and reach jiagenba, then choose a relatively easy way according to the situation. Because the road is too bad, so you'd better fight for an off-road vehicle, which costs about 800 yuan. It's just right for four people to share 200 yuan each! " He took a look at us and then said, "but you three It seems a little expensive... "

At this price, I was helpless. I quit my job and wandered around the world. I have been playing the banner of poor travel. In many places, if I can use my legs, I will never take a car. If I can use public transportation, I will not feel like taking a taxi But Yulong West Village is too far away from us. Although the fare is very expensive, this trip is designed for Yulong West Village. If you don't go, it's not like "ye gonghao long"! I said to my elder brother, "what can I do? It's really not possible. We can only go through it like this! After all, here we are... "

"Or... You can take a bus to shad first, then hire a car to Yulong West Village from shad, but I don't know where the road condition is. I heard that the road is under construction, but it may not be repaired However, in this way, it will cost 30 yuan to buy a bus ticket and 340 yuan to take a taxi. In this way, the cost shared to each person will be about 130 yuan, which also saves a little... " The boss said that he was helping us to figure it out. What he didn't expect is that there are two alternatives available, one is convenient but expensive, the other is low but the process is tortuous

Cost for us, of course, can save is save, but at this time, we managed to turn the confused plan into a real goal, money is no longer important, goal is more important than anything

When leaving the inn, the boss told us to pay more attention to safety! The altitude of Yulongxi village is more than 4000 meters. The elevation of the scenic spots around the village is much higher than that of the village, and they are all on the hillside or the top of the mountain. The infrastructure of the village is poor, and the medical conditions are even more simple. Once there is a high reaction and other physical discomfort, you should withdraw immediately, so as not to delay the illness and cause irreparable consequences.

The next morning, the three of us are ready to go. We had to go to the street early to find a car because we didn't find the right car to go to Yulongxi village in the last night. However, as expected, as soon as we went on the street, we saw many taxi drivers waiting for work on the side of the road. We went to one of them and asked about the price, but we suddenly surrounded several. It seems that there are many cars for us to choose from, so we can't help but have confidence in ourselves. After chatting for a while, some drivers haven't heard of Yulong West Village, some don't want to go, and the rest are biting 800 yuan of fare. Of course, we are not in a hurry. We can take the bus

So, we pretended to carry a backpack and wait at the bus stop. At this time, a Tibetan man suddenly came to talk to us. He nodded at us and said, "Hello!"

We nodded and said, "Hello!"

This Tibetan man has rough skin, dark face, fat body but looks strong and fierce, but he speaks honestly. He asked us, "where are you going?"

I said, "go to Yulongxi village!"

"Oh... I 'll take you! I have an SUV! " With that, he pointed to the white SUV not far away.

I asked, "how much is it?"

The Tibetan man smiled and said, "they are 800, I will take you 700!"

After a long time of trouble, he knew where we were going. It seems that he was carrying the organization to cut the beard. Although I reduced 100 yuan, I felt that the price was still a little high. I pretended not to care, and said, "well, let's take the bus!"

Seeing that I was not moved, the Tibetan man complained and said, "there are more than 700 Now it's the off-season. I only charge you 700 yuan. In the peak season, our price is between 1500 and 2000! "

I know it's the off-season now. There are more cars and fewer customers. Even if the fare is a little lower, they still have some profits. It's better to make a little less than idle for a day! So I pretended to be pitiful and said, "cough We are all poor. We don't have much money Didn't you see that we were waiting for the bus? "

The Tibetan man was a little worried and asked us, "how much do you say?" He paused, and then said: "the bus only drives to shad, and you pay no less than that for hiring a car from shad, and there are more unnecessary setbacks. On the other hand, will shad hire a car or not He looked back and then said, "I'll be 800 when they come here. I'm sure they won't make a counter-offer at that time. If you cross this village, you won't have this shop!"

I was also a little hesitant to hear him say that, because what he said was reasonable. If we didn't hire a car in shad, wouldn't we stop in shad and wait for a car? If we encounter the worst situation, we may waste a day. If I waste a day just because I save tens of dollars, I would rather spend tens of dollars, because the corresponding time cost is too high. I thought about it. Taking his car, we not only don't have to struggle any more, but also can avoid the tiredness of squeezing the bus and make ourselves more comfortable. My heart has been compromised, but I still have to fight for it. So I asked him tentatively, "six hundred can't do it!"! It's acceptable for us three to share 200 each... "

The Tibetan man pursed his mouth and didn't reply any more. Seeing him turning around, he was about to leave. As soon as I saw the situation was wrong, I suddenly became nervous and shouted: "wait!"!

Who knows, my words to the mouth, he turned half a circle of body, after a pause of two seconds and turned back, I was overjoyed, quickly smile to meet, thought, you promised!

"Then... Six... Hundred... Five... " I don't know how many resolutions the Tibetan men have made in their hearts, and they speak word by word

As soon as I heard that the Tibetan man had let go, it seemed that there was a play, so I hurriedly went up and said, "what's the five Six hundred... Six hundred "

The Tibetan man was at a loss for a moment. He wanted to refuse, but he was embarrassed. But he held up his finger and pointed to the direction of the car Six hundred is six hundred... " After that, we trotted all the way and got on the bus. On the bus, we were happy to be brothers with the driver, chatting with each other and making great progress all the way

It took me more than four hours to get to Yulongxi village after turning over the mountains, passing jiagenba, bypassing shad, passing shangmuju. We were sleeping in the dark in the car. Suddenly someone slapped me on the shoulder and told me to get up. I was sleepy. I finally sat up and looked out of the window. I saw a wilderness

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