Leaving ghorepani, we started our third day of hiking.

After going out of ghorepani, you have to climb over a thapla Hill similar to the Poon hill. Compared with the Poon hill, thapla hill is slightly shorter, but the slope distance is longer. It seems that it takes more effort to climb the top of the mountain

In addition, the top of thapla hill is also a good viewing platform. It faces the peaks of dorajiri, the seventh highest peak in the world. Its peak is like a castle and a snow mountain worth watching.

As we were in a hurry to get on the way, we didn't stop at thapla hill. After climbing over the mountain, we would go down into the virgin forest. The scenery of the primeval forest is like the "ice lake" hiking section in Meili Snow Mountain. It is surrounded by fir and red birch trees. Under the trees is the soil covered with wet leaves. When you step on it, it feels as soft as a carpet

Tall and dense trees block 99% of the sun, making the surrounding environment both humid and cool, but I am sweating on foot, and my clothes are steaming hot, just like soaking in an open-air hot spring, not only don't feel tired, but also very comfortable

As a result, we walked two days in one day. We were supposed to settle down in tadapani, but we arrived at chhomong because we walked too fast! Although we arrived at chhomong, we only arrived at the outermost part of chhomong, because there were so many roads we could not walk

It was almost time for the sunset to arrive at chhomong. At that time, we had just crossed the last mountain in front of us. I saw that the fishtail peak in the distance was scarlet by the afterglow of sunset, just like a flame burning between heaven and earth! I excitedly yelled to Xiao Hu: "look, fishtail peak..." Xiao Hu quickly looked up at the fishtail peak, the spectacular scene let her unconsciously look at the stupefied

I stopped at the same place, the excitement and excitement in my heart was like the flood that broke the levee. It poured down in a mighty way and overflowed the whole body in an instant. It seemed that the happy feeling could not be expressed in words. However, looking at it, my heart suddenly gave birth to a trace of sadness, I wronged myself yesterday why did not have such good luck, and so on to burst the sunset

As you know, Annapurna is located in the north of Nepal, and Poon hill is located to the west of Annapurna. When the sun goes down, more sunlight will fall on the hill on the side of Anna purna facing the Poon hill. It can be imagined that the mountains under the sunset will be more brilliant, more beautiful and more brilliant than at sunrise!

It was only after sunset that we continued on our way, and then we went on until it was dark and arrived at chhomong.

After a day's rush, I was hungry. Maybe I was really hungry. I asked the boss for the first time. Could you bring me more rice!

I've heard that it's almost free to add food when dining in an inn. Maybe from today on, I can only take advantage of small things like eating rice! Because from now on, not only no free accommodation, including charging, hot water, bathing and other "special services" need to be charged

Full of food, we are ready to go back to the room to rest. The moment my foot touched the ground, I felt the needling pain coming from the bottom of my foot. After a long day's tension, my feet just relaxed for more than ten minutes and began to have congestion and swelling pain. This inn can't provide bath service any more, but I can't bear to spend money to buy hot water to wash feet. It's really a pity

In fact, I still have a plan to watch the starry sky of fishtail peak on the balcony of the inn, but my physical strength and energy are not enough in the pain and cold, so I have to go to bed honestly

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