The day of hiking has finally arrived!

Xiao Hu has reduced his equipment to only a few kilos! But I only gave up some clothes. The camera and tripod are the treasures that I can't leave behind, so that the whole backpack is at least 20 kg! How can that, their own choice of suffering can only eat their own last...

At five o'clock in the morning, people began to pack and leave the inn. Wake up, I also can't sleep, get up with diarrhea, also began to prepare silently.

The taxi I ordered with Xiao Hu didn't come to pick us up, probably because we only paid 1500 rupees. The driver who promised this business was always laughing when he talked about the price. Maybe he didn't take our demands seriously

After leaving the inn, Hu and I had to take a taxi to the starting point of nayapul. We talked about a taxi willing to take us in the past at the price of 2000 rupees. The total distance of 40 kilometers is equivalent to 120 yuan per person's name. I think this price is not cheap in China

The taxi drove so fast that it took only 90 minutes to get us to our destination. Almost all the way is Panshan highway, the road condition is much better than before, at least half of it is covered with asphalt, but there are also cases of poor road maintenance, crushed by heavy vehicles are everywhere

At 9:45 a.m., our hiking activity officially started!

We started from nayapul. Soon, the road began to slope. Before walking a few hundred meters, Xiao Hu and I were exhausted and gasped. Although I can still support the intensity of this exercise, but my heart has gradually accumulated the awe of the follow-up hike

The uphill road from nayapul to birethanti was very bad. There was so much soil on the road that we could cover our feet. We were eating ashes all the way! Starting from birethanti, the dirt road in the back of the road has turned into a mountain ladder, and the surrounding environment is much better.

The farther you go, the more hikers you meet. Most of them are European and American, and some Japanese and Korean. Although we don't know each other, we can cheer each other up when we meet. The most commonly used one is an encouraging smile and a greeting by the way But in Nepal, people prefer to speak Nepalese, which is "Namaste ~"

I think "Namaste" is a very good word. It should be said in a steady tone. But Nepalese are more willing to raise the ending and lengthen it. This makes me feel strange, like Korean. It reminds me of the strong smell of kimchi

Later, some European and American people who use English say "have a nice day!" It read like "Namaste," so I started to use "have a nice day!" To say hello, all the way down, it seems that there is no difference in the response of the listeners to these two sentences

A few hours later, Xiao Hu and I were tired to stop on the side of the road, panting to death. Looking back on the road, it seems that we have been climbing up all the way, and all kinds of steep steps have taken turns, starting from nayapul at an altitude of 1070 to our destination that night, ulleri, with an altitude of 1984, we have to climb more than 900 meters! No wonder it's so enjoyable

The more we went into the mountains, the more humidity and more fog around us, so that on the last kilometer to ulleri, we were almost in a light rain. And the steps from tikhe dhunga to ulleri are getting steeper and higher! In the end, we almost moved to ulleri. As a hiker, I'm so tired that I'm really ashamed

There are many inns in ulleri, but most of them are on higher hillsides. Although the distance is only a little, it is equivalent to the "Long March" for exhausted us!

We climbed up to the first Inn and couldn't move any more. When the boss saw us, he immediately came up and said, "Namaste ~"

I bent over, hands on the knee, out of breath to the boss said: "Na ma… ste… We Need One Room... "

The boss nodded, pointed to the yard behind him and said, "yes! No problem, please... "

The boss's reply let me and Xiao Hu look at each other with relief and smile, exhausted body can finally have a rest

Before checking in, the boss asked us to pay 600 rupees per night. On hearing the price, the brilliant smile just now was replaced by the expression of amazement. We've looked up the cost of the hike Inn on the Internet, which is quite different from the 100 rupees per night we've heard about

I asked Xiao Hu dejectedly, "shall we not go up to look for other Inns?"

Xiao Hu looked at me and was surprised to say that it was not easy. She asked her boss tentatively, "but But You can Is it cheaper? "

The boss looked at us and said, "if you eat here, accommodation is free."

Ouch! My God! If we don't eat here, where else can we eat!

From the morning till now, we have only eaten an apple, a snicker rack and a bag of biscuits. It's not easy for us to keep going until now! Now we are thirsty and hungry, in urgent need of food supplement, do not continue to talk nonsense, first fill up the stomach again

When you enter the mountain, you can't expect to have a good meal. The transportation here is inconvenient. Almost all the necessities of life are transported by backhoes. It can be imagined that a meal is hard won. Therefore, we have to think carefully when we want to have enough food within a limited budget. I had a fried rice and a glass of milk. Although I didn't have enough, it was enough. In fact, a comfortable hot bath is what I want most, and this inn can provide it!

The place where people live in the inn is a three story building. Each floor has a public toilet and shower room. The hot water for the shower comes from the solar water heater. Therefore, everyone who wants to take a bath should wash it as soon as possible. If it is too late, even the shadow of the hot water will not be touched

I undressed and stood shivering in the shower room. Because the temperature of the valley without sunshine drops suddenly. Not only that, I have to drain the cold water in the water pipe first. Ghost knows how long the water pipe between the water heater and the shower nozzle is. This drainage process lasted for several minutes and has not ended

The hot water finally came out, I put the nozzle on the head position, a few small water column hit my face, always feel like a drop in the bucket. I hold the water in my hands and wait for a few seconds. I can barely wash it. This kind of bathing experience is only a little better than taking a cold bath, but I can't help it. I can only make do with it.

According to the information that has been checked, there are not many chances to take a hot bath in the process of hiking. If there are, almost all of them are in the Hotels with lower altitude in the first half of the journey. With the progress of the hiking process, the more in-depth, the fewer hotels can provide hot baths. The reason is that the cost of water heating is too high

In the valley, the source of hot water mostly depends on solar energy, because it is not easy to electrify the valley. The higher the altitude, the more difficult the power supply will be. Hotels in the snow line even need to provide their own diesel generators to barely supply power, and all the diesel oil they need is carried by human.

Therefore, the cost of electricity for each pot of hot water is very high! Not to mention bathing, even the hot water for drinking needs money to buy, so that some hotels prefer not to build a shower room. I can meet such hot water, there is no need to complain about anything, these are hard won baby, although I can not wash a happy, but it still gives me the heat needed, relieve my physical fatigue.

This night, I sleep like a faint, and then open my eyes, the day is already light...

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