When I arrived at bocala, I picked up the "dusty" backpack from the trunk of the car. I didn't have time to take into account its appalling. I had to contact Xiao Hu as soon as possible, because she helped me to book the inn in bocala.

Half an hour later, I arrived at the Inn and saw Xiao Hu again, just like seeing my friends for many years. A few words of greetings gave rise to a kind of unspeakable intimacy. She picked up the wind for me. She went to a Chinese restaurant in the Commercial Street East of Lake Fava. Finally, she ate the long lost shredded potato with vinegar

As we ate, we planned what we would do the next day.

First of all, we must go to the Tourism Bureau to apply for the ABC mountain pass for hiking. Without this card, everything is in vain! Second, buy a hiking map and study the hiking schedule carefully. Finally, she had to accompany Xiao Hu to buy some hiking equipment. She rushed to Nepal to go hiking in the snow mountains. In fact, she was "an alternative" in her plan. If it wasn't for meeting me, she might have gone back home after touring Kathmandu!

The plan has been made, but it has been implemented in a stumbling way. It took us a whole morning to find a "Tourism Bureau"

According to the information, the tourism bureau is by lake Fava, but we did not find it after several rounds of searching by the lake. On the way, we asked a lot of Nepalese people who lived by the lake, but none of them cared about the tourism bureau! Finally, we ran into an old man who knew about the Tourism Bureau. After his fingering, we went around for a long time, and finally found out that it was the wrong way

Although bocala is not very hot in January, it can't bear to be exposed to the sun for a long time. Xiao Hu and I hid in the shade of the tree, while resting, while spitting bitterness. I looked through the building signs on Google map, but I couldn't find the shadow of the word "Tourism Bureau"

Immigration office, this string of English characters appeared when I was looking for the map. I don't know how many times! Apart from this office, I can't see any other office, but it literally translates into Chinese meaning "immigration bureau"! We went through it again and again, but never went in to have a look, until we really couldn't think of any way, so we had to try to go in and have a look. This has become our last glimmer of hope, the staff inside are basically civil servants, they should know it!

As we walked into the gate of the immigration office, the huge yard was full of lawns. At the end of the lawn stood a white building, which should be the office space here. The sharp eyed Xiao Hu saw an environmental sanitation worker on the lawn at a glance. She asked herself, and the result made us not only happy but also helpless. Because, that white building is the tourist bureau that handles the entrance permit

After getting the permit to enter the mountain, the preparation plan was 80%. After a whole morning's shopping, we were hungry. What Chinese restaurant did we go to? Nothing could bury our grievances more than "oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar"

The task in the afternoon is to buy maps and equipment, which can be easily picked up when shopping! Xiao Hu has both walking shoes and warm keeping equipment. Besides, she thinks that the first thing she needs is a pair of knee protectors. Maybe girls' knees are more likely to break than boys. In order to successfully complete the whole journey, she has to protect them!

In addition, her backpack is too big. She is only 1.5 meters in height, but she carries a 75L bag. How can we stand this in the process of walking? We can simplify some equipment before we set out. It is also a good choice to choose a suitable backpack that can hold the necessary items.

Finally, she needs a pair of reliable climbing sticks, which is too important for a hiker to walk in the mountains. It can't be said that it can give the hiker two more legs, at least one and a half more!

The businessmen can't rely on the price of the donkeys when they travel! Although Xiao Hu knows his way well, he doesn't know how to bargain. Even so, the kneepads and backpacks were successfully cut down by a third

As for the mountaineering sticks, we always think that the cheap ones are too poor in quality. Even if we cut them down, the price is extremely high. For Xiao Hu, the use of climbing sticks is not many, because she is not a hiker! If you buy a cheap mountaineering stick, if you fold it in the middle of the journey, it will be a waste if you buy the expensive one and don't use it often! In the end, I reluctantly lent her one of my climbing sticks! Although we can no longer "two more legs", but "one more leg" is also a lot!

Xiao Hu has checked the hiking route, but you still need to buy a map. In the mountains and forests, navigation without telecommunication signals can't be used at all. When you get lost, you can take out a map to study, and you can be prepared without danger

After a busy day, Xiao Hu and I are finally ready for everything.

We came to Lake Fava to feel the long lost cool wind, soft water and warm mountains. The night curtain that has not yet fallen is smeared with a little warm color of the sunset, but the lake is foggy and the visibility is quite low. The snow mountain that could have been looked at could not be found for the time being

Xiao Hu and I sat by the lake, gnawing at the apple we just bought, while staring at the opposite side in a daze. The local people are scattered in the open space by the lake, lying or sitting, chatting and playing cards. All around are quiet and leisurely

At this time, we are ready for everything. Before we go into the mountain to bear hardships, we only owe a proper "east wind"!

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