Maybe it's too late to wake up at 8:30! Fortunately, before I went to bed, I had packed my backpack, washed my face, and rushed to the station to take the bus to bocala at nine o'clock.

Thanks to my quick action, I bought the ticket at 9:00 sharp. I found the bus that I was going to take, and I found that I was the first passenger after getting on the bus! My heart a burst of chagrin, had known to eat breakfast again

The driver saw that I was carrying a big backpack and motioned me to go to the back of the car to arrange my luggage. So, I got out of the car with my backpack and followed him. He opened the back hatch of the car, and a burst of dust came along. All the places in the cabin that could fall ash were covered with thick dust. The sunlight shone through the small holes beside the door. At first glance, I thought it was an ancient tomb that had been sealed for many years

In this big space, I searched for more than ten seconds, but I couldn't find a place to satisfy myself. So I didn't look for it. I left my backpack in it at random and got on the bus and went back to my seat.

After more than ten minutes, the bus started, I looked around, and did not find a few passengers! I wonder to myself that there are so few passengers to and from bocala

Buses move slowly along the streets of Kathmandu, but it's not because of congestion. When there are no people in the bus, they will go along and solicit customers like minibuses. Therefore, there is no fixed bus stop at any place where the crowd gathered

As a result, there are a lot of snack peddlers getting on the bus to promote their sales. They carry large bags and small bags on the bus. There are many passengers who really join in. It seems that the business is good

It seems that Nepalese's poverty is not a matter of IQ. They will also be diligent in seizing any business opportunities to create wealth for their families. Most of the peddlers sell water and potato chips. In my opinion, they are commodities that can be consumed rationally on the bus. However, some vendors carry two rolls of cloth to sell on the bus, which makes me unable to understand

The bus drove out of Kathmandu after nearly two disappearances. Then it plunged into the mountains and began to run on the bumpy mountain road. This can not help but remind me of the terrible memories of taking an off-road vehicle from Jilong port to Kathmandu. I can't help but complain to myself that I have to eat dirt today

Fortunately, the more you go into the mountains, the more humid the air gets. Maybe it's because of the rain. The soil on the ground is tightly integrated with the appropriate rain. The dusty plot in my mind has never been staged. In addition, the bus model is larger, the tire is also big, driving on the uneven road, more stable than the off-road vehicle! Without the above two fatal interference, I feel relieved to make up my sleep in the car

When I go to work in China, I have the habit of sleeping by car. As long as it is not too bumpy, I can sleep on the hard seat like Simmons. So, this car I ride is like a fish in water, sleeping that called a "infatuated"

When I woke up, it was more than two o'clock in the afternoon. I didn't know which hill the car was stopping on. I opened my sleepy eyes and saw that people were getting off the bus. My chaotic brain thought that the station was coming. I looked out of the window in a hurry.

There are two houses not far away. Many people come in and out. It looks like a place to eat. I was relieved to find that I began to purr, so I got out of the car and went into the house to see what was delicious!

After entering the door, I found that the house was really big. There are hundreds of people in it. Some of them are eating, some are queuing for dinner. I look at the place where I eat. There are three or five big plates with food on the long table. Several service staff holding large spoons are serving dinner for everyone. Everyone has to hand over colorful meal tickets before the meal is served Another place is a small table not far from the door.

At the small table sat a pudgy Nepalese man, who was quick to play with the meal tickets and change on the table. When he was free, he sometimes instructed the service personnel to clean up the dishes and replenish the food. I can see that he is the owner of this restaurant.

I bought a 200 rupee meal ticket from my boss, and I made two small dishes and a large plate of rice from the long table. The rice mixed with curry potato soup tasted really good! There are also free Assam black tea in the teapot beside the seat. Drink a cup after dinner to refresh your mind and help your digestion!

I eat very fast, afraid of being lost, I directly return to the car, when everyone gets on the bus, the bus continues to circle in the middle of the mountain

I don't know how long, it's dark! I forgot to sleep a few times, I looked out of the window with eager eyes, I wonder how long this has gone? My ass is about to explode, and my brain is going to sleep. How come I haven't arrived at bocala! Another half an hour later, a large number of buildings appeared outside the window. I knew that the bus finally entered bocala. By now, it has been eight and a half hours since the driving time!

I am heavily relieved, thinking, my God, can be regarded as to

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