Leaving badgaon, I went back to Kathmandu, packed up and ready to leave for bocala tomorrow.

Just entered the gate of the youth brigade, inexplicably saw some color lights under the eaves, several strange faces were busy in the yard, they were all Chinese!Seeing me at the door, they cheerfully said hello to me: "Happy New Year!" I was a little surprised, quickly picked up the mobile phone, flipped through the calendar, only to find that tonight will be the new year's Eve!

Seeing so many Chinese people all of a sudden, I can't help feeling cordial in my heart. I quickly went up to say hello, after a while of greetings, I found that I was the "latecomer"! Almost all of them have been in Nepal for nearly two weeks or more. Many of them have completed their own hiking routes. Except for a few new comers, most of them come back to take a rest, and they will return home after a long time

They said that although tomorrow is not a real festival in Nepal, the lively Nepalese are still preparing for new year's activities, especially in the Tamil District tonight, where a stage may be set up and a grand new year's party will be held.

I exclaimed in surprise, "really? Then I must go and see it

Xiao Hai said, "I'm going to go, too. I have two friends. I can go together then..."

I nodded and said, "OK! ok What about the others? "

Xiao Hai shook his head and said, "they won't go. I heard that they will eat hot pot and drink beer in the evening, light a fire and chat about life..."

Listening to Xiao Hai's saying, I was also a little enthusiastic, and asked, "is it? Can I join you? "

Xiao Hai shook his head regretfully and said, "well Chatting is OK, but eating is not! Their friends who buy vegetables have gone to the market to buy food. Everyone's food is distributed according to the head! If you had come back earlier, you might have caught up! "

"Ah? All right... " I'm a little disappointed. It seems that I have to finish the dinner myself.

Xiao Hai patted me and then said, "go to a good place with me in the evening. The food there is better than here, and it's free! After eating, let's go to Tamil together again... "

"Is it? There are places like this! " I answered with doubt.

Xiaohai answered firmly: "cough Listen to me, no problem! " Then, he pointed to an old brother behind him and said, "he has been there for a month. He just gets up at noon, washes his face, and then walks around. It's just the time for dinner. It's so comfortable..."

Say, our eyes can't help but move to that elder brother's body, elder brother also seems to hear our chat, the corner of the mouth suddenly raised evil smile, also nodded to me

I exclaimed, "wow Shit, it's so cool... "

Unexpectedly, the elder brother said: "go! And I'll go there in the evening... "

I nodded with my mouth open, but I couldn't help asking, "er Where the hell is that... "

Xiao Hai patted me on the shoulder, used an ambiguous tone to play tricks with me and said, "don't worry, then you will know..."

"No, you tell me first, now I have to satisfy my curiosity..." My appetite has been lifted to his throat, and now I can't let him go.

Look at me so anxious, the little seaside grinned and pinched. The old brother sitting on the side couldn't see it anymore. He thought how boring these two people were, he said casually: "ouch It's the casino

"Casinos?" I exclaimed.

Well, Xiao Hai nodded and said with a smile There is a buffet in the casino, which is not only rich in ingredients, but also free of charge! Tonight is the new year's Eve. Maybe there will be a show... "

I had not yet recovered from my surprise and asked, "go to the casino for dinner?"

Xiao Hai patted me on the shoulder and said, "take a rest first. See you in the evening..."

I lay back in my cot, thinking so much that I couldn't rest. I'm more curious about the casino than the delicious dinner. What kind of scene is it? Is it similar to the scene in Hong Kong movies? Is it magnificent or dilapidated, legal or illegal, safe or dangerous. I can't imagine

At eight o'clock in the evening, it was already dark.

On the balcony on the second floor, Xiao Hai smoked the last cigarette in his hand. He twisted out the cigarette butt and threw it into the garbage can at will. He took a look downstairs with the railings. A group of people had already sat together. It seemed that the hot pot dinner was ready

Xiao Hai turned to me who was playing with my mobile phone. He slightly swung his head towards the door. I immediately understood the meaning. Without saying much, they walked towards the door in a big stride.

It seems that the distance between the casino and us is not far, just through a dark alley, we stand on the side of a wider road.

This may be a main road for cars. It seems that the traffic is busy. There is a street lamp every other distance on the road. Although the brightness is average, it provides great convenience for pedestrians on both sides. The road may have been built around Tamil because it is geographically part of the Tamil border.

When I look around, I can see only dilapidated houses or closed shops. Some windows have no glass, but there is no light in the windows with glass. If this kind of place exists in China, there will be a big "demolition" on the wall.

Xiaohai told me, the opposite is the casino.

I fixed my eyes, across the road across the opposite faintly appeared a white light lit door. There are two uniformed security guards at the door. They are politely opening the door for every guest who enters the casino, and reaches out their hands with white gloves to make a "please" gesture!

I'm excited and nervous about entering the casino for the first time. Small sea is easy to arrange the next coat zipper, said: "don't be nervous! After a while, when we enter the door, the security guard may ask you to show your ID card or ask you to apply for a membership card before you can enter... "

"What? And ID cards! " Before he finished his words, I was interrupted by my exclamation. As soon as I heard the "ID card", my vigilance was like a loaded bullet

Xiao Hai patted me and said in a slightly relaxed tone, "didn't I say 'maybe'? Don't worry, Chinese people can brush their faces However, even if you show your ID card, you won't be detained! Even if you are asked to apply for a membership card, it is just to register your ID card number. The procedure is not only free, but also gives you some chips to try it at will... "

After listening to him finish, I pondered, if I just want to get a meal, I will throw my identity information to the casino, and I will have to pay for it? If something unexpected happens, I regret it too late! However, I also have to tell Xiao Hai clearly, so as not to hurt the harmony. I said, "it's OK to show my ID card, but they ask me to register or apply for membership card, but I will refuse it! Then you can go in by yourself. I'll go out and find a place to eat by myself... "

Seeing that I was so vigilant, Xiao Hai sighed and said, "ah It's really OK! " After two seconds, he said, "OK! Then you will follow me and enter the hall faster. If what you said happens, what will happen then? It's up to you... "

I nodded, lifted my pants and said, "go!"

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