I was sitting on the bus to Jilong port. The low temperature around me made me curl up unconsciously. Unconsciously, there is no sunshine outside the window. It's only four o'clock in the afternoon when I look at my watch. However, it gives people the feeling of "it's going to be dark" in the valley

I looked up at the other passengers in the car, curled up in their seats and dozed like me! None of the five people spoke. They may be concentrating on resisting the cold, or they may be fighting against the "high rebellion". Before arriving in Shigatse, the Hui people sitting in the co pilot are already dizzy

I don't know his name. I only know that he sent his brother's daughter-in-law to her husband, that is, a girl sitting with the co pilot. Fortunately, the co driver of this car has two positions! They are all from Gansu Province. The girl's husband works in a county city on the border line. Under her husband's call, she is determined to run to meet him.

To my surprise, she only arrived in Lhasa for the first time yesterday, and it was also her first time to enter Tibet. She felt that she had not adapted to the plateau, but had to go to a higher place! Before driving, she was worried about telling me how to deal with the high-speed reactor? I suggested that she should wait in Lhasa for one more day, but she had already paid for the fare. Finally, I could only advise her to prepare one more oxygen.

In this cold and material shortage environment, I really can't understand her and her husband's idea, why she should risk her life to do something that is not particularly important. Besides, she is already a mother of two children, which is the most shocking thing for me!

She is 22 years old this year. She was only 14 years old when she got married. She has just given birth to her youngest son, who is seven and a half years old. She said that marriage had long been a family custom, but her face covered by a flowered scarf was still a young face. She said that she understood my shock and said, "I know, you think we are very strange and backward..."

I don't feel strange, because there are some vulgar customs in my hometown, but I don't know why I suddenly think of ah Zi! My heart emerged a kind of inexplicable feeling, a little empty, also a little aggrieved. I didn't know how to express it. I just nodded calmly and said, "it's custom, I understand, I understand..."

Sitting behind me is a middle-aged man who runs a hotel in Keelung County, which is also a tourist. He said that the scenery around the county is very good, so the business is good, which makes me a little bit different! I have visited the whole northern line of Ali. Because of the bad environment, the hotels on the way can not have permanent visitors. Maybe I have never made a detour to Jilong. Maybe there are more businessmen and outbound tourists from Nepal. I may be ignorant

The rest, in addition to a Tibetan driver, there is Kyle sitting next to me. Kyle is a hangpiao, so it's not easy to ask for leave this time. There is a full week's holiday, in order not to leave regret, he just arrived in Lhasa, but impromptu to visit Nepal! Lhasa is a bit boring, he said. I can't understand this, but if this is the reason why he went to Nepal, I seem to understand

It's dark, the car just drove into Shigatse, which marks the beginning of the long journey abroad! After Shigatse station, the bus did not stop, because no one wanted to get off to buy food or go to the toilet. The wind outside the window was frightening. Ghosts knew how cold it was!

It was not long before the car crossed Xigaze. Without the shelter of the building, the sound of the wind was often heard. The quieter the noise was, the greater the noise was. Especially when entering the valley, the wind was very deep and terrible

We are walking in the dark like ink, head melon seeds are drowsy, like the feeling of non sleep, people have a kind of unspeakable pain!

In the middle of the night, there are snowflakes outside the window. Under the illumination of the car's headlights, the crystal ice appears to be colorful. The white world can't help but brighten our eyes, but the atmosphere in the car is tense

The first was the driver, who was very worried that the snow would never stop. There are more than 5000 meters of kongtang mountain pass to turn over. If there is such heavy snow at the foot of the mountain, you can imagine the snow situation on the mountain!

At the moment, we are in the vast wilderness, if we do not keep moving forward, the car can not always start heating for everyone. In the environment of more than 30 degrees below zero, no one wants to be frozen to death and frostbite here. What's more, how to start a car that has been frozen for a night tomorrow morning is still an unknown situation!

Again and again, the driver chooses to slow down or to push forward carefully before the snow builds up. I don't know how long after, the environment outside the car is even more pale. Maybe it's entering the snow line. At this time, we just reflected that our position was already in the depth of the mountain!

Suddenly, the driver exclaimed, "the engine started to cool down!" This is the first time for the driver to encounter this situation. The engine that has worked all night is actually gradually lowering the temperature without stalling! This shows how cold it is outside the car

The driver's exclamation let us not know, so we were really scared! The atmosphere in the car became tense and everyone asked him what happened? No matter whether we can arrive successfully or not tonight, we must ensure everyone's personal safety!

Driving for a long time makes the driver resist the feeling of fatigue while paying attention to the road condition at the same time. For the sake of safety, he can only play up 200 percent of the spirit. To see the road, he adjusted his seat, leaned forward, put the steering wheel close to his chest, and his face almost stuck to the front windshield. The small window on the driver's seat was always open. Despite the bitter cold wind, he did not dare to close it, and his cigarette was not interrupted for a moment. I just hope that under the double stimulation of ice and fire, a car of people will finally be safe and sound

The bus finally passed the checkpoint, which indicated that we had crossed the pass. Everyone was relieved, but the driver didn't. He had a more terrible way down the mountain!

With the decrease of altitude, the snow is getting smaller and smaller, and the snow on the road is also gradually reduced. After driving for another hour, we suddenly found that there was a overturned SUV not far away from the corner! The valley is barren, full of dark night, not to mention no one, but the passing vehicles are pitifully few. If you don't talk about the injury, you will be frozen to death

Fortunately, this SUV met us. The driver quickly stopped to check, he flashed his flashlight for a long time, also called for a long time, and finally got the reply

When the driver came back to the car, he told us, "there are people in the car, but they don't want to come out..." he said that there was a strong smell of wine in the car, which seemed to be an accident caused by drunk driving. The people in the car didn't want us to help the police. Even the photo report was declined. The man said that he had contacted a friend to help. But the man in the car also said that he had been waiting for an hour

With the lessons learned from the past, the driver must not be careless in the rest of the road. In this bad weather, it is not the snow that bothers the road, but this thin layer of ice. Although the snow is dangerous, it always reminds the driver to be careful, and the ice crack not only makes the driver relax his vigilance, but also is very easy to slide, but this is not a necessary condition for the accident. Driver drunk driving, this is the culprit!

After leaving the scene of the accident, it was beginning to dawn. People who can't sleep talk about why people who roll over don't want to come out? Why not take pictures? And why hide? Maybe, you know

When the sky turned from gray to bright blue, we finally arrived at rezo village, 25 kilometers away from the Jilong port. At this point, the road of our night's thrill has finally come to an end!

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