When I wake up again, I feel very tired at the waist and sore all over. I vaguely remember the legs I had nowhere to put in my dream when I went to sleep last night. I took the odometer and it said "146.58km" and climbed "1343m". I was surprised. I didn't know how I survived.

The owner of the house and lodging called me to have breakfast. After I washed and washed, I came to the dining table and saw that the owner had prepared me a western breakfast, including toast, bacon, fried eggs, cheese and some mushroom dishes. It was unexpected! I didn't expect that the accommodation in the small village could meet the service standard.

The boss is a man in his thirties and forties with sparse hair. He wears a pair of glasses and speaks politely. Ask me if I'm from Hong Kong? When I learned that I was from the mainland, I called me Chinese! And he claims to be Taiwanese... The boss is a good man, but what he said made me feel very uncomfortable. I feel like a thorn in my throat, and my heart is far away from the next time

After breakfast, I rode on the road, today's destination is Mizuho, the trip is short, so I can be lazy and late.

Along the provincial highway nine line, it will soon be in the "flower East Valley". The East Flower Valley runs through the essence zone of Hualian and Taitung two counties. The 158 km green corridor is full of green and beautiful mountains. On both sides of the road, there are either flowers or green paddy fields. There is a peaceful pastoral scene. At the end of the paddy field, the white clouds in the sky and the mountains are integrated, which is more green.

Along the way, there are many slopes that are not steep, but are very long. The ache on the body is especially uncomfortable when cycling. If you exert a little force, you will feel the pain transmitted from the muscle. I know for a long time, with the habit of these pain, I adjust my mind and move forward at a constant speed.

On the way, I saw a small shop selling green tea. I stopped and wanted to have a bottle to quench my thirst. The boss is an aunt in her fifties. She handed me a plastic bottle with iced tea. The tea is made by the boss. Many local people run such a small shop. It's cool with mint flavor. It's refreshing in this hot weather.

In the freezer of the small shop, I found a kind of beverage called "barbarian cattle". When I took it up and looked at it, I couldn't help laughing. Isn't this the taurine drink I am looking for? When riding in the mainland, I often drink red bull when I'm really weak. When I came to Taiwan, I found that there was no such drink in the convenience store. I couldn't help but think that people here don't drink it.

I asked my aunt curiously, "why don't convenience stores sell such drinks?"

Auntie said, "it's for refreshing. It's usually sold in betel nut shops. It's rarely seen in other places!" It dawned on me that most Taiwanese don't drink taurine?

While drinking green grass tea, I chatted with my aunt. She said that she had two sons, one was running an orchard, the other was a barber in the town. They had already got married and came back to see her from time to time. The happiness in the words was beyond expression.

When talking about fruit, I asked my aunt, "it seems that Sakya here is very cheap. Along the way, you can often see a simple billboard with the words" a basket of NT $100 "on it in front of some fruit shops."

The aunt said, "well, yes, there are many Sakyamuni plants around here! But recently, the relationship between the government and the mainland is not very good. Many fruits can't be sold! " I heard her words full of melancholy.

"How nice the mainland and Taiwan are! The mainland needs our fruits, and we also need things from the mainland. It's so good for us to help each other! " My aunt's simple words really touched me. We are a family connected by blood. I don't want Taiwan to return to my mother's embrace as soon as possible.

Farewell to my aunt, I go to chishang village, located in the BORANG avenue of chishang village, is a must go scenic spot. It is known as "the most beautiful road in Taiwan" because it invited famous Korean film star Takeshi Kaneshiro to shoot an advertisement for brown coffee.

When approaching the Boulevard, there is no electric pole on both sides of the straight road. The road divides the fields on both sides into two parts. Here, the view is wonderful and the scenery is wonderful. Riding between the beautiful fields, you will feel very comfortable, relaxed and enjoying. You will feel relaxed and refreshed as if you are in heaven.

I don't know why, the sky on the pool is overcast, and there is a little rain. I hid under the tree to rest, and accidentally saw another rider passing by. I gave a thumbs up greeting and shouted: "Hi! Come on! "

I didn't expect him to turn around and come back, stop in front of me and say, "Hi!"

This man is small and thin. He rolled the magic headscarf to his chin. I looked at his face and felt that he was not old. He told me that he was 17 years old, just graduated from senior three, and he was alone.

I was surprised to say: "your parents can rest assured that it's not easy for you to circle the island alone!"

"No, my father and I rode to Kaohsiung together, and then we separated. I rode the second half of the way!"

I can't help admiring to say fiercely repeatedly, I ask the lad where to go today? I'm going to Yuli, I'm going to Ruisui, and I'll take a walk along the way. I'm ok.

Just as I was saying, the rain stopped at some time. I asked the boys to take a picture under the martial tree in Jincheng. The boys agreed with me. After that, we went to chishang town by bike, so lunch was the famous buns in the pool. In fact, they were bentos. The buns were packed in wooden boxes, with good taste and distinctive features.

After lunch, I saw that the opposite mountain was overcast. I pointed to the top of the mountain and said, "look, it must be raining there!" With a shy smile, he said, "yes, ha ha.". Unexpectedly, out of the pool, we entered the mountain

In this way, the rain on my head never stops. Although I have already prepared my raincoat, I am a person who would rather be drenched in the rain than wear it. The more rain, the more water on the road was raised by the wheels before it flowed into the ditch on the side of the road. My bike didn't have a mud scraper, and the water raised by the front wheels just hit my front door. I had to give up my riding glasses and wipe the water off my face with my hands from time to time. Especially on the downhill road, due to the obvious acceleration of the speed, the raised water is more unbridled. Sometimes, due to the lack of time to wipe off the water on the eyes, the vision is blurred, and only by consciousness. Look at the clothes. They are not only wet, but also covered with mud spots. It's the first time I've been drenched like this on a bike

When I passed the 193 village road of Hualien loop line, I was already shivering with cold, and saw the sunshine on the opposite mountain top. I pointed to where I said to the boy, "it must be hot...". The boy smiled shyly and said, "yes, ha ha.".

When I arrived in Yuli, it was 3 p.m. and I stopped to say goodbye to him. I didn't expect that the boy would go to Ruisui with me. I can't help but rejoice. Why not! The rest of the journey is not far. I think it will not be long before we reach the destination.

As expected, we arrived at Mizuho soon. We have reserved the room of Ruisui hot spring, so that we can enjoy the hot spring while staying. Unexpectedly, Ruisui hot spring was on the hillside, which made me and my friends miserable. The last five kilometers of mountain road made our rain drenched body worse. The most painful thing was that our feet were soaked in water for a day, and they were still being corroded. The water played a role of lubricant between feet, socks and shoes, and I had to make greater efforts to prevent them The foot slips in the shoe. Unfortunately, the outer side of my big mother's toe was still scratched due to friction, and was corroded by the rain, causing pain. We struggled to ride on the road, and our morale was wiped out to the point where it was like a drowned rat or a lost dog.

When we got to Ruisui hot spring, it was dark. There were more than 20 steps to climb before entering the hotel. We were so tired that we couldn't even resist the car, so we had to move up a little bit.

When we met the front desk elder sister, I just wanted to go up for a hug, but the elder sister handed me the key coldly and asked us to find the room by ourselves.

The room is Japanese tatami, which looks very old. The smell in the room makes me not adapt to it very much. I joked with the boys and said that this is the taste of the elderly. We looked at each other and laughed.

It's said that Ruisui hot spring is a century old shop. It has existed since the Japanese government. The water quality of Ruisui hot spring is chloride carbonate spring. It's yellow and turbid because it's rich in iron ore. It's commonly known as "golden soup". You can't stand it if you soak it in it for a few minutes. There are some separate cubicles near the hot spring, but each of them is very old and looks not very sanitary, so it's far away.

After dinner, I had nothing to do with chatting. I asked him how he planned to ride. He took out a piece of paper and drew a map of Taiwan by hand. At every station and even every scenic spot in the ring line, he marked it clearly. I said, brother, you're so good. Can I take a picture as a souvenir? The boy was shy, grabbed the map and hid it. He said, "forget it, forget it, haha...".

I suddenly thought of a very strange question. I asked the young man, "do you think that leader in Taiwan is the best?"

He thought for a while and said, "it's LDH, after all, when he led Taiwan, which achieved economic take-off..." I was surprised by the boy's answer, but couldn't help but agree with him.

I asked him if he had ever thought about the reunification of the two sides of the Taiwan Strait. His answer made me feel that the younger generation is not like the older generation's feelings towards the mainland. The younger generation is more willing to call themselves Taiwanese.

Chatting and chatting, he suddenly fell asleep. Maybe it's because he was too tired. I turned off the light, found a comfortable position, and also fell asleep

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