When I open my sleepy eyes, it's sunny outside the window, but I just want to hide in the chaos. Thinking of yesterday's leisure time, I almost forgot that I was still on the way around the island

It's the first day to go north, and I know it won't be easy in the next few days. The valley in the east of Taiwan rises and falls. The real challenge is just beginning!

When I got on my bike, I couldn't help but find that I didn't get used to it. It was all caused by yesterday's leisure time, or I didn't wake up. I was like a soft footed shrimp, dawdling.

There is the biggest challenge in the journey around the island - Shouka TieMa post station, which is the highest point of the South return road. It needs to pass through more than 20 kilometers of Panshan Road, and the altitude climbs 500 meters in a straight line. I think I should be prepared. I have challenged Miaofeng Mountain in Beijing, and they should be equally difficult.

I walked along the tai26 line to the northeast, and passed through erluanbi Park and Longpan Park again. Yesterday, I could see the beautiful scenery when I was traveling, but my mood was not as good as before. My bike was no more than a locomotive, and I had not eaten breakfast. My heavy legs had been telling me how steep it was, and my body seemed to be hollowed out before I went out for five kilometers

This greatly frustrated my ambition, and I even had the idea of turning around... Whenever I was timid, I always wanted to have a big mouth and give up before I started. Is that what I came here for? Although this is a trip, I regard it as a challenge to surpass myself

When I arrived at Chashan, line 26 of Taiwan was cut off. I turned into line 200 and walked a dozen kilometers further, that is, Manzhou township. I think I was there to supply, but the road was ups and downs, which was not difficult.

When I arrived in Manchuria, it was eight o'clock in the morning, and I rode for nearly two hours for more than 20 kilometers. At that time, I could not afford to lose face, and rushing into the convenience store was a crazy supply.

When I was full, I went out of Manchuria, and the road began to turn into an endless gentle slope. The sun slowly turned into a big stove, and the weather became hotter and hotter. I've been riding for more than ten kilometers. I can't hold on to it. I hid under a tree and greedily poured water into my mouth. I accidentally drank more than half of it

When I look at the map, it will be steeper and steeper in the near future, and there is a fork road in the place not far away from me. The fork road leads to the Gao Shi tribe. The map shows that you can also get to the dashuka through the Gao Shi tribe. When I came to this fork in the road, I found that it was a small downhill road leading to the Gao Shi tribe, which made me ecstatic. I looked at the big steep slope on the other side, and I didn't want to think about it any more. I slid down the slope.

Soon I entered a village. Maybe because of the hot weather, there was no one in the street. The walls of the houses in the village were painted with totems, which was very mysterious. The village is not big. It didn't take long to walk out of another village. Continue to move forward, the cement road has become a gravel road, the narrower it is to walk forward, the more trees it has, as if it has entered the forest, and there are more insects around it. From time to time, there are mosquitoes running after me. Disturbed by these insects, I am really upset... All kinds of strange bird calls in the forest, and the fiery dragon fruit trees on the roadside, make my heart hair, thinking, I will not change Become one of the spoils!

The level road has become a slope road again. Climbing on the gravel road makes me more laborious... I can no longer receive any cell phone signals at my location, which means that I have lost my map. I don't know whether the road ahead is right or wrong. I stand in confusion and there is no one around me... I suddenly miss the asphalt road before. Although it is steep, it is a right road.

After walking for several hundred meters, I stop again, look at the front road and the back. Do I want to continue this road until it is dark, or do I want to go back the same way? I find myself in a dilemma that makes me confused and helpless. On the one hand is the unknown road ahead, and on the other hand is the hard trek that I have paid. This dilemma makes me feel weak, unable to take the unknown of the road ahead and put down the pay of the road behind.

At this time, a figure came out slowly in front of me. The black skin, like the aborigines of Taiwan, saw me hesitating and asked me: "Hello! Are you going the way ahead? "

"Yes! Is the road ahead open? I'm going to Taitung. " I'm like grabbing at a straw.

He said: "the road ahead is impassable. You'd better go another way."

Listening to him, I feel very disappointed, but I'm very happy. This strange feeling can only be realized through experience. I said thanks, and immediately turned back. When I got back to the fork in the road, I had a long sigh of relief. Looking at the steep slope in front of me, I feel very kind. The steep slope I see is no longer a difficulty. It has become a dependence. I think as long as I walk on this road, I can definitely reach the destination. It makes me feel at ease.

Until I was exhausted, I finally reached the top of the slope. I know it's not the time to be happy. I just told myself in my heart that "the revolution has not yet been successful, and comrades still need to work hard." that's nothing compared with Shouka. I glided down from the top of the slope at a speed of more than 60 kilometers per hour. This was sour, and I was sent back to sea level in five minutes.

I arrived in Aberdeen at noon. When I continued to reach Xuhai, I was already hungry. Maybe it's too late. It's past the meal. There's only one canteen in the whole village. It's surprising that the canteen actually sells dumplings. I asked for a plate of dumplings, because I was so hungry, I forgot what kind of stuffing I had. There was no one in the shop. The boss sat down and lit a cigarette and chatted with me.

The boss asked me, "is it around the island?"

I said, "yes, today I will ride to Taitung."

The boss slowly took a sip of smoke and said, "very few people go the way, it's a little bitter in this way!"

I replied with a smile: "really? Ha ha! "

The boss then said: "the front is Shou Ka, you know? Very high, very tired, we have a car to take you up here, very cheap! "

I pretended to be relaxed and said, "ha ha, I know, I'm here to challenge myself!"

The boss looked at me askew, as if I had no help, and would not say anything more. I just eat dumplings, the others don't think much first, and don't care. According to the idea of ordinary people, they are so tired. We should consider resting in Xuhai. Besides, the time is a little behind now. But I would like to stubborn choice in accordance with the original set goals ahead

After eating dumplings, I said goodbye to the shopkeeper.

It was noon and I began to climb the mountain in the hot sun. On the long mountain road, I was the only one. The sun was so warm. He followed me like a child. For a long time, I couldn't even find a tree to enjoy the cool. The hot weather and sore legs forced me to walk and stop. I couldn't get rid of him. I could only think of his "loveliness". It's so hot that my clothes are steaming dry before my sweat gets wet... Sometimes when I touch my temples when I wipe my sweat, I can feel the white salt powder.

I adjust my breathing and try to keep a rhythmic treading frequency. In order to save energy, I try to lie on my back and leave my strength to my legs. Even so, every few kilometers I climb, I will be tired like a dog. When I can't hold on to it, the leg that touched the ground will be too soft to support, even people and cars will fall on the side of the road... But what can I do? After drinking enough water, I will be full of blood again! And the only fun in the process of climbing is to count the number of consecutive turns indicated in the cue board. Every turn, I silently add one in my heart. I regard every cue board as an opponent, and the only thing I can do is to defeat him.

With the rising of the altitude, the Pacific Ocean in the distance rises slowly in the dense forest like a crystal ball again. Looking at the quiet blue, I can feel the cool passing from afar. From time to time, a car or two passed by, and when I saw my tired figure, they would cheer me up by honking.

At 2:30 p.m., I finally arrived at Shouka, which lasted more than two hours. When I saw "Shouka iron horse post station", my heart became strangely calm. Maybe because my body was too tired, I couldn't gather my strength to rejoice

At the gate of the iron horse post station, there was a bicycle lying on foot. When I learned that its owner was two elderly people in Hong Kong, my jaw almost fell to the ground. They are both husband and wife. They are over 65 years old. They arrived here from Fenggang via line 9 of Taiwan. They walked for several days before they arrived here. This has to make me admire the spirit of the old man.

When I learned that the endless downhill road is ahead of me, I think today's nightmare experience is finally coming to an end. So far, I have climbed at least three mountains, and I won't encounter the mountain road again.

I stepped on the car and taxied down the mountain. The wind was whistling in my ear. My body was like flying up. The familiar winding road was a long way down the slope, which lasted for more than 20 minutes.

At the foot of the mountain is Dawu. After Dawu, it's big bird. I didn't expect that when I passed by big bird, I would turn over a mountain. What's more, when I passed taimari, I would turn over a mountain

The weather in Taimali is totally different from that before. The sky is covered with dark clouds and light rain. The road is located on the side of the mountain, and some sections are still under construction and maintenance, resulting in two lane limited time and one-way traffic, frequent occurrence of large trucks and tourist buses. Whenever a large vehicle passes by me, the wind it rolls up, resulting in the suction force will cause my handlebar to shake. I'm shocked by this section of road!

After crossing taimari, I finally arrived at Zhiben. What I didn't expect again was that there was another big mountain on the way... I couldn't ride it. I was so tired that I stopped on the hillside. Suddenly I felt so aggrieved. I was so hard. Why did God do this to me? Let one mountain after another stand in front of me.

My heart floats and sinks, as if I have lived my whole life. Thinking that there are always endless difficulties in life, just like those mountains that can't be conquered, if they don't surpass in conquest, they will be destroyed in difficulties. I continued to hold my breath. I stepped on the pedal and went up step by step.

At 7:30 p.m., I finally arrived at Zhiben hot spring. I can't help but feel happy when my bike wobbles and I can walk another two kilometers on that comfortable big bed. At this time, a barking dog suddenly came from behind. I looked back and was shocked. A black dog ran towards me and barked. I didn't know where my strength came from, and my legs fell dead. I slipped out hundreds of meters in a flash and saw that the dog didn't follow me. I was relieved.

Homestay is right in front of me. I have no energy to do other things. After supper, I fall on the bed unconscious

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