The sun is rising. Good morning.

I stand in front of the window and look out through the screen window. The sky outside is cloudless. It's sunny as if it had been washed. Outside tourists and seabirds are chirping, the sparkling sea like a thin layer of gold yarn. How does it know that I'm going to be in Kenting today on such a fine day!

I went to the hostess to pay the room fee for another day, but the hostess told me that the price had increased, and the price of NT $600 had risen to NT $2500. When I heard it, I thought to myself, what's the matter? Is it starting at a fixed price!

The landlady explained that the hotel here is not a price on holidays and weekdays. The price is so cheap because of the discount on weekdays. The original price should be returned or increased on holidays. Especially today is May 20th. The day called "Valentine's Day" is still a Saturday, so the price must rise.

To fuck Valentine's day, today is my smart day, this kind of money must be spent! Forced Amway wave of their own, paid room money, put on sunglasses, go out chic.

The landlady recommended me to rent the electric locomotive here. When I think of it, I saw the small locomotive that other tourists rode. It's convenient and time-saving around Hengchun Peninsula. Although Kenting is not big, it's not good to just go hiking. Even by bike, the uphill and downhill road will make people tired to the fullest.

The car rental fee of NT $800 can be used for 24 hours, which is another wave of bleeding. It's a pity that you can come to Taiwan without experiencing the feeling of locomotive racing? The car rental owner handed me a map of Hengchun Peninsula circle line, explained the spots marked on the map to me carefully. He also told me that these spots can be entered free of charge. I just hope the free spots are not too bad.

I picked up a blue scooter and rushed out as soon as I turned the accelerator. I held on to the handlebars and the fast scooter would gallop up with the slow body.

Out of the crossing is the sailboat rock, which stretches out of the sea like a sail. The viewing platform in front of the sailboat stone is full of vehicles and tourists. From time to time, some surfers glide by the sailboat stone, and others play with various water toys in the bathing beach nearby.

I rode my scooter anticlockwise and came to the sand island in a short time. The sand island is a natural small bay. The whole beach is made up of shells and coral reef debris pushed by the waves, which is very special. Standing on the sand island, the blue sea constantly washes the reef under my feet. It's so exciting for me, who is close to the sea for the first time.

Further south is Elaine nose Park, which is located at the southernmost end of Taiwan. Among them stands a white cylindrical lighthouse. It is the symbol of the park, known as the light of East Asia, and a rare armed lighthouse in the world. I just think this lighthouse is like a girl in white, sitting on the green grass, beautiful as a work of art

Along the jiae'e highway, you can walk northward from the nose of geeluan. The wind is gradually strong, and a large grassland begins to appear in front of you. Continue to move forward, the grassland above the blue light, gradually, more and more blue, sea level like a crystal ball rising from this thick green.

Further on, there are red and yellow exposed soil in the grassland from time to time. The more forward, the more exposed. I think this is Longpan park. Longpan park is a limestone platform formed by an Uplifted Coral Reef. It is also one of the four major landscapes in Kenting National Park because of the dissolution of limestone, resulting in special topographical landscapes such as fissures, seepage caves and limestone caves.

I stopped at the side of the road and walked along a dirt road. When I got to the end of the dirt road, I was stunned by the sight! I've never seen such a magnificent scene. It's the boundless Pacific Ocean in front of me! In the distance, the color of the sea water is getting bluer and bluer from near to far. The small waves blown up on the sea appear in groups, just like groups of white birds

At this moment, I don't want to go any more. I don't want to jump up and down to take photos like other tourists. I just want to sit on the ground slowly and blow the sea breeze. I feel that there will be no better world than now

Even if there is not enough sea breeze, but also want to endless melancholy, so beautiful, but never have a corner. I don't know how long it took me to get up and pat my ass. I came back and never dared to look back

At noon, I'm going to Hengchun town for lunch. More importantly, I'm going to visit the ancient city of Hengchun. On the way to Hengchun Town, I passed the sand blowing, the Chashan suspension bridge and the fire, which are some interesting little scenic spots. At noon, I arrived in Hengchun town. My stomach was already rumbling. Many tourists would choose to eat seafood or sashimi here or in houbi lake, but I didn't feel the seafood. I found a small shop selling dried meat rice and meatball soup to fill my stomach.

After dinner, I rode the scooter to find AGA's home. People who have seen "Cape 7" will not be new to us, because the popularity of "Cape 7" has also been changed to homestay for fans to visit. The room still retains all the scenes in the movie, even the sheets.

Hengchun Town, formerly known as Langqiao, is the southernmost town in Taiwan and the only plain to the south of Fangliao. The ancient city is located in the center of the town, surrounded by hills and mountains. In the early years, it was also an important national defense town in southern Xinjiang. No matter in terms of history and architecture, Hengchun city has its unique features. Especially, it is difficult to obtain its complete shape preservation, which is the only one in Taiwan. Now it has been listed as a second-class historic site. It means the end of Taiwan in Paiwan language. At present, there are four gates and some walls in the southeast and northwest of Taiwan, which is the only complete ancient city in Taiwan.

After more than a hundred years, the original city walls and towers were gradually destroyed by wind, rain and earthquake; after restoration, many walls were destroyed due to traffic needs and urban development. Of the four gates, only the south gate and the east gate can see the tower. However, Hengchun is still the only remaining ancient city in Taiwan, which roughly retains its original form and scale. It is still in the "county" position of the business, transportation and education center of Hengchun Peninsula, and has never declined.

After visiting Hengchun Town, I want to go back to the hotel to have a rest because the weather is so hot that I am tired physically and mentally. Originally, I was going to go diving in houbi lake. Now it seems that I don't have enough time and physical strength to keep up with it. I think it's nice to stay at dusk and enjoy the sunset at Guanshan!

At about 4:00 p.m., it was getting dark. I rode my scooter to the nose of the cat. The nose of the cat is located in the southeast Cape of the Hengchun Peninsula, between the Taiwan Strait and the bus Strait. Guanshan is near the nose of the cat. We can visit together.

Just as I was galloping, the weather changed at this time. Suddenly, there were more black clouds on my head, which soon covered the sky behind me. Again, it was like a black curtain, trying to cover the whole sky. I naively started to race with the dark clouds, but I was the opponent of nature. When I arrived at the "cat nose" viewing platform, I watched the dark clouds devour the blue sky until it disappeared.

The sky suddenly turned dark. It was as dark as night. There was a wind, but there was no rain. Looking at the clouds in the sky rolling slowly, I thought to myself, I don't need to go to Guanshan, let alone the sunset. If I don't get watered by the rain, I will be lucky... I have to ride back angrily!

Passing Kending street again, I found that the night market had begun to be bustling, but the dark sky had no plan to rain... Street vendors and tourists blocked the road completely, and I rode a small locomotive for a day, I was already familiar with it, following the local people's locomotive fart stock back and forth, walking and stopping.

At this time, I suddenly think of the elder sister I met when I was in Tainan. She told me how comfortable it was to go to Kenting and buy a salted crispy chicken and chicken skin, plus a bottle of Taiwan beer, and eat them on the beach! According to what she said, I bought salted crispy chicken and Taiwan beer, plus crispy soup bag and lotus spray, and began to enjoy it silently near the sailing stone. It was really:

Don't ask for wealth, don't ask for something,
I hope the sea turns into wine,
Lying on the beach at leisure,
The prodigal came for a drink

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