Early in the morning, I got up on tiptoe. It was half past six in the morning. The corridor of Qinglv was still dark. Everyone was still intoxicated in dreamland.

Kenting should be the place I yearn for most in this journey! Kaohsiung is not so far away from Kenting.

When I went out of Qinglv, the sky was cloudy, and the weather forecast didn't prompt rain. I think this kind of weather should be normal on Taiwan Island. For me, it should be good news, especially thank God for helping me avoid the heat along the way!

Along the ping'an-e'er Road, I galloped all the way to the south, passing by similar scenery, and there was no fresh feeling. When I passed an exit of Dapeng Bay scenic area, I saw a figure who was wearing a riding suit and galloping like me. Although I haven't contacted or even called, I felt very kind unconsciously. So, hundreds of meters apart, I followed me all the way

Soon, I arrived at Fangshan, the hometown of mango. In front of a convenience store on the roadside of Fangshan, the man stopped. So, I also parked in front of the convenience store and looked at my watch. It was almost noon. I thought I would just settle my lunch here. I chose my usual braised beef Bento and iced coffee. When I went to check out, I saw the man. He was also looking at me,
We looked at each other and nodded. Riding clothes are a little special among these people who wear daily clothes. We all lock each other up without any advice.

I went over and said, "ha ha! Hello! "

He replied, "Hello!" He is still very young when he hears the voice. He should be several years older than me.

I said, "are you on the roundabout?"

He said, "yes, eh? Are you from mainland China? " It seems that he recognized my accent.

I said, "yes, I flew from Beijing!"

I said that I started from Danshui. He said that he started from Hsinchu. We had a lot of fun when we met. We kept exchanging riding experiences and forgot to check out.

When he saw me holding the Bento, he asked me, "eat it here?"

I said, "yes!" I think it's very normal. Don't people who pass by ride like this? But I think his reaction was disgusting. Maybe he talked with me. He also went to find a bento. The convenience store helped us to heat up our bentos. We found a seat, took off our helmets and scarves to relax and chat again.

He took off and asked me, "how old are you?"

I smiled and said, "ha ha! I am more than twenty! How about you? "

He was surprised and said, "Wow, you are so young, are you alone?"

I said, "well, yes!" After that, I began to wonder, I am very young, but not so surprised!

He said, "great, great! My age? You guess! "

He even let me guess age, a little caught off guard, I said: "ah? I think you look like you are in your thirties! "

He said, "no, guess again!"

As soon as he smiled, I was confused? How much is that? I think it's in my thirties. I can't guess! "

He said, "I'm over forty, I'm nearly fifty!"

He spoke lightly, but I was surprised to open my mouth, and my chin was falling to the ground, because I didn't see his spirit. As he said, he took off the magic headscarf on his head, "wow..." I couldn't help exclaiming. He had long curled hair on his head, which was still colorful. I like to see the God, the heart of worship arises spontaneously, thinking, this uncle is really trendy, this age alone cycling around the island, this is unimaginable in the mainland!

He told me that his name contained a word "Jian". I offered to call him "Jian Ge". He was happy and felt young again! When I learned that Jian Ge had a son going to the University, I asked with great interest, "why don't you take him to the island?"

Brother Jian said angrily, "you think I don't want to, young man now, I'm lazy. I just give him a locomotive to go to Huandao, and he won't go." Listen to brother Jian, I can understand why he was surprised that a young man in his twenties would circle the island alone.

I've always been curious about the Taiwanese 'views on cross strait relations. I think brother Jiange is from the past, so I want to ask him what he thinks. Jiange thought about it and said seriously, "this issue is not very important to me, but now Taiwan's economy is really in recession, and we are not satisfied with the Taiwan government, otherwise there will not be so many parades!" He paused and asked me with a smile, "is this kind of parade on the mainland?"

"Yes! Ha ha! " I responded with a smile.

I think Jian Ge is no less interested in these issues than I am. Following this topic, we talked about the differences between socialism and capitalism, and the shortcomings of centralization and decentralization of power. Jiange gave me an example. If someone is hit by a car, the victim lies in the hospital waiting for emergency treatment. Socialism may cure him directly first, while capitalism will cure him only when he has paid the rescue fee. If the incident is to be sued for compensation, the society with centralized rights may directly judge the victim for compensation and enforce the right In a decentralized society, if the crasher takes advantage of the law and appeals constantly, there is no way for the victim. This is the most important thing when the victim is waiting for compensation. However, in a society with concentrated power, if managers can't see clearly, there are endless cases of unjust, false and wrong cases.

So we all agree that there is no absolute fairness in society. The development efficiency of a society with concentrated power is extremely high or extremely low, which depends on whether the leader's decision is right or not. He can use the whole country's efforts to solve the problems in front of him, such as "the great flood of 1998, the great snow disaster of 2008". When a society with decentralized power does not rise, it is easy to suffer from internal friction in internal struggle. Party struggle, mutual restraint, and slow decision-making. Any decision is based on mutual benefit, just like "Taiwan's internal affairs".

It's not necessarily that Jiange doesn't know the current development of the mainland. He said that he had recently seen a mainland TV play called "the name of the people". He was quite surprised that the lawbreakers dared to wear real police uniforms, drive police cars and pretend to be police officers to suppress the masses... Besides, he thought that these plots, whether true or false, should be banned under the control of the mainland, and that the mainland government would open them up to you

At first, I was surprised that he paid attention to the mainland and mainland TV dramas, and then thought that people were not "local area networks". Of course, the resources on the network were contacted as they wanted. Through this TV, we also agree that the mainland government is slowly opening up in terms of human rights.

Maybe it's too high to talk. I accidentally talked to two o'clock in the afternoon. I asked Jiange if he was going to Kenting?

"I'm not sure, because it's very difficult to ride from Kenting," said Kengo! With my strength, I don't know if I can keep it up. " He paused, and then said, "but there is a road leading into the mountain, which can directly reach Taidong, and can go to Kenting. If I go to Kenting, I will return to this road the next day, although I have to climb the mountain, because this road will be much easier." Jiange and I studied the route. In Fenggang, we can go to dashuka via line 9 of Taiwan, or back to Checheng. From line 199 to dashuka, the strongest is to pass through Manzhou, gangzai and Xuhai, pass line 26 and 200 of Taiwan, then return to line 26 of Taiwan, ride from 199jia to line 199, and finally arrive at Shouka. The reason why Taiwan 26 breaks the line is that the area is Taiwan's original tribal nature reserve, which is protected by government regulations!

I think, Kenting is a stop I must stop, and Kenting's line to Taitung, of course, can't go around the shortcut, so many people on the Internet can challenge the past, I don't try to regret for life! In the end, Jiange decided to go to line 9, and I continued to go south to Kenting. Because I wanted to take photos along the way, I went to a rest area with him and left.

When I arrived in Hengchun Town, I knew that I was about to arrive in Kenting. Then I went south. The sea view in front of me began to be overwhelmed, and it was quite different from the previous sea view. The blue transparent sea water, limpid until I saw it for the first time, my mood became better and better.
When I saw the big stone engraved with "welcome to Kenting", I was so happy that I thought the destination would arrive soon.

There are coconut trees on both sides of the asphalt road. The surrounding environment becomes beautiful. Walking, legs slowly more and more heavy, the road began to have a slope, even more climb longer... My mood because of climbing tired and began to become low. There are more and more tourists around. They ride small locomotives in twos and threes, shuttling back and forth. They envy me so much.

Sliding down the slope in front of Kenting Avenue, I saw the "sailing stone". I think I should be there. I just stepped into the hotel room, and suddenly heard the rain outside the window. The rain was so heavy that it seemed that God had been holding his grievance for a whole day

I can't help but take a long breath and admire myself for being lucky

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