At 8:30 in the morning, I walked out of the hotel. The sun came into my eyes without any scruples. It was burning again like yesterday. It's not a good day for me, but it's good for taking pictures.

Today, I'm going to visit Tainan. The first destination should be chiqianlou. In fact, I don't know. Tainan was originally to be skipped because I'm not interested in places of interest, but I can't start eating in the morning! I'm afraid that I can't bear it today, so I want to relax a little.

Located at the intersection of Chigu street and Minzu Road, Central District of Tainan City, chiinlay building was originally built by the Dutch, so it is also known as Hongmao building. The cultural relics and buildings of Chigu tower have gone through the ages of Holland, Ming Zheng and Manchu. They were first built in 1650 ad. it is said that the building materials were all transported from overseas by the Dutch, which was called prominzha city. It was built by the Dutch after the Guo Huaiyi incident of the Han uprising against the Dutch.

It's really a boring spot, but what about it? When I arrived at the kiosk, there was a row of bicycle parking racks not far from the ticket window. When I pushed them, I saw that there were two folding bikes on the parking racks. It was strange that the two bikes had not been locked since then, and a go pro was fixed on the handlebars like me. I was very careful on the way. Even when I was resting in the convenience store, I could see the bikes outside through the large glass Under the circumstances, they will lock the car carefully, and these two bicycles are parked here so naked, is it really safe?

In fact, I also hate to lock the car. The root cause is that I'm lazy, but what can I do? It's always good to be careful. Seeing these two bikes, I want to try them naively

I took my camera and went into the red inlaid building. The ticket is very cheap, but the scenic spot is also very boring in my imagination! In the whole process of my visit, I didn't worry about my bike at all! Seeing where the bicycle is still safely parked, I couldn't help but smile from the corner of my mouth, as if everything was expected.

I put my camera in my camel bag and saw that the owners of the two cars also came out of the red inlaid building. They were a couple, a big sister with glasses, black skin and a fat brother. Like me, they were also wearing riding clothes. I didn't see the cyclists all the way, so I thought they were the same people as me, so I went up and said, "Hello! Are you on the roundabout? "

"Yes, today is our last day!" she said with a smile

"Ah? How powerful! " I immediately envied it.

The elder sister asked, "are you from mainland China?"

I said, "well, yes!"

The elder sister asked, "are you in a circle?"

I said, "yes, it's been riding for two days."

"Is that right? Fierce, fierce, we only ride a half circle. This time we are going back to our hometown in Tainan. We will have a trip by the way. The destination is in the countryside of Tainan. It's not very far! " The eldest sister seemed to be a little embarrassed and smiled. Then she asked, "where did you start two days ago? Taichung? "

I said, "no, no, I'm from Danshui! I rode to Taichung on the first day and Tainan on the second day, that is, last night! "

The elder sister said in surprise, "ah? So powerful? We've been riding from Taipei for a week. You're really too fast! "

The elder sister then asked, "did you not play all the way?"

I said, "yes, I went to Sun Moon Lake the next day in Taichung! So today is the fourth day! "

"Oh, today is Tainan! Ha ha ha ha... "The elder sister laughed and joked.

I laughed and said, "yes, ha ha! Isn't that to say that Tainan has a lot of delicious food? I mainly want to have a big meal, but it's still early at noon. I can only go around. "

"Where are you going next?" she asked

"I don't know. I'm just going to check!" I'm a little embarrassed. I said with my mobile phone and gestured to my elder sister, because I haven't made preparations before. I have to check the Internet for the next destination.

"Is that right? Hahaha... "The elder sister laughed and said:" come with me. We are going to Anping castle and Anping tree house. It is also a very special place in Tainan. Besides, there are Anping bean flowers to eat. Have you heard about it? It's delicious! "

As soon as I heard it, I was very happy in my heart. I said, "OK, OK! Then I'll follow you! "

I followed them all the way by bike and arrived in about ten minutes.

Entering Anping ancient castle, I saw a building built of pure red bricks and tiles. The most conspicuous one is a white watchtower beside it. Although it is a historic site, it makes me feel that the building is inexplicably beautiful. But later I learned that this beautiful building was actually built in the Japanese government period, not a historic site. Anping castle was once the center of Dutch rule in Taiwan, and also the residence of the three generations of Zheng Dynasty. During the period of Japanese rule, the Japanese bulldozed the city walls, rebuilt the red brick platform and Japanese customs dormitory, and almost all the castle buildings in Holland were destroyed.

Under the guidance of my elder sister, I boarded the white watchtower. Through the glass window on the top of the tower, I can overlook the whole Tainan. There are map instructions under the glass window, telling you what buildings and scenic spots are in front of Tainan. At this time, the sun light covers the whole Tainan with strong Weiya. Because it's too hot, the visibility is not very good, and my enthusiasm for watching is not very strong. After taking a few photos, I went down to find my elder sister.

Elder sister is waiting for me at the bottom of the tower. She hands me a bottle of black iced drink. I'm very surprised to learn that it's made of black beans. Taiwan's drinks are really magical. All ingredients can be made into drinks. First, the winter melon, and then the black bean. I opened the bottle cap and took a sip. The taste was very plain, neither sweet nor bitter. It was like more beans and sweetness than water. With the effect of ice, it was quite thirst quenching. I poured half the bottle into my mouth.

There is also a museum in the castle. As soon as I enter the museum, the elder sister abandons me and her brother-in-law and runs away alone. I don't know what to do. I thought she went to the bathroom. When we finished shopping and were about to go out, I saw the elder sister at a stage in front of the other exit of the museum, holding a white cloth in one hand and a seal in the other. She was in that white cloth Stamp on it. At first, I didn't understand. My brother-in-law explained to me that Taiwanese are stamp controllers. When they travel to any place, they need to find a stamp that can be stamped locally. You can see that there are many stamps on her map. Then I found that this white cloth is a map of Taiwan, which is full of stamps. I only know that Taiwan's Aborigines once collected skulls as their achievements, so I joked: "that elder sister's achievements are quite impressive!" Everyone burst out laughing.

Anping tree house used to be a salt warehouse. After the end of World War II, the salt industry in Anping declined, and this place was abandoned. Walking into the tree house, I can't help but feel that there is a thick atmosphere of literature and art around it. Although the abandoned roof is seriously damaged, there are many large banyan trees in the house. The branches and air roots of several banyan trees are intertwined. Even the walls climb many roots, covering the roof and walls layer by layer. It's amazing that "there are trees in the house, there are houses in the trees". It's really amazing that the special sentiment and mysterious atmosphere 。

Out of the tree house, the eldest sister said, "let's go to eat bean flowers!"

I added, "OK!" Looking back in the past, I have eaten bean curd, so I don't expect it. When I first ate bean curd, I was still in Shanghai. It was sweet and I couldn't get used to it. It was sweet bean curd brain! I, a northerner, still feel nothing about it.

When I came to Douhua shop, my elder sister introduced me that Douhua has two kinds of hot and cold weather. It's better to eat cold weather! You can also add red beans or mung beans to the bean flowers. In my opinion, mung beans should taste better. I ordered mung beans. Elder sister went to buy us bean flowers to eat. My brother-in-law and I were chatting. After a while, the elder sister came up with three bowls of bean flowers and asked me to taste them quickly. I took the spoon and stirred it a little. I took a spoon and poured it into my mouth.

It's delicious! Taste like ice cream, but better than ice cream ah! I stared and said, "sister, this bean flower is so delicious!" The taste is thick, the bean flavor is fragrant, sweet but not greasy, a bit of pudding taste, a bowl of refreshing, that amazing taste, I have begun to doubt whether the past in Shanghai is a fake bean!

One by one, I can't stop. After a while, I ate up a bowl of bean flowers. My elder sister asked me if I would like another bowl. I was a little embarrassed and said with a stiff mouth, "count... Forget it!"

She seemed to see my thoughtfulness and said, "there is also a kind of Pearl bean flower here. The Pearl in it is made of powder and brown sugar. It's delicious. Taste it!"

I said, "count... Count!" I'm not afraid of spending money, but I'm afraid my elder sister won't let me spend it. It's really embarrassing.

"I haven't had enough," said the elder sister. "I'll get a bowl!" After a while, the elder sister came over with the Pearl bean flowers and said, "come here... Let's share some with each other and have a taste!" With that, he took a spoon and scooped pea flowers into my bowl.

Looking at the way my elder sister bailed out the Douhua for me, I suddenly thought of an elder sister I knew in the past. I only know this elder sister for two hours. She looks after me like her elder sister. I can't help but feel moved and speechless. Seeing that my bowl is about to be full, I hurriedly said: "sister... Enough! Enough! Thank you! Thank you! " Elder sister, I'm going to share the rest of the bean flowers with my brother-in-law.

I pour the Pearl bean into my mouth, and I can't help but stare at the elder sister and say, "elder sister, this is more delicious!" The Pearl Q in the bean blossom is refreshing and another flavor.

After eating Douhua, the elder sister said: "it's noon, let's go to eat Zhou's shrimp roll! When you come to Tainan, you have to eat shrimp rolls. Zhou's shrimp rolls are the most famous in Tainan. There are also lice fish you said, lice fish porridge you said is only breakfast in the morning, we can eat lice fish soup in Zhou's shrimp roll shop! " I'm ecstatic because I know there should be no regrets about eating lice and flounder recommended by the old driver. When we are dressed and ready to go, the elder sister says, "we are always in line. I hope we won't line up today!"

I have to say that our luck is really good. I saw that there are many vacancies in the shop. Maybe it's because it's still early. It's 11:30. I think we haven't arrived at Tainan's meal yet! Elder sister began to work again. She asked me to wait with her brother-in-law. Elder sister is so kind. I'm a little embarrassed. My brother-in-law asked me not to be embarrassed. It's nothing.

There's a question that I've always been curious about. On the road, I see many cars with different license plates. Some of them have "Taiwan Province" written on them, while others don't. I know Taiwan is a place with free speech, so I think it's a political issue. My brother-in-law laughed. He told me that it wasn't what I thought. The old license plate was marked with "Taiwan Province". The new license plate was not marked with "Taiwan Province". When the new license plate appeared, because the number of the old license plate was full, the new license plate was issued. They coexisted. I suddenly know!

At this time, the eldest sister continued to eat one dish after another, and soon covered the small table in front of us.

After eating, my elder sister handed me a bowl of soup with half of the fish maw and said, "here! This is the fish, which is the essence of the fish. It is also the best place to eat and the best place to eat.

"Really?" As I asked, I couldn't wait to take the fish soup. After a sip, I felt that the fish soup was really delicious. I picked up the lice eyefish again and was ready to bite it. The elder sister said quickly, "you need to take a big bite to eat the fish belly, because it's delicious!" I believe it. I bite off most of the belly of the fish. The fish suddenly explode in the mouth. In fact, it should be the fat of the fish. The meat and oil fill the whole mouth. I wonder why this kind of fish is so fat, but I don't feel a little greasy and fragrant, just like eating braised pork! One more mouthful of fish soup, the taste is simply too intoxicating!

I repeatedly said to the elder sister, "fragrant, fragrant, really fragrant..." the elder sister laughed and pointed to other delicious dishes on the table. She introduced them to me one by one, "this is the shrimp roll, this is the shrimp roll of Zhou's shrimp roll, this is the shrimp dumpling, this is the marinated rice, this is the Huazhi ball, this is the Huazhi sausage..."

I asked curiously, "what is a flower branch?"

The elder sister said, "well, it's an octopus!"

"Haha... It's an octopus!" I laughed.

In order to make me addicted to prawn rolls, I asked for two large plates. At the end of the meal, my stomach was going to burst. I thanked the elder sister and said, "elder sister, this is the most full meal I have eaten these days!"

The elder sister said, "why is that?"

I said pitifully, "I've been eating in convenience stores these days, but I've never eaten so much..."

The elder sister laughed and said, "since that's the case, please eat more and finish all these. Don't waste it!"

I looked decadent and said, "ah? I have more than my heart and less than my strength! "

Finally, my brother-in-law came out to help me share a few shrimp rolls. After lunch, we are going our separate ways. My destination is Kaohsiung. My elder sister and brother-in-law's destination is the countryside of Tainan. We can't go by the way.

When I left, my elder sister told me with concern that if I was in trouble in Taiwan, I could call her and leave the number to me. All of a sudden, I felt that my elder sister's surroundings were glowing. Like a goddess, we only knew each other for a few hours. I couldn't bear such care. I immediately thanked her.

Kaohsiung in front is not very far. It's only forty or fifty kilometers and two hours away, so I don't worry. I can ride it slowly in the afternoon. I've long heard that the ice in Kaohsiung is very delicious, so the first thing to arrive in Kaohsiung is to eat ice, and it must be mango ice, although I don't like mango

Kaohsiung is an industrial city, a cement forest, with wider roads and more cars. It's not my favorite environment. In the office building outside the beautiful island, the reserved Qinglv can also overlook the nearby Liuhe Night Market at night. It turns out that Liuhe Night Market is not a night market worth visiting because of its high price!

Not far from the end of the night market is the love river. The colorful boats, bars and a couple of whispering lovers on the love river make me feel a little lost

I think it's shameful for a lonely person to go back to bed early!

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