Wake up by the alarm clock at six in the morning, look out of the window, and find it's cloudy again. The weather report says it's not raining today, but I'm still a bit insecure. I suddenly remembered that today's route had not been determined, so I turned over my cell phone and looked at it again. While looking at it, I blamed the delay of last night's bombing. I was annoyed. After watching for ten minutes, I still couldn't make up my mind. I thought, I can't make up my mind for another two hours. My heart is horizontal, walk countryside this line, come out not to want to experience more! Do not dare to continue to think blindly, get up and get dressed quickly to wash. At half past six, I pushed my bike out of the hotel. It seemed that it was too early. The hotel was not ready for breakfast. I was in a hurry, so I stopped eating.

Before I came to Taiwan, I heard about rainbow family village. Its legendary story has always attracted me. It originated from Huang Yongfu, an 87 year old who lives in an old family village near Lingdong University of science and technology, Nantun District, Taichung city. Because of his "boredom", he picked up a paintbrush and colored the streets in the village as a natural canvas, and painted all kinds of beautiful rainbow lines and lovely animals on it, not only dyeing them It brightened the small village, caused a heated discussion on the Internet, and even formed a wave of visits. Because of his bold color, lovely composition and full of children's interest, visitors feel like being in the rainbow world, so netizens call this "Rainbow Village".

Before I leave Taichung, I hope to visit the rainbow village. The distance between the village and Taichung railway station is not so close. I rode for nearly an hour before I arrived. Walking into Rainbow Village, the ground and walls are painted with colorful and playful rabbits, chickens, monkeys, birds, cartoon characters, flowers, sun and rainbow. Red, yellow, blue, green, white, gorgeous colors and imaginative lines make people immediately in the fairy tale world. There was an old grandfather selling ornaments at the entrance of the village, but he didn't visit the legendary old man Huang Yongfu. Because he was in a hurry to leave, he took several more commemorative photos for himself in the village.

Leaving Rainbow Village, I rode into Changhua. Google Map Guide shuttled through the path of Changhua. There was a big deviation between the directions on the map and the reality. I was lost... I stopped at the side of the road and waited for passers-by to ask for directions, but several people in the past said they were not familiar with it. I look at the map and walk around, hoping to take a chance and ask God to help me out.

Walking along, I saw a ramp in front of me. The sign beside the ramp said "1". I thought, is this line 1? But it looks like a highway, but there is still a No.1 line which is a provincial road. Is this a national road or a provincial road? I was on the side of the road, full of traffic, waiting for half a day can not find a person to ask. I'm a little worried. If I don't care, I'll have a look first.

I rushed into the ramp recklessly. I was sweating all over when I rode uphill. When I got to the middle of the ramp, I heard a car honking in the back. I thought it was my bike that got in the way of people's driving. I pulled over and stopped. A pickup truck came up at the back. A woman peeped out of the window and called to me, "go back... Go back... The highway ahead... The highway ahead..."

"Ah?" As soon as I heard it, I was a little flustered, "OK... OK, thank you!" I gave her a sign to turn the car around quickly. It's easy to get up and hard to get down the ramp, because it's a big slope. There are all cars on the road. I think I can't ride down like this, and the speed will definitely get out of control. So I pushed the car slowly and walked down. I was embarrassed to look up at the car in the middle of the road and try to move down by the side, I know they must be laughing at me. I've heard of the examples and consequences of "riding a bicycle on the high speed". I didn't expect that I was the one who made this mistake today

By mistake, I finally saw the sign of "line 1 around the island". After a long ride, we are finally going out of Changhua. I stopped at a traffic light to check the map and have a drink.

"Are you on the roundabout?" There was a voice from behind.

When I look back, an uncle in his thirties is greeting me and riding a bicycle. I replied with a smile, "well, yes!"

Uncle thumbs up, "ride alone! Amazing! "

I am a little embarrassed to laugh, "no, no, ha ha ha..."

"I used to cycle around the island, when I was young! Ring three times, all these lines have been tried! " Uncle said a little smugly.

I also thumbed up and said, "really? You are very good! "

"Not now, old..." Uncle humbled again, "are you checking the route? I'm familiar here. I can take you down a path. "

"Good, good... Are you local?" I was a little surprised.

"Well, yes, the house is nearby, so I can only take you for a short walk."

"It's ok... Thank you very much!" I hastened to thank you.

At this time, the green light was on, and uncle rushed out at once. He turned back to me and said, "follow me!"

"Oh, yes!" I hurried up.

After riding for more than ten minutes, my uncle stopped and motioned for me to stop. He pointed to the sign on the opposite side and said, "just follow this road!"

I saw from a distance the sign on the side of the road that said "line 1 around the island" and replied, "Oh, yes, thank you!"

Uncle then said, "actually, that road can also come here just now, but it's a little farther than this road."

In this regard, I bid farewell to my uncle and went on ahead.

Through Xiluo bridge, it enters Xiluo Town, Yunlin County. Xiluo bridge crosses the turbid water stream, with steel as the frame and cement as the pier. The bridge deck is 7.3 meters wide and 1940 meters long. Zhuoshui river is an important boundary river in Central Taiwan. Because of the vast river, the map of Taiwan drawn by Europeans in the 16th century even mistakenly divided Taiwan into two islands, North and south.

The majestic and magnificent red figure of xiluodaqiao, crossing the first long river in Taiwan, the turbid water stream, has been quietly accompanied by the stream for more than half a century. Now, because the highway has replaced most of the transportation of xiluodaqiao, it has lost the aura of transportation, but it has long been branded as an indelible scene in the town image.

My vision gradually widened in the boring journey, and there were no buildings everywhere. Instead, there were country paths and village houses. I knew that I must not have been walking on the tai19 line all the time. Google map planned the updated optimal route at any time, sometimes led me to a village path, sometimes brought me back to the cement road.

Along the way, we can often see a large area of rice green field, which is the most important food crop in Taiwan. Taiwan is located in the subtropical zone. The Tropic of cancer crosses the central part of the island. The whole island has a warm climate and abundant average sunshine and rainfall, which is very suitable for rice production. The breeze is blowing on the emerald rice fields and the green waves are rippling. Occasionally, I saw rural women wearing hats. Some of them were drinking water on the side of the road, and some were busy in the fields. I waved to them as I rode by, and they waved to me as well.

On the side of the road, I saw a lonely snack stand, which bought sausage, and the stomach after lunch was not very hungry, but I saw that this kind of sausage was a little special, and I wanted to taste it. There is an old man with a dark face in the snack stall. I stopped to ask. I found out that the snack is called "big intestine wrapped in small intestine". The big intestine is white glutinous rice sausage, and the small intestine is local black pork sausage. I cut a hole in the big intestine, put the small intestine in, and then add some garlic slices and ginger slices. It tastes delicious.

The old man's stall prepared a small chair, so I sat down and had a rest while eating. In the process of eating, I chatted with the old man. The old man is a local farmer. Occasionally he set up a stall to sell snacks to make money. He knew that I came from the mainland and appreciated it. He chatted happily and chatted with me. He didn't know how to start complaining about the bad money and hard work

At three o'clock in the afternoon, when I finally arrived at Xingang Township, lujiayi County, I saw Xingang Fengtian palace, which was the surrounding target of Mazu who had visited the LAN palace in Dajia town before. The Mazu worshipped was from Meizhou ancestral temple. He came to Taiwan with the protection of the ship. Because it was worshipped on the ship, it was called "boatman".

To the west of Jiayi lies the famous South courtyard of Taiwan's Forbidden City, which is located in the north courtyard of Taipei. It is located as the "Asian Art and Culture Museum". It is worth seeing all kinds of rare treasures, among which the treasure of the town hall is the Dragon Sutra written by Emperor Kangxi at the order of his grandmother empress dowager Xiaozhuang. It uses 5000 liang of gold and precious stones, which are estimated by experts to be worth more than 500 million US dollars. Some tourists plan to stop in Puzi City, west of Jiayi County, to visit the South courtyard of the Forbidden City.

To the east of Jiayi is the famous Alishan scenic spot. It used to be an important forest farm in Taiwan. Now it is a famous forest recreation area at home and abroad. Ali Mountain is composed of 18 high mountains, which are the branch of Yushan Mountain. There are Lanxi and Yushan main peak across the city. Surrounded by mountains, the mountains are green and the huge trees are towering. The sunrise, cloud sea, sunset, forest and high mountain railway of Alishan are collectively called five wonders of Alishan. It's better to prepare for a day or two to visit Alishan because of its large scenic area, limited transportation and long driving time.

Because of my tight schedule, I can only visit the two famous scenic spots next time I have a chance. When passing Jiayi, I must try the local Turkey meal. But I'm going south on the 37th line of Jingtai, so I don't have the chance to enter the downtown of Jiayi.

Between Jiayi county and Tainan City, there is a bazhang River, which is the main river between Jiayi county and Tainan City, and also the county boundary river between them. It's called "stream". Its bed width is equal to the "River" in the mainland. We can see the power of the "eight palm Creek incident".

When I think about it, I don't know if it's the modesty of Taiwanese or the thick skin of our mainland people... A small river can be called a river, a small place can be called a state, a small puddle can be called a pool, a little water on the cliff can be called a waterfall

At about 5:00 p.m., I passed the flood port bridge and crossed bachangxi to enter the salt water area of Tainan City, which is also in the flood. After that, I passed through Xinying District, Madou District, Shanhua District, Anding District, Annan district and North District, and arrived at the hotel near the final destination, Tainan railway station. It was already 8:30 p.m. This is another lesson that Taiwan taught me. The gap between "city" and "city" made me ride in Tainan for more than three hours

When it's dark, I don't know where I took the wrong road. I walked into the riverbank road beside the salt water stream. The riverbank road is narrow. There are some sections without street lights. The cars on the riverbank road drive very fast. I feel palpitation when every car passes by, and the length difference of the riverbank road makes me collapse. After riding for half an hour, I didn't end up. Finally, I was in the middle of the road At the junction of Hualu Road, we stepped off the dike and went back to tai19 line.

At this time, I haven't arrived at the destination, but I'm tired of Tainan's tormented body and mind. In fact, the gap between what happened and the reality is not close or far, just like the radish caught in front of the donkey's mouth, which can be seen but can't be eaten!

I know I need a big meal now. It's a pity. I saw a fast-food restaurant named "fire chicken, Jiayi, Turkey and meat rice" at the intersection before I went far. I didn't have a chance to have turkey meal in Jiayi. I wanted to make it up here. I was so excited that I rushed in without locking the car. I couldn't wait to say, "boss, have a turkey meal!"

"Good!" The boss responded, but when he saw me, he smiled inexplicably, "hahaha... Your face... Only your eyes are white..."

"Ah?" My hungry boss laughed at me. I stared at the top of my head and wanted to order something else.

The boss saw that I had no interest in my black face, and said angrily, "the mushroom and meat soup in our shop is also a sign!" Maybe I didn't have a sense of humor, maybe I realized my mood!

"Oh, yes, one! Another serving of pickled cabbage Hungry, I seem to have lost all my thinking ability, and began to be dazed after I found a seat to sit down. The rice was brought up, but the brain seemed to be sleepwalking. The hands and arms moved involuntarily. The rice bowl was lifted mechanically and sent to the mouth. In a moment, the bowl was as clean as if it had never been used. After dinner, the total amount is 90 Taiwan dollars. I feel so cheap in an instant! After the taste of the fire chicken rice, I feel the chicken is fresh and tender. Pour the soup similar to the marinated meat rice, and it's quite good to mix.

When I came to the hotel, I took off my equipment and came to the mirror. It was the first time that I saw my face in the sun. I couldn't believe it. I approached the mirror and stroked my face carefully. Then I recalled that the owner of the fire chicken restaurant laughed at me, making me want to laugh and feel funny

The reason why I arrived at the destination so late today is because the area of Tainan City is beyond my expectation again. I don't know why, "full of food and drink" and "the destination not far ahead" suddenly moved me.

After taking a shower, I lie in bed. I think I've been riding with my head off all day. I underestimated the ultraviolet light in Taiwan's cloudy days. I'll have a long memory in the future. The old driver said that there are too many delicious food in Tainan, so it's necessary to taste lice and halibut. When I think of how relaxed and delicious the day is tomorrow, I can't help but smile, smile, and I fall asleep with a grin...

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