It's dawn, there's no sunshine outside the window, it's a cloudy day.

After getting up, I found that my body was in good condition, and I didn't have any pain in my imagination. I suddenly started to care about the bicycle code table. I wanted to walk over and look at it. The code table showed "193.15". I immediately admired myself a little. I remembered what happened yesterday. I said that the good thing was to stick to it, but it was all dead support

After washing and eating breakfast, I was ready to arrive at Taichung railway station, because there was a tour bus leading to Sun Moon Lake nearby. I found that there was a tour project called "Taiwan's good travel". It was a good way to plan my own itinerary and travel easily by selling convenient and affordable travel packages.

After more than an hour's drive, I arrived at Sun Moon Lake.

Sun Moon Lake is the most famous scenic spot on Taiwan Island. Located in Nantou County in the west of Taiwan, it is the second largest lake and the largest natural lake in Taiwan Province, lying on the top of the mountain between Yushan and Alishan. The lakeshore has a circumference of 35 kilometers, an area of 7.7 square kilometers, and a water depth of 20 to 30 meters. The water surface is slightly larger than the famous Lake Hangzhou West Lake, but the water depth is more than 10 times that of West Lake. The Sun Moon Lake was originally two separate lakes. Later, because of the need of power generation, the dam was built in the downstream, and the water level rose, so the two lakes were connected.

The bus stops at Riyuetan Water Club station, next to the station is the water club service area, where there is a service window of "Taiwan's good travel". After consultation, I chose one of the cheapest package tickets to travel to the lake. The package ticket of NT $390 includes a cable car round-trip ticket, a full journey ticket for a class ship, a day ticket for an unlimited number of upstream and downstream Lake buses, and a one-way ticket from water club to Xiangshan Barge tickets. It's only 80 yuan. If it's in the mainland, a one-way cable car ticket will cost 150 yuan.

According to the travel habits of the mainland, I should go to the service area to buy tickets for Riyue Lake... But I found a circle. Except for the wharf, I didn't find a ticket window. I went to ask the service personnel, and they told me to go to the wharf and board a boat... I instantly understood an amazing discovery, and I was surprised that I couldn't believe it. The discovery was that Riyue lake was free!

I think that if such a beautiful scenic spot is enclosed in the mainland, how expensive the tickets will be! Instead of selfishly plundering the scenery created by nature into private ownership, the Taiwan government only serves as a protector of nature and tourists. This has to be admired by my heart.

I hurried to the water Club wharf to take a boat tour of the lake. I saw the endless sun and moon pool behind the check-in gate of the wharf, and was immediately shocked by the beautiful scenery in front of me. The blue lake, like a soft silk in the breeze, floated slowly. I can't wait to get on the boat, the vision will be more open up, the boat slowly started, the shore of the green mountains slowly surrounded, as if near.

The first destination of the cruise ship is Xuanguang temple, which is about 2.5km away from the Sun Moon Lake. It was built in 44 (1955) of the Republic of China. It was originally the place where Master Xuanzang's relics were temporarily enshrined after they were taken back from Japan. In 54 (1965) of the Republic of China, after the completion of the construction of Xuanzang temple, master Xuanzang's relics were transferred to Xuanzang temple.

Xuanguang temple is located at the land junction of the sun lake and the moon lake. It is a Japanese style temple building with the gold body of master Xuanzang enshrined inside. The plaque of "national master" is hung on it. It is near the back of the lake and the mountain. It is only ten meters away from the lake. The cruise ships are parked at the Wharf under the temple, and then go up for a visit. There is a small square in front of Xuanguang temple. Standing beside the fence of the square, you can have a panoramic view of the Sun Moon Lake. You can see clearly the Lalu island in the lake. With Lalu island as the boundary, the Sun Moon Lake is divided into the sun lake and the moon lake. After the national government came to Taiwan, it was renamed Guanghua Island, and later Lalu island. It is the resting place of the ancestors' souls in the legend of Shao nationality, the native of Taiwan. Later, due to the "921 earthquake", many buildings on the island were damaged, and the whole island was partially submerged.

Many tourists are excited to take photos with Sun Moon Lake here. Some are queuing up to take photos with a large stone carved with "Sun Moon Lake". I stand on the high platform in front of the gate of Xuanguang temple and stare at the whole Sun Moon Lake in trance.

I don't know for a long time, my face and arms are always full of exciting feelings. When I return to my mind, I find that the gray air condenses into water drops and drizzles continuously. I remember my mother likes this weather very much. She likes walking in the breeze and drizzle, but I don't like wearing a raincoat, so I walk into the rain.

Walking down the mountain, I saw a large group of tourists around a small wooden house. I walked curiously to see what everyone was doing? It turns out that there is the legendary "grandma tea egg"! Some of the people around me are eating, some are shelling, and some are queuing up... The greedy insects in my stomach can't help it. I also queued up to buy two. I found that they are indeed worthy of the name. They are very tasty. They taste a little different from the tea eggs in my memory. They are very unique and delicious.

Then, I took a boat to the second stop of the tour boat around the lake, IDA Shao. This is a tribe inhabited by Shao people, formerly known as "Dehua community". If it is an administrative area, it is called "sun and moon village". Besides the water community, it is another bustling Business District, and it is also the place to take the cable car to the nine ethnic cultural village.

The nine ethnic cultural village is a combination of the cultures of the nine aboriginal ethnic groups in Taiwan, including the Taiya, saixia, Zou, BuNong, Beinan, Lukai, Dawu, may and Paiwan ethnic groups. Later, it joined the Shao ethnic group. The park is planned as three theme parks of aboriginal culture, happy world and European garden. It is a large-scale cultural facility integrating the collection and protection of traditional ethnic culture, publicity and exhibition, and tourism.

At noon, in order to solve the lunch problem, I found a small hot pot called "Sanma stink pot". It seems to be very famous in Taiwan. They have different kinds of pots, such as seafood pot, spicy pot, etc.. You can also order a menu, one pot for one person, like the spicy hot pot in mainland China. You can actually choose garlic sauce as dip material. It tastes good. The only disadvantage is that I order spicy pot Not spicy, not good enough

After lunch, I left some time to hang out in Idaho in order to taste Assam black tea. There are many shops selling black tea. I don't know which one is good. It's also a sense brought by the mainland. I think most of the merchants in the scenic area are from other places. They come here to seek gold, just like the belly burst and fried liver in Wangfujing Street in Beijing... I don't want to be disappointed, so I hesitated all the way to the cable car station leading to the nine ethnic culture village.

I happened to catch a glimpse of a very special small bamboo house on one side. There was a girl holding a cup in two hands in front of a workbench inside, pouring the water in the cup. My eyes are attracted to the past, say hello: "you... Hello!" , and then she looked up at the small signs hanging on the counter window, which were the names of the tea sold in the shop. She turned to see me, and I said, "I want a cup of Assam black tea!"

The girl smiled and said, "OK, wait a moment!" She put down her work, rubbed her hands on the apron, came over and said, "wait a minute, I'll make you a cup now!" Maybe it's because of the rain, there are not many tourists on the road, and I'm the only customer in the girl's shop, so I'm willing to mix a cup of black tea for me now.

"Would you like milk tea or black tea?"

"Ah, black tea!"

"And sweetness?"

"Don't be too sweet!"

"Cold tea or hot tea?"

"Herbal tea!"

"Oh ~ OK, just a moment!" The girl asked questions while making and mixing tea. After a while, he handed me a small cup and said, "would you like to taste it first and have a look at it?"

I took the cup, saw the dark red tea soup inside, took a sip, the strong tea fragrance, also can feel the light malt fragrance. The soup was still in my mouth. I took a deep breath, then slowly exhaled. Then I poured all the tea left in the cup into my mouth and said, "good to drink!".

"That's it!"

"Well, OK, that's it!"

Seeing that I like this cup of tea very much, the girl said intentionally or unintentionally, "if it's good to drink, would you like another cup? Half price for the second cup! "

I can't help smiling and saying, "no, no, just one cup!"

"Would you like to try some other tea? I'll charge you half the price of the second cup! "

I don't know how to continue to refuse, perhaps out of curiosity to get more experience, saying: "ah? Oh, what other tea is better to drink? "

The girl thought and looked up at the small sign on the counter, then pointed to a sign and said: "Er ~ Donggua tea! There are so many people buying this tea! "

"OK, here's the winter melon tea!" I said happily.

The girl began to be busy again, and after a while she handed me a small cup and said, "how about this winter melon tea?"

"Wow, it's delicious! Although it's sweet tea, I feel sweet and comfortable, not bad! " I exclaimed.

This winter melon tea is beyond my expectation. I didn't expect that winter melon can also be used to make tea, and I feel that winter melon tea is better than Assam black tea to drink! This has subverted my understanding of tea. I always thought that the bitter taste of tea I usually drink is the best! Here, whether or not the winter melon tea is tea, but at that moment, I was conquered by it.

"That's good! That's it! " The girl is very happy to see that I am so satisfied.

The girl was mixing tea, but I was bored to look around. I saw small boxes on the counter. I looked carefully and saw that the box said "plum essence". When I saw this kind of thing for the first time, I thought it was a Taiwan specialty, so I asked the girl what it was?
Girl introduced to me. By the way, she told me all the functions of Meijing. She also stressed that it has a good effect on cardiovascular health care, especially for the elderly. Because plum essence is sour and bitter taste, she also taught me to drink it in the winter melon tea, which just covered the bitterness, and made the tea become sour and sweet, drinking another flavor of winter melon tea

For these two reasons, I think it's a small way to take a bottle to my mother and try the effect. I said I would buy a bottle to my mother. The girl got excited and said politely, "OK! If you want to buy plum essence, I'll treat you to these two cups of tea! Because Mei Jing is a little expensive. Such a small bottle costs thousands of Taiwan dollars! ". Yes, compared with tea, it's a lot of consumption, but I'm still very happy to say thank you.

I got tea and plum essence and said goodbye to the girl in the black tea shop. I came to Riyuetan Youth Activity Center, which is one of the stations of Riyuetan cable car. Between Riyuetan and jiuzu Culture Village, there are two peaks of Buji mountain. Through the cable car, I can not only overlook Riyuetan in the higher air, but also be in the dark green forest between the mountains.

Riyuetan cable car system is the first public cable car system operated by boo mode (build operate own) in Taiwan, with a total length of 1.877 km. The one-way cable car takes about 15 minutes. The staff distributes the cable car cabin according to the family, so I enjoy a super large car cabin alone, which is extremely happy.

As the cable car rises slowly, Sun Moon Lake becomes more and more clear, and I am more and more excited, jumping up and down in the cabin. The picture in front of me is constantly refreshing the impression of Sun Moon Lake in my heart. The perfect combination of mountains and water, coupled with the mists caused by the rain, is really beautiful.

When the cable car went over the peak of Buji mountain, the sun moon lake gradually faded out of sight. The excited mood was not calm, and the beauty of the mountain was reflected in the eyes. The trees grew luxuriant and the dark green forest was endless. Being in it, I felt comfortable and cool.

When the cable car arrives at the station, I still don't want to finish! I reluctantly walked out of the cable car. Outside the station was the gate of the nine ethnic culture village. I saw a doorman. I asked him to buy a ticket. He told me that tourists who had bought the "Taiwan good travel" package ticket could enjoy a discount. The adult ticket with the original price of 780 Taiwan dollars now only needs 450 Taiwan dollars. I'm very happy. I was about to buy a ticket when my brother stopped me and asked, "where are you staying today? If it's too far away, it's not very cost-effective! "

I was surprised and said, "ah? I live in Taichung at night. What's the matter! ".

"You see it's 3:30 in the afternoon. The village is very big. It's not only a cultural sightseeing place, but also an amusement park. The village will be closed at 5:00, including the back and forth journey. You don't have much time to rush out, so it's not worth it. Next time, you'd better prepare for a day, or at least half a day, which is almost the same!" I understand the reason for my explanation. I admire this service attitude again. Thank you very much. In this case, I turned around at the door and had to go back to take the return cable car. It seems that this time I can only pass by and make it up next time I have a chance.

When I returned to Taichung, it was late. After supper, I was idle in the hotel, lying in bed watching TV, but I fell asleep unconsciously. I don't know how long it took me to wake up again and become very conscious. I was ready to go to sleep again, but I began to worry about tomorrow's journey. Tomorrow's destination is Tainan, and it's another 160-70 km journey... I think I'd better prepare myself in advance, so as to avoid encountering another collapse on the way. I took out my mobile phone and began to check the map, strategy and hotel reservation.

It is found that there are two kinds of routes from Taizhong to Tainan divided by scenery: one is to find No.61 Coastal Expressway through Lugang, and then turn table line 17 enters Tainan urban area; the other is to find turn table line 19 through Changhua, then turn table line 19A enters Tainan urban area. The former is seaside scenery, with obvious road signs. You can go south with the sea breeze all the way. It's easy. The latter is rural scenery, with many fork roads. During this period, there are many alternate paths, so it is easy to go wrong. Before entering Jiayi, you can turn to line 37 and choose many.

Which way to go? I'm starting to get tangled up again. Thinking about the dilemma of the first day of cycling, I think it's better to walk on the sea line, but I've seen enough of the sea on the first day, and I want to walk on the rural line, but it's not easy to walk on the rural line, so I'm sure there will be a lot of trouble... I can't take care of it when I'm tossing around. The more entangled, the more sleepless I am. I thought that I couldn't sleep anyway. I'd better get up and go out for a walk. I looked at my watch. It was 11:30 midnight. I thought it was just time, so I put on my clothes and walked out.

There are many arcades on the old streets of Taichung, which is a kind of architectural form combining European architecture with the regional characteristics of Southeast Asia. It can not only keep away from the wind and rain, but also the sun. I wandered around under the arcade. Although it was midnight, I could occasionally see one or two people passing by.

Inadvertently, I saw a bright light surrounding three or two people in front of me. I went over to have a look. It turned out to be a fried snack stand. The fragrance immediately aroused my appetite. I forgot what I had been worried about. I saw fried chicken chop, fried apricot and abalone mushroom and so on on on the glass in front of the snack stall... Before I saw the price, I said to the boss: "boss, I want a chicken chop!"

"Oh, yes, just a moment!" The boss is a middle-aged aunt. She skillfully swings the fried goods, sprays the seasoning, and answers me while delivering a freshly made chicken chop to a customer.

I saw that the price of fried chicken chops on the glass was NT $60, and I saw that the boss put a large amount of chicken chops into the oil pot, thinking, such a large amount of chicken chops is very affordable! On the glass, it says that fried mushroom with apricot and abalone costs NT $80. I wonder that mushroom is more expensive than meat. What's the situation?

"Another order of mushrooms, boss!" It's just curiosity that killed the cat. I ate so much in the evening. I was poisoned like this, and I felt a deep sense of guilt. When I got the fried goods, I found that the chicken chops were crispy outside and tender inside, and the seasoning was moderate, which was really delicious. Besides being "crispy outside" and more "tender inside", the mushroom is not greasy at all. It's really much better than chicken chops. No wonder it's more expensive than chicken chops

After eating the chicken chops, I was a little sleepy, so I went back to sleep. That's how the day went

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