At five o'clock the next morning, I was woken up by the alarm clock, so I got up quickly to wash and prepare to go.

The night shift attendant at the front desk is a little brother, who also wears a pair of glasses like the glasses sister. When I go downstairs, he lies on the seat and sleeps. But because it's too early, I have no good intention to disturb him, so I pack things alone. Maybe it was the sound of packing that made him noisy. I saw him looking at me. I was embarrassed to tell my brother to check out.

After checking out, my brother is going to prepare breakfast for me. I said thank you very quickly. When I'm ready, my brother has prepared breakfast for me. A bun and a glass of iced soymilk. When I feel the cold feeling of soymilk, I can't help thinking, is this a common breakfast for local people? I'm even afraid that if I eat it, will I have diarrhea on the way of cycling?

After thinking for a long time, I still don't care. I'll eat first.

Suddenly I thought of the hot and dry yesterday afternoon, and I thought what fat sister said was reasonable. I decided to listen to fat sister, or leave extra long sleeved trousers. So I went to the car rental shop yesterday, but it was too early. The door of the shop was closed.

I thought to myself, what can I do! Wait here, right? But it's only six. What time do they go to work? Ask your neighbors for help? But all the shops around were closed, cold and clean. I'd better call the shopkeeper!

"Hello! Hello... "The phone is connected. The boss at the other end of the line must be still dreaming.

I told my boss that I would leave my things, but the store door is closed. Can you think of some way? The boss was confused. He was obviously a bit embarrassed after he understood. He told me that fat sister would not go to work until 9 am. Now she can't open the door

I naively asked the boss, "does she live nearby? Can you come here for a moment? "

The boss stammered, "no, well... You know... Our Taiwan law says that overtime is not allowed!"

After discussing for a long time, I finally suggested that I put my things at the door, and when fat girl went to work, she saw it and helped me to take it away, because I was in a hurry now! The boss said yes, and helped me inform fat sister in advance. It's very kind of me to say thank you! I hid my things at the door of the store, set them up, and set off on my bike.

In other words, the rented bicycle is a little bit unsuitable. In mainland China, I have a Jieante se2, which occasionally rides on the road. Now, I rent a touring car. There are some differences in the frame. The distance between the handlebar and the seat is getting closer, which leads to the reduction of the prone position of my riding posture, and even the straight back riding. Of course, I can also forcibly raise the seat But my legs are not long enough. I'll forget... Although the feeling of riding has changed, it's acceptable. I've been riding for a long time, and I'm getting used to it.

Starting from Danshui station, I started the whole tour plan from the anticlockwise direction. Today's destination in the plan is Taichung. On the first day, I arranged such a long journey for myself, mainly considering that I would arrange a rest the next day to visit the legendary Sun Moon Lake. Can I ride for such a long time? My heart is beating a drum.

I haven't ridden for a few kilometers and found that Google Maps guide me across the Danshui River to eight li... I wonder what's going on? Zoom in on the map, I found that there are cruise ships to the other side of the map. I wonder if anyone goes to work so early? Besides, can my bike get on the boat? It takes a lot of brains! Don't waste time. Make a detour from Guandu bridge to Bali according to the original plan.

As I just started to ride, I didn't master the rhythm well, and I rode a little fiercely. When I was going to pass the Guandu bridge, there was a continuous uphill. Although it wasn't very long, I couldn't breathe. When I got to the left bank of Bali, I actually had already ridden for nearly 20 kilometers. On the map, such a short distance is so far, and the road ahead is so long. Suddenly, I felt a little empty

After eight Li, it's easy to find the West Coastal Expressway, No. 61.

The endless road ahead is full of sand, stone and cement. The riding becomes monotonous gradually... Gradually, the sun rises and lights up the land. On the right side of the road, there will be a sea, a blue one, a paddy field, and a green one. I've been pedaling all the time without rest. Maybe I'm still in good physical strength, and I've been in an acceptable load state during the ride. When I saw the ups and downs of buildings in front of me, I knew that I should be near Hsinchu.

On a stone bridge in front of Hsinchu, I stopped to have a drink of water. When I took off my riding glasses, I suddenly felt the sun on my head was so strong, and the heat around me made me feel anxious. In the process of riding, I can feel the rising temperature around me. Maybe it's because of the riding glasses. The gray black in front of me implies "not hot, not hot..." imperceptibly. This morning's sun has been burning me like a big stove. I can't help it. I have to go quickly. There must be a good place to rest in Hsinchu. This is the last kilometer from Hsinchu, but it makes me sweat 90% this morning

When I arrived in Hsinchu, I couldn't see a few people around. After I locked the car, I couldn't wait to get into the 711 convenience store. When I got a can of iced coffee, I couldn't help pouring it into my mouth. Under the attack of the surrounding air conditioner and the inside and outside of iced coffee, I felt a lot cooler.

At this time, the code table shows that it has been riding for nearly 80 kilometers, and the time is 10:20 a.m. how early... Considering that it's not necessary to meet the supply station later, I decided to have lunch here first. I found a braised beef Bento. The waiter will help me to heat it. It's very convenient. When I opened the hot box, I couldn't help but feel surprised. There was braised beef on the top of the double-layer lunch box and rice on the bottom. There was a handle on the left and right sides of the small grid where the braised beef was placed. I could easily cover and water the rice for myself by holding the handle with both hands and turning it upside down. Maybe I was used to take out in the mainland. I really haven't seen such a handy device Ji, I feel great! I picked up the spoon, mixed the rice, put a spoon into my mouth, and the taste was just like that of the pot. I was overjoyed. With iced coffee, I soon finished lunch.

After dinner, I began to worry. It was so hot outside, but I still had more than ninety kilometers to go. I got tangled up. I took my mobile phone, looked up the nearby accommodation, looked at the itinerary, thought about it, and couldn't make up my mind

Do you want to spend the whole afternoon in a daze in this sparsely populated town? This is the first day, I began to have such a mind, really feel shame. In my mind, I found a hotel near Taichung railway station. I pressed the reservation button and thought that I would ride to Taichung even if I died today.

The goal has been set, there is no room to turn back. Looking at the hot and dry outside the store, the air becomes sticky. Although I still don't want to go, what can I do? I said bitterly in my heart that it was 11:30 a.m. after reading my watch, "I have to leave at 12 o'clock!" I set a deadline in my heart

I looked outside and gradually started to stay. When I got back to my mind, it was 12:10! I summoned up my courage to walk to the door of shop 711. As soon as the sliding door opened, the heat outside came to my face. It seemed that I had a heavy fist in my face. But I "lay on the ground" as I was, without any resistance, so I immediately disarmed and surrendered. I shamelessly walked back to my seat and fell into deep introspection. I think I need another can of iced coffee!

"Hi! Are you riding alone? " A voice came from behind.

I looked back and saw that an uncle was sitting behind me and his companion was sitting opposite him. He was a foreigner. I replied, "well, yeah, I'm going to ride around the island!"

Hearing what I said, they gave me thumbs up. "Wow, how powerful! We're both cycling around the island! " Uncle pointed to the motorcycle outside the window.

"It's so cool. Where did you go?" I asked curiously.

The uncle said, "well, let's stop and go, mainly for playing. We should have gone through half of the journey. By the way, we are from Hong Kong. How about you?"

"I'm from Beijing!"

"Fierce, fierce, unexpectedly so far a person comes here to ride, OK, wish you a good journey!" Uncle waved with me and got up to leave.

"Thank you, and I wish you a pleasant journey!" I also happily waved to them. As soon as they left, I went back to the tangle and started to stay.

Suddenly, a hand clapped twice on my back. I looked up and saw that it was my uncle's companion, the foreigner, who was winking at me and handing me a piece of paper. Before I could see it, he nodded to me and walked out. I nodded to him and smiled at each other, saying "good luck!".

I picked up this piece of paper and looked at it carefully. It turned out to be a small comic book, which means "God wants to be with you". I can't help smiling. Maybe it's because I'm alone. A faithful Christian hopes that God can come into my heart and provide me with spiritual power

The time was delayed to half past twelve and then to one in the afternoon. I think I can't procrastinate... I slap myself in the heart, and I can't even see myself. "What kind of car can I ride if I procrastinate like this again?" I forced myself to go outside the convenience store. In the process of opening the bicycle lock, I was like a patient with lazy cancer. I was stiff and sluggish. Fortunately, I was on the road.

I'm running in the hot sun. I don't know how I spent that boring time. At 4:30 p.m., I arrived at Dajia town in Taichung, where there is an important historic site, Zhenlan palace.

Zhenlan palace, built in Yongzheng ten years ago, has a history of more than 200 years. It is the center of human development and religious belief in Dajia area. The whole temple is built with yellow glass as tile and swallow tail eaves. The ridges and pillars of the temple are engraved with various figures. The Diaolianghuadong is brilliant. "Dajia Mazu Tour" is the biggest activity in the third month of the lunar calendar every year. There are a large number of pilgrimage teams of more than 100000 people. They set out from Dajia to the Chaotian Palace in Xingang on foot. After the pilgrimage and ancestor worship, they came back on foot for many days. It is the most remarkable religious activity in Taiwan.

Outside the Zhenlan palace, I saw someone selling taro and fairy grass. I rushed to have one.

I asked the boss, "boss, how much is it?"

"The boss quickly replied:" 20 Taiwan dollars a, ice can be added free of charge wireless, only three materials can be added

"Ah? I don't quite understand! " I look confused. This kind of snacks, which I have eaten in Beijing, are all finished products sold by share. I haven't seen this kind of eating method.

"You see there are Xiancao, taro round, taro, red bean, mung bean and so on... You can only choose three kinds, and then cover them with ice. It's delicious!" The boss pointed to a pot of material on the stall and explained it to me. I finally understood.

I am happy to say: "then Xiancao, taro and mung bean bar!"

The boss should say: "OK ~" then, the boss asked me curiously, "are you from mainland China?"

"Well, yes, from Beijing!"

"Haha... I'm a bit like the accent. People from Hong Kong and Macao come here often. You don't have the same accent as them."

One spoon, two spoons, three spoons. The boss gave me a big bowl. "Well, I'll fill more for you. You can add it for free after eating the ice!" The boss handed me the bowl.

"Oh, yes, thank you!" I took the bowl with a smile, picked up the spoon and wanted to have a taste. I scooped up a scoop of ice and put it into my mouth. It's soft and sweet. It tastes better than the planed ice. The taro is round, smooth and q-shaped. The mung bean paste is sweet and soft. The taste and taste have not let me down... It's a perfect combination to mix and eat again! It's only five yuan for a person's name. It's worth more than 30 yuan in Beijing. It tastes better than the one who was late in Beijing. It's worth more than the price! I feel happy to eat this bowl of konjac round fairy grass for a moment. Because of the ice, the ice makes my head ache, but I don't care. I'm happy. Eat and play this bowl of taro, I feel full of strength!

Before going to Taichung, I want to take a look at the gaomei wetland in the west of Qingshui town. Gaomei wetland is a famous bird watching place and a famous sunset viewing place in Taichung. The wetland sunset is a beautiful scenery that I have been longing for for for a long time. I am so excited that I am about to feast my eyes. I step on my bike, as if I have become a wisp of wind, and run up, as if I have been exhausted all day.

As the sky darkened, the clouds in the sky increased unconsciously during my time of cycling... The more I went to gaomei wetland, the more clouds there were. Gradually, the sky became dark and oppressive. My mood becomes disappointed. Is this the rhythm of rain? I controlled my disappointment and said to myself that everyone knows about the weather in Taiwan. Maybe the dark clouds will be gone in a moment. I hope God won't let me down. At least I can't be watered by the rain

I entered gaomei Road, which is a rural road. There are students coming home from school. I have no time to care about other things. I just want to run to gaomei wetland. Somehow, I couldn't get to the destination I was about to arrive. I looked up and saw the sky. At this time, a drop of water fell on my face. Suddenly, my heart began to panic, but my feet were pounding harder.

After another ten minutes of riding, my arms, chest and hair were wet by the drop of the old man. I stopped, looked at my watch, and found it was 6:40 p.m., and finally my heart began to collapse... I thought, maybe this time it was really not with the gaomei wetland, or the wetland sunset

I turned around and looked at the direction of gaomei wetland. It was still a dark sky. I comforted myself that even if I went to gaomei wetland this time, I couldn't see the setting sun. I'd better forget it. It's going to rain heavily. I told myself with a fluke that there should be no rain when I leave gaomei wetland... So I rode faster and faster on the way out of gaomei wetland.

But the day still failed. Before I entered the clear water area of Taichung City, I was still drenched by the rain. I listened to the voice instructions in the mobile phone map repeatedly and disorderly, only to find that the mobile phone in the tube bag on the bicycle is full of water... It is estimated that the home key has entered the water, and the touch screen has become insensitive. I hid under a small tree on the roadside, turned out the only dry clothes on and off my body, wiped the screen, and quickly used my fingers to search. I hope that the mobile phone can be normal at this moment Remember the map at work.

There is a large slope of more than 30 degrees between Zhongqing road in Qingshui district and Daya road in Daya District, which is estimated to be a kilometer away. I knew that I was about to enter Daya District of Taichung city. When I arrived, I felt a little tired. I was not strong enough to ride on the top of the slope, so I stopped at the front of the slope road for a drink. I looked at the code table, and it showed that I had already ridden 170 kilometers. I was very surprised because this result broke my daily riding record, but I couldn't hide my fatigue. My stiff face was difficult to laugh. When I was making Huantai road book, Google map indicated that my first day's journey was 167 kilometers. According to the current situation, I should have arrived after crossing this steep slope!

As I rode into this steep slope, my legs forced me to feel the pain again. Gradually, my breathing became heavier and heavier, my legs became heavier and heavier, and the feeling of acid swelling became the pain. I silently count in my heart, 100 meters, 200 meters, 300 meters... When I reach 800 meters, I can't pedal any more. Because of too much force, tears are squeezed out in my eyes

I had to get off and lean on the side of the road to have a rest. I looked at my watch and it was 7:30 p.m. it was late. I was worried again. I hurried to get on the bus, but I could not pedal. No way, I can only shamefully push up the car

Push to the sign at the gate of Daya District, see the steep slope ahead, then step on the bike and ride slowly. The road in Daya district is dry and there is no rain, which means that the road ahead will not be rained again... It's really good news. In addition, I keep cheering myself up, "it's coming, it's coming, it's coming...".

Unexpectedly, I turned a corner at the T-junction and found that the first section of Daya road was a big slope that I couldn't see at a glance. When I saw that there was a sign on the side of the road, it kindly reminded me that "steep slope, slope 8%", my legs and stomach began to tremble. Riding for a while, pushing for a while, stopping for a while, walking for a while, hungry again, not only legs are getting soft, but also the whole body is getting soft. I still remember that feeling. At this time, I don't know where to come from stubborn, silently swear, do not arrive at the end of the meal, so has been insisting on peristalsis, can only say a little faster than snails.

I don't know how long it took, I finally reached the end of the slope road. My physical strength has reached the limit. I don't know how long I can keep going, but I'm going downhill. I'm riding down the road. This ramp is so long, reaching the bottom of the slope and on the level road, but I still can't bear to let my legs suffer again.

Why not? The anxieties in my heart turned to fidgetiness, and I began to get a little angry, which was too different from the planned trip, and I couldn't accept it. I turned out my mobile phone map and looked it up. It was 15 kilometers away from Taichung railway station... This result made me feel a little desperate. I put my car on the side of the road, and I sat on the ground without any strength. My mind began to think wildly, inexplicably angry. For ten minutes, I didn't know what to do. What's the advantage of this to the destination? Don't go on. Do you want to sleep on the street tonight? I change my mind in pain, struggling to get on the car, in addition to continue to ride, what else can I do

When I finally arrived at the hotel near Taichung railway station, it was 8:30 p.m., and I had no strength to look at other things. I wolfed down a large bowl of dried beef rice, went back to my room and took a hot bath, then I went straight to sleep

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