I stayed in Taipei for the next three days. For three days, I left the most time to Taipei. Without the daily task like the other days, I was confused here

People are in a hurry like Beijing. The sparse high-rise buildings can not cover up the old city, but more low buildings and narrow streets. Later in the day, there will be more people and cars on the road. I stand at the crossroads and watch them tie knot with each other... A traffic policeman busy clearing the street and a pair of girls walking slowly, saying "Miss, can you walk faster..."

Like visiting domestic cities, I chose several scenic spots to visit regularly, such as the Forbidden City of Taipei, Beitou hot spring, Yangming Mountain, etc.. During the whole tour process, I really became a tourist, everyone around me has a goal, they do their own thing, I can't be like riding on the Road, like integrating into the society and communicating with everyone I meet

But at night, Taipei still retains a little bit of loveliness. It's like the music station in the 228 park. Since the first night in Taipei, I've been in love with eating nightmares here. I like the seat at the back of the center. Although there is no formal performance on the stage, it's dark, but I see people or students rehearsing dancing on it. In such a large audience, there will also be a few spectators scattered, or watching, or resting

It is also at this time that I begin to feel the kindness around me. Three days of shopping and eating, I saw groups of Europeans, Americans, Japanese, Koreans, Thais, Southeast Asians... But here, I can no longer call them foreigners. In Taiwan, I became a foreigner! Old people call me "mainland people", Chinese men and young people call me "Chinese", and people ask me if I am "Hong Kong people"! Every time I hear them calling me "Chinese", I can't help feeling sad

On the last night in Taipei, after enjoying the Taipei night in Xiangshan, I went back to the music platform in the park of 228. After dinner, I had a chicken chop and winter melon tea and sat in the old place and ate it quietly. So far, the tour around Taiwan has come to an end. I think when I return to Beijing, when I am hungry at this time, I will surely miss it

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