Next stop, I'm going to Hualien.

Due to the close distance, I plan to spend enough time to rest and energy to challenge the legendary Suhua road the next day. The Suhua road is built along the coastline. Along the road, you can see the sea view of the Pacific Ocean and the cliffs and mountains. It is a famous landscape road. The most famous scenic spot is Qingshui cliff, which is mainly between Chongde and hern, about ten kilometers.

Unfortunately, the end of May is close to the Dragon Boat Festival, which is a landmark solar term for the rainy season in Taiwan. The climate in the mountains is unpredictable and rainy and sunny. Especially in the mountains in the northeast of Taiwan, the rainfall is even more amazing. Falling rocks and landslides often occur along the Suhua Road, so they are particularly dangerous.

For the sake of safety, I don't ride Suhua. He suggested that I go to Hualian with him and take the train to Suo. Listening to him, I was rejected in my heart. I didn't want to leave any regrets in this complete Round Island trip... But I suddenly hated this companion. Because of his trust in me, he would temporarily change his itinerary. He rode more than 50 kilometers in the rain to Mizuho. More because I know how difficult it is to walk under the heavy rain, especially on Suhua Road, to bear the pain of repeatedly turning over several mountains again, and to be alert to falling rocks and landslides at all times

I know that people can't be cowardly, but they can't be in awe.

I seem to have found an irrefutable reason for myself to agree to proceed according to my plan.

The road to Hualien is relatively easy to walk, and the long lost great flat road appears again. It took us an hour to ride to Guangfu village. At the Guangfu sugar factory, we tasted all kinds of ice cream, especially mustard flavor. It's the first time I've tasted it.

Guangfu sugar factory was originally operated by the Japanese, but later it was not made into sugar for sightseeing. In the whole tourist park, there are rows of Japanese buildings, which are the only remaining Japanese wood structure buildings in Taiwan. You can fully feel the silence of Japanese culture.

Around 4 p.m., we arrived in Hualien City. Hualien has a beautiful seven star pool, but I didn't have a chance to watch it.

The lad asked me to go with him and said that he would take me to eat something delicious and necessary. At that time, it turned out to be "Bomb scallion pancake". The pancake contained a poached egg. I knew exactly how the "explosion" effect was when I bit it up and took it for a moment. Because of curiosity, I took the scallion cake and bit it. Maybe it was because of too much force, the whole mouth was full of runny yolk, which made me catch off guard. When I was distracted, I found that the gloves and clothes were also the scene of the explosion... I didn't dare to move with my mouth against the scallion cake, so I quickly indicated that the little boy handed me a tissue to wipe it clean. Then, add a cup of "black sugar fairy grass" to make it a "cool" word

I think the train is approaching, so I'll call you to the railway station. At the gate of the railway station, we work separately. He will buy tickets and I'll see the luggage. I took a train in Taiwan for the first time. He was familiar with buying tickets. After buying tickets, he handed me two tickets. I saw that he also had two tickets in his hand. After a careful look, I found that one was a half ticket specially for bicycles. The train was equipped with a carriage specially for carrying bicycles, which was very humanized service. We pushed our bikes onto the train and sat on the way to su'ao. Through the window, I saw the dark clouds in the Taroko beside the driveway, as if it was ready to rain at all times. I thought it would be too late to get off at the next stop to ride Su Hua. But at this time, riding is like death. Although I was unwilling, I had no choice!

It only takes one hour to get to su'ao. Not far from the station, we found a home stay. This home stay is the arrangement of my personal plan. He said that it was experienced by my classmates. It is highly recommended that it is not expensive to live in a good place... Because of the extra me, it happens to be arranged in a double room, which is more economical. Entering the room, I saw a double bed for one person, which was unexpected. We settled down and planned to experience the cold spring in Suao.

Su'ao cold spring is located on the cold spring road in su'ao town. It is far away from our accommodation. It took us more than 20 minutes to get there by car. When entering su'ao Town, I saw that the ground was wet and the temperature was not very high, obviously it had just rained. When we get close to the cold spring, we obviously feel more cool around.

As it was late, the boss told us that we could only stay for 20 minutes and close the shop. But in fact, we only soaked for less than 10 minutes, because the spring was so cold that we dared not to soak more. We made up our mind several times to prepare for a fight, but finally gave up.

Perhaps because of the low temperature around me, su'ao cold spring did not bring me a surprise experience, but let me see another height of cold in summer. We went back angrily and found that there was a marinade shop on the side of the road, so we bought 300 Taiwan dollars of marinade and washed and slept when we had enough to eat

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