On May 16, 2017, I flew to Taiwan and started a 15 day cycling around the island.

The day when I arrived in Taiwan was a fine and sunny day. As soon as the plane entered the air over Taiwan Island, the window immediately showed a beautiful scene. Through the window, I could overlook the sky. The blue sky, the Green Island and the sparkling sea were all intoxicated with me. Through the big white clouds, I could vaguely see the covered coastal road, The strategy I've done tells me that this is the No. 61 Coastal Expressway I'm going to challenge.

The plane finally landed at Taoyuan airport. I didn't realize that I was in a foreign country. I felt that everything around me was very familiar and natural. I didn't realize that my trip was an "outbound trip" until I had to go through the customs

Taiwan's customs is really busy. When I got to the customs, at least hundreds of people were waiting to enter. Looking at the dense head, I can't help but get upset and don't know when I can pass the customs smoothly.

"Please come this way..." next to the staff to guide the flow of people waiting in line, voice whine, it is lovely!

I followed the flow of people a little bit forward, in the process I found that the flow of people moving faster than I thought! I probe to see what happened, only to find that there are at least a dozen windows in front of me that go through customs clearance formalities. Under the guidance of the staff, the flow of people is evenly distributed to those windows to form another team. It only takes a few minutes for the whole team to go through the formalities, and then guide the large team to flow out of a group of people waiting in front of the window with few people. As a result, less than half of them are small When it's my turn, it's really efficient!

After going out of the customs, I saw a large group of hundreds of people behind me. I wonder if I've made it to a peak tourist season. Will there be a sea of people like the mainland in Taiwan's scenic spots

I found the ATM and took twenty thousand new Taiwan dollars, one thousand Taiwan dollars, and twenty of them. I held them in my hand. I felt very full in my heart. Maybe I haven't spent cash for a long time. The comparison between "figures" and "real objects" is really a strange feeling. I hold one end of the money in my right hand and drive out a fan like this in my left hand. It's like a fan. I feel super "forthright" immediately.

Then, I think it's time for me to call my mother to report safety. I need to find "Taiwan mobile" to buy a phone card, because its signal and price are very suitable. The guide sign of the airport is very obvious. I quickly found the counter of "Taiwan mobile phone". A cute girl behind the counter saw me coming and asked me kindly, "handsome boy, what do you need?" The voice of my sister's whine made me feel excited. I quickly adjusted my posture and said, "I want a phone card, which has unlimited traffic for 15 days."

My sister said, "OK, this kind of card costs 700 Taiwan dollars. It's free on the Internet on the 15th, and it also includes a call fee of 100 Taiwan dollars."

I handed over a "thousand dollar bill" and said, "I'll take this, that... Don't change the money. All the rest will be charged to the phone card."

My sister said, "OK, we have an activity now. We will send a call fee of NT $100 for the call fee of NT $300. That is to say, there will be a call fee of NT $500 for the card."

I immediately felt that my sister's service was very considerate. I smiled and said, "OK, no problem, it's just purple!"

My sister smiled and asked me to wait for a moment. After two or three minutes, she came over with her new card and said, "give me my cell phone!"

I don't know what she's going to do, but I'm puzzled and silently hand over my mobile phone... My sister even took out the card pin and skillfully changed my phone card. It's a surprise. This service is so thoughtful!

"Here you are!" My sister handed me back my mobile phone, which already showed the sign of "Taiwan mobile phone".

"Here... This is the signal of" big brother "! Here you are. This card has the phone number of the phone card, and this is your phone card in mainland China. Here it is! " My sister held the card in one hand and showed it to me with the other finger. My old card was sealed on the new card's cardboard card by a small plastic bag. I have to say it's a super intimate idea. It not only makes a small object easy to lose become a card that can be conveniently placed, but also reminds me not to throw away the card casually, because my phone number in Taiwan is written on the card On the film, I don't have to worry about memory

I took the card and was about to say goodbye to my sister. She seemed to think of something else. She pointed to the card and said, "there are emergency numbers on it, such as the alarm... You can use them in case of danger. Here, there are some tariff information, you can also use it! "

I nodded my head seriously. I couldn't express my gratitude. After I left, I felt very comfortable!

Next, I'm going to Danshui to rent a bike for the island. I made an appointment with the car shop to pick up the bike at 1:00 p.m. before I left. In order to keep the appointment on time, I'm going to call a taxi. There is a taxi station at the exit of the airport, which is an island in the heart of the road. If you want to get to the taxi station, you need to cross one side of the road first. The taxi station is also guided by the service personnel. At that time, there was no empty car. They asked me to wait on the side of the road. I waited for two minutes to wait for the empty car. They helped me stop the passing cars and pick me up.

After getting on the bus, I quickly said to the driver, "master, I want to go to Danshui!". The driver looked back at me and said, "OK, let's go!"

I've been in Beijing for many years, and I've seen a talkative taxi driver, but I don't like to chat with him in the car. I just want to look out of the window quietly, but this taxi driver finds that I'm from mainland China, but more and more talkative

A few minutes after driving out, the driver began to feel bored. He looked up at me in the rearview mirror and saw the big backpack I was carrying, so he asked me, "is it a tourist?"

"Well, yes!"

"Are you from mainland China?"

"Well, yes, I flew from Beijing!"

"Oh, ha ha... There are fewer tourists from the mainland now!"

"Is that right? Why! "

"Ah... It's not the ghost of the Taiwan government. It's not good for the economy and the relationship with the mainland. It's hard to make money now!"

"Ah? Hahaha... "I don't know how to respond, embarrassed smile.

I remember that when I was flying to Taiwan in Beijing, I was looked up and down by the security inspectors and asked to take off my shoes for the first time. It seems that cross-strait relations are a little tense

"Where are you going to play in Taiwan?" Laosi asked.

"I'm going to ride around the island!" I patted the riding helmet on my backpack and said to the old driver.

"Oh, ha ha... Awesome, awesome! There are many tourists like you coming to Taiwan's roundabout! "

"Is that right? Are there many people recently? "

"I think it's OK. I'm mainly carrying tourists around here. I don't know much about it. Hahaha..."

I looked at the driver carefully, and I felt that he was at least over sixty years old, but he was flexible in body, clear in thinking, and his hair was not much white. He didn't feel like an old man in his hometown. He walked slowly, ate slowly and dawdled, and the rhythm was too slow.

I asked the old driver, "master, how many years have you been driving a taxi?"

"Well... More than ten years! I used to work in the company! "

"Oh, ha ha... Are you retired? I must be very bored at home. When I drive a taxi, I can earn some pocket money, right I'm clever enough to deduce for the old driver.

The old driver laughed and said, "yes, yes!" And then he said, "how do you feel when you come to Taiwan?"

I looked out of the window at the sky and said, "er... The environment is clean and the air is good!"

"Well... It's just so here!" The old driver put out a hand and pointed to the right. "You see, there are many big chimneys. This is a city, not as good as the air in the countryside! Like Pingtung and Hualien, the air there is good. Many rich people go there to buy land and build houses! "

I joked and said, "really? But it's much better than the haze in Beijing, hahaha... "

"Hahaha... Yes, I heard that the haze in the mainland is very serious!" We all laughed.

The old driver said: "by the way, when you come to Taiwan to play, you should remember that CI is good. It's a good time for you to come here. Now this season, watermelon and mango are both good CI! When you go all the way south, you will pass Pingdong, Tainan, Pingdong's watermelon, Tainan's mango. Now they are very good CI. "

"Is it the right season?" I asked

The old driver said, "yes, it must be CI! When you go to Tainan, you can eat "four wood pear porridge" and "three pear noodles"! "

"Ah?" I look silly!

The old driver explained: "the fourth is the" boom "without a glance," boom "! Do you know? "

I was still confused and forced.

The old driver seemed to see it and said, "you can check it online!"

So, boom is the wind, pear is the fish? The old driver said lice porridge as "four wood pear porridge" and eel noodles as "three pear noodles". I suddenly realized.

The old driver said, "this is delicious and mending. You must eat it when you go to Tainan!"

Clearly, we laughed together!

The old driver said, "we can't say a lot of words clearly. It's not as good as your mainland standard!"

The old driver went on to say, "when we were little, we spoke Taiwanese. The Japanese phonetic alphabet was Japanese phonetic alphabet," a I u e o Ka ki Ke Ko... "Which is similar to Taiwanese! Later, Lao Jiang came and forced us to change to Mandarin and learn pinyin, "a B C D E F g..." and ah, a teacher from Hunan came to teach in the second grade, and a teacher from Zhejiang came to teach in the third grade. It's not clear at all! He said it was not standard, and he would teach us it was not standard. At last, he formed the current Taiwanese Mandarin... "The old driver looked helpless." at that time, if we didn't speak Mandarin, we would be fined! "! I've been punished a lot! " The old driver looked sorry again.

The more I talked, the more I talked. I didn't like chatting very much. I just perfunctorily asked about it.

I said, "master, what did you do before?"

The old driver said, "I used to work in the company. The company is an ATM!"

I think the old driver is very powerful. If you look at the old driver again, he is also proud. "At that time, I would often go to the mainland. I don't know if you know. At that time, at least one of the three ATMs in the mainland was owned by our company. At that time, I could earn two million Taiwan dollars a year!" The more the old driver said, the more satisfied he was. "At that time, I invested. I went to Shanghai to buy a house and the most expensive one. You don't know! Bank loans are all given as much as they are loaned. If you think about it, I could earn NT $2 million a year at that time. They are not afraid to pay back! I bought a house next to the Shanghai government. The location is good! "

I was a little envious, and I replied, "yes, according to the current house price, I'm making more money now."

This is the old driver sighed and said, "ah... That's when I bought a house in Shanghai in 2002. I sold it when I doubled it. Now it should have increased more than ten times..."

I felt sorry for the old driver and said, "what a pity! At that time, it was estimated that the real estate market in mainland China had just begun to rise! "

"Yes, it's a pity. It's only doubled! Now the house price there is also estimated to be a few in case of square meters! "

"It's estimated that at least 100000 yuan will be needed. I'm familiar with Beijing. Right now, the prices near Xizhimen in Beijing are all about 100000 yuan on average, and the houses on the Fifth Ring Road are all 230000 square meters!"

"Wow! What a terror! How fast the mainland is developing now! " The old driver was a little surprised.

"Yes! Office workers like me can't afford the house prices in big cities! "

"The mainland should also be able to apply for housing loans!"

"Well, yes, twenty or thirty years ago! But the down payment will be more than one million yuan, and then 20000 yuan a month. Life is too stressful! "

"Well, yes, for young people, it's better not to buy, hahaha..."

We couldn't help laughing again.

The old driver said, "I have also bought and sold houses in Macao..."

I said: "in this case, you should go to Pingtung and Hualien to buy land for the elderly. Why are you still working! "

The old driver sighed, "in those years, I went to Macau to gamble, winning a lot and losing a lot..."

"Oh, that's it!" I feel sorry for him again.

Suddenly I felt that the atmosphere was a little frozen. The old driver didn't speak for a few minutes. I guess he was immersed in the past memories... I changed my topic and asked, "are there many aborigines here?"

The old driver said to himself, "well, you mean in the city? No, the aborigines are all in the mountains. They are used to living in the mountains... "Then he said," speaking of aborigines, do you know? It's the joint examination. It seems that your mainland is called the college entrance examination. The joint examination of Aboriginal people can add points, and they can add points by percentage, at least 50 points, or even more! "

I was surprised and asked, "is that right? Why! "

The old driver explained: "these aborigines are very simple, and their IQ is not as smart as the Han people. At that time, when the Han people came here to conquer the aborigines, they even coaxed and deceived them. But the aborigines found that they had been cheated, and they would not give up! You know aborigines are very cruel! But the Han people are treacherous. How could the aborigines be able to fight against the Han people? They were gradually pushed into the mountains. " The old driver's understatement, I also feel very agree. "Now, there are fewer and fewer aborigines. The government is aware of the need to protect ethnic minorities. Like the mainland, it has issued a lot of care policies!"

I remember that I saw the Aboriginal people described in the film "seedke Balai" by Wei Desheng, a Taiwanese director. They used the skulls of hostile tribesmen to show their achievements, which was really "blood stained". I replied, "yes, I've seen a movie called" Seediq ballay ". The aborigines depicted in the movie are really fierce!"

Because the film mainly describes the "Wushe incident" in Nantou, Taiwan, which took place in the era of Japanese occupation, in which the aborigines and the Japanese colonists had a fierce conflict, so out of curiosity about the Taiwanese view of Japan, I asked: "what do you think about the impact of Japan on Taiwan?"

The old driver said with a smile, "I think it's OK. In the era of Japanese occupation, Japan's construction of Taiwan was good, and it had a lot of influence on the Taiwanese. At least it left Taiwan with a good habit of paying attention to health, hahaha..."

I said, "well, it should be like Manchuria."

The old driver said, "Lao Jiang, I was unlucky. When Mao was going to attack Taiwan, the commander of the U.S. Army at that time, Lao Mai, was MacArthur. He and Lao Jiang planned to attack the mainland!"! Lao Mai is attacking the northeast on the top and Jiang is attacking the mainland on the bottom. However, at this time, the U.S. changes its president and Truman takes office. The new president doesn't like Lao Mai, so he directly changes him. Then, Lao Jiang's hopes are dashed... "

The topic became more and more serious, and I talked for nearly an hour. At this time, Tanshui also arrived. When I saw Tanshui MRT station, I thought it was a railway station. This station is really not small. The place where I rent a car is right next to the station. I can't afford to get off the train. After parking, the old driver told me that I need to pay 1050 Taiwan dollars

Wow, I thought it was in the environment of RMB consumption that I took a taxi for the first time for thousands of yuan. I was a little reluctant to give up. I thought it should be more than 200 yuan. I didn't know if it was a pit. I knew that the rental place was next to Danshui MRT station, so I chose to take MRT, but I was happy to talk with the old driver all the way, hahaha

Farewell to the old driver, I walked to the rental location. The car rental place is only a hundred meters away from the Tamsui MRT station, which is easy to find. This is a shop specially for tourists to rent bicycles around the island or temporarily. When I walk into the car shop, a fat Taiwanese girl comes up to me and asks, "do you want to rent a car?"

I said, "well, yes, I made a reservation before. The deposit was paid by wechat!"

She smiled and asked, "Oh, I know, you are zdy!"

I smiled and said, "well, yes, it's me!"

She pointed to a silver black bike and said to me, "we have already matched your car! Here it is! "

"Well, yes." I pushed the car out and checked it.

"Aren't you hot?" Fat girl looks at me with strange eyes.

"How are you?" I smiled awkwardly, and realized that the local people were all short sleeved shorts, but I actually wore long sleeved pants. The temperature may be OK in Beijing, but it's not suitable in Taiwan. It's surrounded by air conditioners all the way, so I haven't felt the heat yet.

"You have a lot of luggage!" Fat girl looked at my backpack and frowned.

"Well, are there many? Just a bag! " Although there is only one bag, it is still a big bag. After all, there are two sets of laundry, one laptop, one SLR, one go pro and some related accessories.

"Well, you still have a laptop? It's heavy. Stay here, and some unnecessary clothes. After all, you are cycling around the island. You take too many things on the way. It's hard for you to ride! " Fat sister warned me.

I said, "how are you! I checked online and said that it's not convenient to find an Internet bar in Taiwan. After all, I want to transfer videos and pictures to my mobile hard disk, but everyone said that it's better to prepare a lighter notebook for myself, so I have to take it with me. Moreover, it should be necessary here, or I won't take it with me. "

"The laptop should not be used. There should be computers in the accommodation!"

"Is that right? Well, let's leave the notebook with you first. I'll pick it up after the roundabout. " I thought that I came here with my notebook just in case I just gave up when I came here. I felt a little reluctant.

Fat sister mentioned my SLR again and asked, "what is this? How heavy! "

I said, "it's a camera. I can't do without it."

"All right." Fat sister helped me to go through the luggage one by one, and finally left the laptop and a set of clothes. I'm not willing to take off the long sleeved trousers on my body, I always think they can be used.

"We have come to many mainland tourists who come to the roundabout for the first time. They only bring one suit of clothes, and then only one pair of underpants. They usually wear cycling clothes. Only underpants can be changed. After all, the purpose of coming here is to roundabout the island!" Fat sister said seriously, but I laughed, echoed: "is it? Ahaha... "

"It's OK. If you feel heavy in the middle, you can send it back to the store!" Fat sister helped me pack my things into the pack bag behind the car. There were still a lot of things. It took a lot of effort to pull the pack bag up. After that, he repeatedly told me how to find a hotel, a supply station, a police station and so on, as if he was an old friend who had not seen me for a long time and was not at ease when I went abroad!

I pushed my car to the taxi shop and said goodbye to my fat sister! Fat sister waved to me and said, "Bon Voyage!"

It was two o'clock in the afternoon. I rode to the Qinglv that I had booked. Qinglv was nearby. It was only two kilometers away from Danshui MRT station. In the middle of the ride, I found that my forehead was covered with sweat beads and my hair roots were all wet. I stopped and rolled my sleeves to sweat, which made me feel the heat around me.

I found Qinglv. I'm too hot. Push open the door, a burst of air-conditioning came to my face, and I felt a lot more comfortable in an instant. The front desk is a girl again. She is wearing a blue shirt and a pair of round glasses. At first sight, she looks like a "literary youth". The glasses sister saw me at the door and stood up. Holding the handlebar, I motioned and said, "can I push the car in?"

"Yes, just push forward and lean against the wall." The eye sister raised her finger to the wall, moved her finger to the nose, and helped the eye stand.

"Oh, yes!" I lean my bike against the wall and check in.

"This is the room card and the key to the cabinet. You can put valuables in the cabinet. The room is on the third floor. You can go up from the elevator here." She handed me the room card and key, and pointed to the elevator.

Then he motioned to me and said, "there is a coffee leisure area on the first floor, right behind it. Coffee is free and self-help!"! There is a laundry room on the fifth floor, which is also self-service, but I need to buy washing powder here. It's ten NT dollars a bag! "

"Oh, OK, where can I put my car? What to do at night? " At present, I'm concerned about bicycles and luggage, so I don't have a cold for coffee and laundry.

"Just stop here, but you'd better take your valuables to the cupboard and lock them! It's open 24 hours a day, so there are watchmen at the front desk at night. "

I was relieved and replied, "Oh, yes, I'll clean up first!"

"Well, call me if you have any questions!"

After finishing the formalities, I went to the front of the car to tidy up my luggage, and my sister in the eye sat down and began to work on her own business.

Just bending over and packing, the music in the hall suddenly turned into "zebra and zebra". I thought, do Taiwan listen to the songs of the mainland? I was so curious that I couldn't help asking my sister in the eye.

I stopped my work and asked curiously, "do you also listen to the songs of the mainland?"

"Well, yes! What's the matter! " The glasses sister is a little puzzled.

"Ha ha, I heard the music in the hall is" zebra and zebra ". This is song Dongye's song!"

"Ah ~ Yes, you listen, too!"

"Of course, every young man of literature and art should be able to listen! Ha ha ha

"What else do you usually listen to?"

"Er ~" I thought, "others, such as park tree and Xu Wei, and listening to rock and roll, such as Wan Qing and mourning. Moreover, I especially recommend you to listen to Wan Qing's" kill the Shijiazhuang man "and" Qinhuangdao ", especially" Qinhuangdao ". When the trumpet sounded, the gooseflesh got up. That feeling, you know... "I found myself like a missionary, trying to pass on my faith to each other's feelings, and my eyes gradually became serious.

"Ah, yes? I haven't heard of it. Let me Google it! " The younger sister in the eyes was very happy. She lowered her head and began to check.

At this time, "kill that Shijiazhuang man" sounded in her ear. After listening to a short segment, she nodded and said to me, "it's not bad!"

It seems that huanjingmei is quite interested in the things I recommend, so she said to her, "well, you can also listen to other things when you are free. Do you usually have bean petals?"

"Watercress? What is it? " Bespectacled sister's face is confused!

"Douban" is a website. I think it's a gathering place for Wenqing. There are many Wenqing who write articles on it and publish folk original ballads! Song Dongye, the author of the zebra and zebra you just heard, also has a Douban station in Douban! " I think a young woman like glasses will like this website.

In this way, I gathered and chatted with my glasses sister. Around the topic of "Wenqing", I talked about music, articles, poems, and then "fenqing". I talked about rock and roll, society, and injustice. Unconsciously, I let go of it and became a friend who talked without saying anything.

Having packed my things, I'm going to take my camera with me and go shopping in Danshui.

Danshui is an area along the northwest coast of Xinbei City, Taiwan. It is located in the north of Danshui River Estuary, adjacent to Sanzhi District in the north, Beitou District in Taipei City in the south, west of Taiwan Strait, and separated from Bali district by Danshui River in the southwest. Heguang is one of the eight scenic spots in Taiwan since ancient times. In the past, it was also called "Oriental Venice". In history, it was the largest port in Taiwan, and also the starting point for the spread of Western civilization in Northern Taiwan.

In the 16th century, the Western sea power began to compete with Asia. Taiwan's superior geographical location has attracted their attention. In order to ensure the operation of the Philippines and to fight against the Netherlands, Britain and Portugal, the Spaniards first occupied Northern Taiwan. In 1628, they built San Domingo, today's red Mao City. In 1644, the Dutch rebuilt it near the original site of Santo Domingo, and named it "antoniburg". It was once used to call the Dutch "red hair", so it was called "red hair city". Hongmao city is not only one of the oldest existing buildings in Taiwan, but also a national monument issued by the Ministry of interior.

Outside the city of Hongmao, you can walk for three minutes along the uphill road to the University of truth. Truth university is a private university founded by the Presbyterian Church in Northern Taiwan. To "pursue truth, love and service" for the purpose of school development. Originated from March 9, 1872, Canadian Presbyterian missionary Ma Kai landed in Danshui, and selected the current site (now the Danshui campus of truth University) to build a school for preaching, education and medical purposes.

Continue walking along the uphill road, I found the "one drop Memorial" in peace park. The memorial hall is named yishuimian. The first one is to commemorate the son of shuijuezhi, the original creator. Shuimian inherits the Zen thought of Japanese Zen master Shuishui all his life. He advocates to cherish all the resources of everything, even if it is only a small drop of water, but also to make the most of everything. The second one is to express the thoughts of selfless dedication to all the hardworking volunteers in the process of building the memorial Even if it is as small as a drop of water, it can finally gather energy to complete this difficult transnational construction project, so it is called "one drop Memorial Hall".

When I arrived at the one drop Memorial, it was more than 5 p.m. and I found it closed. Unfortunately, I couldn't visit it, so I had to take photos outside.

At this time, I see it's not late. I'm going to walk along the coast. Danshui's street is clean and tidy. I record the image of my first visit to Taiwan. When I'm tired, I rest on the railing on the side of the road. The sea breeze blows from time to time. It's warm and cool. It's like touching my cheek with both hands. Looking at the fisherman in the distance, I feel that time will be still.

Walking along, I suddenly saw gongs and drums beating on the opposite side of the road. A large number of people in strange clothes line up on the street. I wonder what these people are doing? As they walked closer and closer, I saw a big flag on each big drum, which said "the five kings of freshwater".

In Taiwan, temple fairs are the most common religious activities. I admire the insistence of those devout believers who follow along. There are many ways to perform "head around the world". I don't know what they mean. Maybe it's to show the gods. The local folk customs that I met when I first came to Taiwan are very lucky.

As the sky darkened, I came to the fisherman's Wharf to watch the sunset. The fisherman's Wharf used to be a traditional small fishing port, among which the most famous scenic spot is a circular moving line composed of more than 330 meters of wooden plank road, embankment coffee and super large port Park, which allows people to experience the style of fishing port completely and fluently. Standing on the footpath, you can overlook the opposite Guanyin Mountain and the Taiwan Strait at the end of the sea entrance, and watch the setting sun slowly fall from the horizontal plane, and the scenery is prosperous It's unforgettable.

When I arrived at the fisherman's Wharf, many people had already set up their seats to shoot the sunset. With the passage of time, the distant sun gradually turned from bright to dark, from yellow to red, reflecting the dock beautifully. The sound of camera "clicking" came from my ears, and some accompanying tourists began to take pictures of each other and sunset dock. They shared and talked and laughed with each other.

At this time, I also want to take a picture with the sunset dock. Looking around, I see an aunt nearby, who is also a person, sitting alone under a big tree and holding her mobile phone for a photo. So I went over and said with a smile, "Auntie, can you take a picture for me here?" Then hand over the mobile phone that has been adjusted to the mode.

"Ah? I'm shooting too! " My aunt took a look at me and focused on her mobile phone.

I was so flustered that I didn't expect that my aunt would refuse me, and then I lost my nerve. Some people around me looked at me in surprise when they saw all this. I forced myself to calm down and took some pictures like modeling and making samples, and then I quickly withdrew

Some people say that the best way to understand a place is to experience the life in the marketplace. As a famous night market in Taiwan, Danshui old street is a good choice. It integrates food, snacks and old street. In recent years, many antique shops and folk art shops have settled in, creating a stronger folk color and nostalgic flavor.

The famous snacks in the old street are "iron egg" and "a Gei". "Iron egg" is a kind of salted egg or quail egg, which is chewy, while "a Gei" is the Japanese Tofu with oil. The Japanese pronunciation is "a Bula Gei", which is shortened to "a Gei". Deep fried tofu skin filled with vermicelli, pasted with fish paste, steamed and poured with special chili sauce, has become the special "ah Gei" of the old fresh water street.

On the Bank of Danshui River, we can see that in addition to the small vendors selling snacks and small commodities, there are also street artists playing electronic piano, singing, dancing and painting, most of them are elderly people, who enjoy themselves and their performances attract many passers-by to stop and enjoy.

I can't help but lament that Taiwanese life is really colorful, especially the elderly, in their retirement time, they can also have their own hobbies and pursuits. In the mainland, those old people who are too lazy to even "square dance" are really bored and pitiful.

When I came to the golden water bank, I found a bench and sat down facing the Danshui River. The old Danshui street behind me was still bustling and noisy, but in front of me was the quiet Danshui River. I slowly closed my eyes and relaxed myself in the breeze. Now I was in a cheerful mood. In this comfortable environment, I felt more and more light, a very comfortable feeling The body spread.

Considering that I am going to open my tour around the platform tomorrow, I feel a little nervous at once. At this time, I am all soft and really doubt whether I can gather my strength tomorrow. People are always full of imagination and fear for the unknown front. Although I have made all kinds of preparations, I am still a little afraid. Maybe I am not confident in my cycling life for more than ten days in a row... I'd better go back to bed early when I think of getting up early tomorrow

I don't know how long I slept, but suddenly I felt my head was heavy and my headache became more and more clear. Feeling sleepless, I rubbed my temples, picked up my cell phone and saw it was 11:30 midnight. It didn't seem that I had much time to rest.

I turn on the light, sit at the head of the bed, think about whether I want to take another bath, because I often use this method of water temperature to relieve the tension of the head. But it's midnight. The bathroom is in the public area. Maybe someone is resting in the next room. I think it's better not to disturb others.

So, I lost sleep, because the headache made me more and more awake, and finally I decided to go out for a walk. I went out of the green tour and found a "711" not far away. I was in a lot of spirits, because I was going to buy coffee. Drinking coffee is my second way to relieve my headache

Take and find the canned iced coffee, and I walk to Danshui old street. The old street is still brightly lit, and about 20% of the merchants are not closed. I went to the golden water bank again, found the bench I had sat on a few hours ago, closed my eyes, took a sip of coffee and a sip of breeze.

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