Take you to play the autumn of Northern Xinjiang and stay in the colorful oil painting world

If autumn is very beautiful, there must be nine points in the North!

When autumn comes, the beauty of mountains and seas surges, making you overwhelmed! There are colorful roads, all plants and trees can be painted, and there are natural landscape galleries everywhere.

Preparation before departure

Best time

The best travel time of autumn in Northern Xinjiang is from late August to early October, because the whole scenic area presents charming golden color. The leaves are not yellow when the time goes. Although there is another kind of beauty, I always feel that I owe a little. However, it is not recommended to go after the 11th long holiday. It will start to snow after the 11th every year. It is very unsafe to enter the mountain forcibly once it is snowed.


At this time, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and some people with bad luck will encounter autumn rain, so it's very important to bring necessary warm clothes. It's suggested to focus on autumn clothes. If you want to see sunrise, sunset, morning fog, starry sky and other scenery, it is necessary to prepare a warm and windproof equipment, such as a suit or down jacket. At noon, there will also be hot sweating time, you can also consider preparing an extra short sleeve

Traffic and transportation

The whole journey can be chartered, shuttle or mixed.

You can consider starting your journey from Beitun city in Altay area. Beitun city can be called the "transfer station for travel in Beijiang". There are trains and buses to major scenic spots in Beijiang. There are many taxis near the station. You can also easily contact the Charter driver and hand them over to your fellow travelers. It's really important for a single traveler to get a companion. Besides helping each other during the journey, food and accommodation are extremely expensive in this golden autumn season. It's the most cost-effective way to build a small team of four people with the same journey, so that you can charter a car, have a meal and live together.

The brother who chooses to charter a car can plan the trip from Urumqi. After all, it's convenient. There's not much to say here.

Accommodation for the elderly

From my personal experience, I have come to the conclusion that accommodation in Northern Xinjiang is not an issue! In large scenic spots, accommodation in places such as koktokai, Kanas, etc. does not need to be booked in advance, which is very expensive. A bed of 150 RMB is normal, so I suggest that you can enter the scenic spot directly. There are shuttle buses in each scenic spot, and local people in each interval station ask whether individual tourists need accommodation. Due to the long journey, the time to arrive at the scenic spot is usually In the afternoon, when it's dusk, there will be more hotels to greet individual guests. Generally, the rest of the rooms that need to be handled are reserved on the same day. Here, we can discuss and bargain. It is recommended to have a look at the room before check-in. Some bedrooms with poor environment can't bear to look directly at 100 RMB or more

The better choice is to live in the home of the local aborigines. Like the hotel, there are many Mongolians and Kazaks who also do business near the station. The most common thing they see is to ask tourists to ride horses and talk with them. They can find a place to live without riding horses. Some of them clean their homes and provide accommodation. They are also separate rooms, with a bed of 100 RMB left Right, it's more comfortable than a hotel

Daily necessities

For the brothers who are not living in the standard room, I suggest taking some toiletries, towels and so on, which are not provided in the bed. Of course, bathing is not extravagant

Camping camp

The pursuing brothers can consider camping, and they need to prepare their own camping equipment and warm equipment. The northern Xinjiang is full of open and flat grassland, so camping is a kind of enjoyment!

Kertos Grand Canyon

Located in Fuyun County, Aletai District, northeast Xinjiang, KEKETUOHAI scenic area is 485 kilometers away from Urumqi and 53 kilometers away from Fuyun county. It is composed of four scenic spots, namely Kara Xiange earthquake fault zone, the world seismological Museum, hokesuli, the south of the Yangtze River in the north, Yilei lake, the second cold pole in China, and the famous Erqis Grand Canyon. Due to special geological structure, wind and rain invasion Through erosion and water cutting, many deep gullies and canyons have been formed in the coco Tuo sea, which has become a natural landscape area integrating mountain scenery, water scenery, grassland, strange stones, hot springs and other wonders. It is not only the "cold pole" in Xinjiang, but also the rare "gem town" in China and the rare "natural mineral exhibition hall" in the world.

Admission tickets

Ticket of koktokai National Geopark: 90 RMB (excluding inter district bus)
Inter district fare: 36rmb

You can hike in the scenic area, and those who like to hike can ignore the regional cars. Although the scenery on both sides of the road section where the regional cars pass is very beautiful, it is still far from the scenery in the deep valley.

Traffic and transportation

The Beitun hoketuohai direct passenger train departs from Beitun passenger station (beside 304) at 3:00 p.m. every day and arrives at hoketuohai at about 8:00 p.m. On return, the coach from hoketohai to Beitun departs from the Hebei intersection of hoketohai at 9:00 every morning and reaches Beitun at about 1:00 noon. The price is 54 RMB!

You can also rent a taxi directly. The cost of a taxi is about 600 RMB. For four people, it's equivalent to 150 RMB per person (one way)!

Food and lodging

The end of the shuttle bus is Shenzhong mountain. There are Kazakhs at the foot of Shenzhong mountain who do accommodation business. When you get close, they will also take the initiative to ask.

The food mainly includes mutton soup, bag and mutton kebab, which are more expensive and can be consumed in quantity.

What they live in is their yurt. Compared with the high price rooms in the town, the yurt here has too many advantages. It is cheap and can experience Kazakh life! The 300 RMB of large yurt can accommodate more than ten people, and the 200 RMB of small yurt can accommodate five or six people. The price is negotiable. Of course, the more people, the cheaper

Before you visit the canyon, you can make a reservation with your boss for dinner in the evening. There are large plates of chicken and hand picked mutton. They are all one hundred and one kilos. When you return in the evening, you can sit in the yurt, facing the small door of the yurt, and your boss brings in the dishes. It's like magic, and then you can have a few bottles of big Wusu. It's absolutely life!!! When you have enough to eat and drink, Kazakh people will gather to sing and dance, and everyone will sit around and laugh and explode the whole audience!!!

The Kazakhs of Kektohai sing and dance

Fortunately, it's a pleasure to catch up with the clear night sky and lie on the grass at the top of the mountain looking up at the stars! However, it should be noted that it is cold at night and warm in the yurt because Kazakh people can make a good stove, but they should wear more clothes when they are outdoors.

Suggestions for playing

It's more appropriate to spend two days on the transportation time, that is, if you do not drive, you can also finish the essence of cocoa. Arrive in Beitun on the first morning, charter a car to coco Tuo sea, pass coco Suli on the way, you can see the endless sunflower fields and Wetland Park, arrive at coco Tuo sea at noon, play in the afternoon, stay at the foot of Shenzhong mountain at night, and make an appointment with the Chartered driver to leave the next afternoon, the specific time depends on the situation, and then walk around the canyon in the next morning, and leave the scenic spot after lunch, If it's still early, you can go to iremu lake to have a look



Kanas Scenic Spot is located in the middle part of Altai Mountain in Xinjiang, and is located in the border area between China, Kazakhstan, Russia and Mongolia. The scenic area covers an area of 10030 square kilometers. There are 55 scenic spots of different sizes, belonging to 33 basic types, mainly including Hanas National Nature Reserve, Kanas National Geopark, baihaba National Forest Park, jiadengyu National Forest Park, Kanas River Valley, Hemu River Valley, Naren grassland, Hemu grassland and Hemu village, baihaba village, Kanas village, etc It enjoys eight famous natural landscape areas and three cultural landscape areas.

Admission tickets

Tickets to Kanas: 160 RMB
Round trip ticket to Kanas: 60 RMB
Admission to Hemu: 50 RMB
Hemu round trip ticket: 52 RMB
Admission to baihaba: 30 RMB
Round trip ticket in guanyutai District: 120 RMB
One way ticket from Hemu to Kanas: 50 RMB

I'm so tired and feel expensive. Tickets will float during the activity. In a word, they won't be much cheaper!!!

Traffic and transportation

There is no direct bus to Kanas in Beitun. People usually choose to go to Buerjin first and then Kanas. There are many times, but it's better to book in advance in case of peak travel, otherwise the tickets will be very tense.

Bus ticket from Beitun to brjin: 20 RMB
The bus ticket from Buerjin to Kanas: 30 RMB. The departure time is 10:00, 11:00 and 4:00 in the morning. When it comes to here, it's mainly because you can't catch the early bus. It's better to charter a car and don't waste time.

From Kanas before bus charter in Buerjin, the Charter cost of a taxi is about 320-400 RMB. If there are four people, it is equivalent to 80-100 RMB per person (one way)!
From Beitun to Kanas, the cost of a taxi is about 600 RMB. For four people, it is equivalent to 150 RMB per person (one way)!

On the return trip, look for the shuttle bus in the parking lot at the entrance of Kanas Scenic Area. The shuttle bus will leave until 3 p.m. if it is full ahead of time, it will leave first.

Food and lodging

Hemu village

When visiting Hemu village, it is recommended to live near Hemu mountain villa. There are aborigines living on the mountain opposite to Hemu mountain villa. You can ask for accommodation. In addition, the nearby Hemu mountain villa is also a good place to watch the sunset.

When visiting Kanas, it's suggested to live in the old village. Don't worry when it's too late. It's good to catch the last shuttle bus. But the new village is too far away. You can only walk back when it's too late. The new village is a few miles away from the tourist center. There are no street lights along the road. When it's dark, you can't reach for five fingers. People who are afraid of the dark should not walk blindly

Of course, baihaba can take a car directly from the tourist center of Kanas, but it needs to apply for a border guard card, and the tourist center of Kanas can do it, which is very convenient, similar to Hemu village, and it's good to live in it.

Suggestions for playing

The whole area of the grand Kanas Scenic Spot is very large. If it's not a hiker, it's better to be honest and take a coach!

When visiting the "three bays" in Kanas, it is recommended to choose hiking when the ability allows, because the scenery is so beautiful that you will be restless in the car. There is no dead corner in the whole journey. Every moment is beautiful!

Shenxian Bay

Shenxian Bay

Moon Bay

Moon Bay

Wolong Bay

Wolong Bay

It is suggested that the order of "three bays" is: first to Shenxian Bay, then to Yueliang Bay, and finally to Wolong Bay. Of course, the most beautiful time of "three Bay" is in the morning. It's better to gather the morning fog in Shenxian bay before 11 o'clock after 9 o'clock in the morning. The reflection of Moon Bay will be the clearest when the sun illuminates the mountain. The last Wolong Bay is beautiful at any time

Hemu village

When watching the morning fog in Hemu village, you'd better get up two hours early. If you live far away, you'd better take the first shuttle bus. You can check the sunrise and sunset time with app. You can rush to the viewing platform early to find the right seat, or you may not find the place where you live

Hemu village

About hiking and camping

The whole Kanas Scenic Area has mature hiking routes, which can not be said to be a paradise for hikers. In addition to the basic routes that all people can take, there are also crossing routes between various scenic areas. When hiking in a sparsely populated place, it's recommended to form a team to form a guide, otherwise it's not fun to lose your way!

Summary: recommended itinerary

Day 1: Beitun - koktohai (visit koktohai and live in the scenic spot)
Day 2: koktokai Beitun (visit koktokai and live in Beitun)
Day 3: Beitun Buerjin jiadengyu Hemu
Day 4: Hemu jiadengyu Kanas (visit Kanas Lake and live in Kanas Old Village)
Day 5: Kanas baihaba (visit Kanas, stay in baihaba, get up early to play "three bays", and go to the fish watching platform in the afternoon)
Day 6: baihaba jiadengyu Beitun (visit baihaba, skip Buerjin and live in Beitun)

The whole process skipped some places, the focus was still on autumn.

The main purpose of people staying in Buerjin is to watch the sunset of wucai beach. However, the area of wucai beach is too small, and the place full of people is not enough to disturb them. Not to mention the colorful Danxia Mountain in Zhangye, there are many such landscapes in Xinjiang, such as the extraordinary colorful mountain in aketao County, southern Xinjiang.

There are also those who go to Kuitun devil city. There are time requirements for that kind of scenery. It's better to visit at sunrise and sunset. If you happen to pass by noon, it's like entering a sandpit by mistake. It's so hot everywhere that you're going to die. There's nothing left in front of you

My understanding of travel is not to brush off how many scenic spots, but to establish the goal of travel and feel the significance of travel, so this journey has been amazing and satisfying enough!

Accommodation transportation contact

It is not guaranteed that the phone number of the contact person will be changed or invalid. You can dial to try, which is also a convenience on the way.

Master Yao, Wushi car charterer Tel: 13779055940
Beitun bus driver Jiang Shifu Tel: 18997786466
Ganati, native of Hemu village Tel: 13779055940

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Kanas Lake
Kanas Shenxian Bay
Kanas Moon Bay
Kanas Wolong Bay
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