I always thought that the 30 kilometer journey was a "small idea" for us!

Ah Zi and I are going to the ancient village. Although we are 30 kilometers away from the ancient village, we have never walked 30 kilometers in a day, but the mountain road of more than 20 kilometers is the same as "ordinary food". We prepared cameras, water and biscuits. We didn't know if they were enough. We didn't think so much. We were on our way

It seems that the magic plateau gives us the warmest sun in this winter. There is no cloud in the clear sky, and the sun pulls our shadow for a long time.

I looked up at the sky. "It's a beautiful day today!"

Violet nodded. "Well, it's pretty good!"

"Are we lucky?"

"Yes, it must be good!"

"The scenery on the road today must be great, too!"

"Yes, it must be!"

"Isn't thirty kilometers too small for us!"

"Of course, that's enough!"

"I think it must be very beautiful and magical to come to the ancient village..."

"Is that right? Where is the magic... "

"The village is surrounded by snow mountains and glaciers. You say it's not magical..."

"Wow, I'm looking forward to it! Ha ha ha Violet always laughs for no reason

We have to go back a long way to get to and from the ancient village. It's estimated that it's at least ten kilometers. Pass through Ranwu Town, and then walk a few kilometers along national highway 318 to see the fork leading to the ancient village. However, there are a lot of Tibetan drivers in Wuzhen who are prone to work. From time to time, they ask us if we want to charter a car

"No, no, thank you..." Every driver who comes to ask me has to reply in this way.

I asked a Zi, "let's go by car, 50 yuan for a talent!"

Ah Zi looked at me and said, "no, I want to see the scenery on the road. Let's come back and have a seat."

I look at ah Zi and show my appreciation. "Well, that's right!"

We arrived at the viewing platform of "zhongran Wuhu Lake" from the sixth "kilometer" after the departure of the inn. However, the area of Wuhu lake is really too large. It stretches for more than 20 kilometers around Gangri Gabu snow mountain

People only know that there is Ranwu lake, but they don't know that Ranwu lake is composed of three connected lakes, i.e. "up, middle and down". However, near Wuzhen, there is "down Ranwu", that is, people usually see "Ranwu Lake". Beside 318 highway, there is "middle Ranwu". If you want to see "up Ranwu", you have to enter the valley through the fork road between ancient villages, so that you can see the whole picture of Ranwu lake 。


Under the blue sky, the water of zhongranwu lake is green. Around the snow mountain, it looks like a jade bracelet. The broad lake reflects a peaceful state. A turtle shaped stone near the lake, like a lucky turtle swimming from nowhere, dominates such a beautiful resting place.


But shangranwu is even more magical. The lake is steaming with mist. Under the sunshine, the lake water looks like thousands of pearls, pouring down from the sky, jumping and shining. We are fascinated by the scenery and exclaim: "this is the Pearl Sea!"


Further on, I feel that the wind speed around is getting larger and larger, and the wind pressure is rolling mercilessly on our face. We are facing the wind and leaning up unconsciously. I find that most of shangranwu is located in the valley mouth, and the wind is constantly blowing out from the valley mouth, forming a wind wall that prevents us "outsiders" from entering

I turned around and asked ah Zi to come back to me, just to help her break the wind. Seeing that she didn't want to talk with her head down, I smiled, "comrades, work harder, hey, hi..."

Unexpectedly, she raised her head and smiled, "Hi yo, hi yo..." And sang with me

After an hour of confrontation with the strong wind, we finally got to the bottom of the valley. Surprisingly, the strong wind suddenly disappeared! We look back at Ranwu lake, and see that the valley mouth is still windy. The sand has been blown up on the lake bed of Ranwu lake, which was exposed in the dry season. At this time, we know that the fog on the lake water we always thought was originally the sand dust raised by the wind

It's already noon. We sit on the side of the road to rest, take out biscuits and water to satisfy our hunger, and then look at the odometer. It's only half the way. But I feel my feet are aching. I didn't expect that the flat cement road is so expensive

A Zi complains: "the foot is a little painful..."

We looked at each other and said "little meaning"!

I comforted ah Zi and said, "well, I have a little pain, but it's OK. There's still half the way to go. Walk slowly..." The mouth is very calm, but the body is honest, sitting up I obviously feel that after the rest than before the foot is more uncomfortable, also can only continue to insist on it!

But the more you walk in, the more desolate you feel around you. The grass is yellow. The animals you can see are only a few yaks, except for me and violet. When they pass by a yak, they seem to see us both with a kind of complicated eyes. Maybe they are thinking: "these are two psychopaths..."

After 21 kilometers, I finally saw Tibetan residents and met many billboards of "Zang Jia Le". I left with a Ziqiang calmly. Although my feet hurt badly, I must not beg for mercy here

At the end of the road, a Tibetan girl drove two yaks with a whip in her hand and came to us with the sound of "Pa Pa Pa Pa". I thought she hit the whip on the cow. When I got closer, I found that she was throwing the whip in the air and making the sound of the air. I say hello to the girl: "zasidler!" The girl smiled and asked where we were going? When I said to go to the ancient village, she replied, "Oh, it's not far away. It's in front..."

After twenty-four kilometers, we finally saw the entrance to the ancient village. There was an abandoned entrance to the village. At this time, a Tibetan came to the outside of the village on a motorcycle. I couldn't wait to go up and ask him: "zhaxidler! Is it far to go to the village? " The Tibetans smiled and said, "not far, not far..."

After the 25th kilometer, we found that the straight road turned into a winding mountain road. Climbing made our feet ache more seriously. I had to bear the pain to climb for a while. I couldn't hold on to it. I wanted to have a rest. At this time, violet screamed at the valley by the side of the road and shouted, "look, is that a glacier..."

I quickly looked back to the valley and saw that the huge mountain had already covered the sun, and a huge white ice tongue poured out of the valley. At the end of the ice tongue was a white ice lake which had been frozen. There were countless pieces of blue ice scattered on the ice lake, like crystal

The weather is changing so fast that we haven't seen enough of the spectacle before us, but the sun has been squeezed out of the valley like a bubble, and the temperature around it is getting very fast.

At this moment, we are still four kilometers away from the destination! I wonder if the mobile phone navigation is misleading me, and my helpless mood gradually enlarges in a series of foot pains. I can't accept the reality. From time to time, I confirm the location and distance, and I keep silently saying "it's coming, it's coming..."

We are getting closer and closer to the end of Panshan road. With the elevation of the terrain, we find that there is another lake beside the ice lake. It is not frozen. The lake is green and even more beautiful than Ranwu lake

The sky will be dimmed eventually, but we are still two kilometers away from the destination! The street lamp in the village is poor and exhausted. We are trying to stagger in the road. Suddenly, I look up and see that the snow and ice of white flowers are covered on the top of the mountain not far from us. My eyes are wide with surprise. I have never seen such a large piece of ice so close to me, like hanging on the top of my head. Do we want to live under the glacier?

Until the village was too dark to see the five fingers, we finally came to the "glacier inn". I was so tired that I sat at the door of the inn, but the door of the inn was closed, because it was closed in the off-season

I feel so sad that I want to cry. Although we have finished the whole journey, we are still facing the test of freezing to death in the wilderness

I was laughing and laughing with tears, "you're going to live in the street tonight! Ha ha ha

However, I can only try to contact the innkeeper, "Hey, is it glacier Inn? Can I still live tonight? "

"Yes, why are you here now? The inn is closed! " The innkeeper's reply made us despair!

"Ah? What about that? Is there any place to live here? "

"... Wait a minute, I'll ask for you! "

Hang up the phone, all around again began to fall into endless darkness, time passing by, but it is like a day a year so long

After waiting for a long time, I couldn't see the boss's reply, but I was confused. I happened to catch a glimpse of the light in Zang's building near the inn. Like grasping the straw for help, I couldn't help calling the innkeeper: "Hello, boss, I see the light in the nearby building. Can we stay for one night?"

"No, no, the inn is closed! Have @ ා ¥%, you wait, wait... " Maybe he didn't hear what I said, and I couldn't hear what he said very clearly. I was helpless

Hang up the phone, I comforted a Zi and said, "it's OK, it's OK, there's a place to live, ha ha ha..."

A Zi looked at me with great trust: "mm-hmm, ok..."

We were shivering outside the iron bars of the inn, stamping our feet back and forth like two poor puppies

All of a sudden, there was a light from a flashlight in the dark. Suddenly, we locked our eyes in the past like hounds. We heard the rustling footsteps getting closer and closer

"Hi, you are..."

"Yes, we are..." Regardless of him, we rushed to him.

"You, you, you are..."

I can't wait for the other person to finish saying, "yes, it's us..."

This man came to Dorje, the village head of the ancient village. The innkeeper called him to save us. I quickly shook the village head's hand and said, "it's us..."




With a big wave of his hand, the village head said, "go, go to my house..."

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