Tengchong is really a good place. It is like spring all the year round and has a pleasant climate, just like the spring and autumn seasons in my hometown Shanxi. I love the blue sky, the dense green shade, the sweet cool wind, and the dawn of mint, all of which are here

I don't know how many Shanxi people are attracted to settle here, among them is the owner of this Heshun Ancient Town Inn that I accidentally booked. After learning that we were fellow villagers, we had a great chat and the boss warmly invited my parents to come and play when they had time. The hostess treated me like a family member, not only preparing breakfast for me, but also inviting me to have lunch and dinner together, taking care of me like a child at home.

After tea and dinner, I like to stay on the terrace of the inn. Because the inn is located at a relatively high position in Heshun Ancient Town, standing on the terrace, one can overlook most of the ancient town.

The terrace is facing west, which is convenient for me to watch the sunset. The edges and corners of the terrace were covered with flowers and plants, and one of the triangular plum trees was particularly beautiful. As I stared at it, my eyes lit up, and a wonderful picture came to my mind: with this triangular plum tree as the foreground, the ancient town as the middle scenery, and the distant sunset, it was so beautiful! Do whatever you say, I quickly set up a tripod, adjusted my camera, and waited for the arrival of sunset

As the sun gradually set, I pressed the shutter and captured this beautiful moment in the camera. At this moment, a comfortable cool breeze slowly blew in, and I lay on my chair, feeling extremely satisfied, as if blending into this beautiful scenery.

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