Terraces are very rare in Xizang. I never expected to meet terraces in Tibet, and the scale is beyond my expectation. If there are clouds in the valley, the scenery must be no less than Yuanyang terraces

This is Bianba County, Changdu, Xizang. On my way from Sanse Lake to Zizhu Temple, I didn't follow the navigation recommendation to take G349 to Luolong County. Instead, I chose a valley path from the map. Unexpectedly, soon after leaving Bianba County, I met this piece of terraced fields when I turned over Yakou.

In my impression, terraced fields are mostly found in the mountainous areas of Yungui River, and they are all water terraced fields for growing rice. However, the terraced fields in Bianba are all dry terraced fields for growing barley. Upon careful consideration, I can understand that the terrain here is similar to that of Yungui River, both deep mountain canyons. It is also difficult to find a flat piece of land for growing food, and I don't know how the Tibetans mastered the terracing technology, which really broadened my horizons.

You see, the barley on this terraced field is already mature, like a golden ocean, emitting a tempting light. The barley plants are neatly arranged, swaying the heavy wheat ears, as if showcasing the joy of a bountiful harvest to people. The wheat straw is tall and tough, with slightly yellowed leaves swaying gently in the breeze, making a subtle rustling sound, as if whispering the melody of life. The fields are filled with a strong aroma of wheat, which is a gift from nature and makes people intoxicated. At the foot of the mountain, the Nu River rushes past, with a huge drop that makes the river roar like a giant dragon. The distant mountains set off this golden barley field, and together with the surging Nu River, form a magnificent and beautiful rural landscape.

On this magnificent land, the barley fields and the Nujiang River together play the melody of life. They are full of vitality and vigor, not only witnessing the hard work of farmers in Bianba County, but also becoming the most beautiful scenery on this land.

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