I deeply found that the threshold of taking a plane is so high. This article is never finished. If I have any problems, I will record that I am not confused with my brother who took the first plane and left the country for the first time

Line up at the big airport

I used to fly in a small airport. There is a self-service machine for the boarding pass or only a counter for changing the boarding pass. It's very clear! However, in big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, there are generally more than T1, T2 and T3 airports, and each airport is very large, and each airport has many areas to change its registration card;

Maybe I used to fly in the capital airport for shit. In the early morning, I took a taxi to the capital airport T3 and saw that there were not many people in the airport. I found an area where I changed my boarding pass. Then I asked the airport staff if it was the only place where I changed my boarding pass. He said yes, I was foolishly lining up for the economic warehouse. After shooting for nearly an hour, it was finally my turn. I Took out the certificate, the staff verified and found that the ticket I ordered was not handled here, why? Because the airline that bought the ticket and the airline that handled the counter were not the same airline, they were confused
After I left, I found that every airline has an area. I need to find the corresponding airline counter to check in the boarding pass. It's a waste of an hour here!

what the staff...

Check the names of cross-border tickets as soon as possible

This is very important. I have an extra letter in my name, so I can't get my boarding pass!

In case of any mistake, contact the airline or agent in time, and pay attention to the first or last name;

If the ticket is booked directly with the airline, contact the airline directly to change it. Some airlines may charge for the change of name, which is basically more than 500RMB.

If the ticket is booked with the agent, contact the agent at the first time. Some agents are not on duty for 7x24 hours. Unfortunately, I asked to change my name at 2:00 a.m. on Saturday, but I could not contact the agent after receiving the reply!

The most important point is that agents such as qunar.com and Ctrip will despair you because of the airline's policy that they can't change the name of the boarder. Don't believe this. Afterwards, I contacted my friend at the airport and said that the name of the ticket can be changed. The staff at the airport can only change their name, but only the customer service of the airline has the right to change their surname. I haven't seen anything that can't be changed. I said that the airline The policy of the air company is not to change the boarder is not to change for you, let passengers bear the loss! After receiving the reply that the name can be changed, there will be a change fee generally, which will be charged by the airline;

I despise the airline deeply here. What is it

There is a problem with the round-trip ticket, and the ticket is reborded

When there is a problem with a go to ticket, whether it's a delay or not getting a boarding pass, people must be very anxious and nervous, so that they will choose some of the most direct antipathy, but not the best solution, such as the return ticket I ordered, the name of the go to ticket is wrong, resulting in no leader boarding pass. If the trip is urgent, it should be an immediate order Just go to the city and use the previous round-trip ticket, but I was very depressed at that time, so I ordered another round-trip ticket directly, and the insurance industry bought another set, which doubled the loss. After booking the ticket, I thought clearly. I was really drunk

Calculation method of power bank

Those with a rated energy of no more than 160wh can be carried with them; those with a rated energy of no more than 100wh but no more than 160wh shall be approved by the airline and shall not exceed two. It is not allowed to carry and consign the rechargeable batteries over 160wh. It can be taken back by the sender.

Conversion method: rated energy value (WH) = capacity of battery cell or battery (ah) × nominal voltage (V)

For example, I carry a 5V, 20000 Ma power bank, which is 5 × 20000 / 1000 = 100, that is 100wh, there is no over standard!

To be continued...

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