Deng Deng finally waited for this day. He had been dormant in Siguniangshan town for a long time, just waiting for his friends to climb Siguniangshan peak together. In these two days, dengdeng encouraged me to go climbing with him every day, but I didn't have sleeping bags and tents, and I couldn't spend the night in the camp. Moreover, I didn't have so much confidence in my physical quality, so I hesitated all the time and didn't dare to accept it

And yesterday's changpinggou challenge almost killed Xiao Wu Maybe it's too crazy to play. On the way back, Xiao Wu is high! Fortunately, his physical strength is still able to support, more than ten kilometers of mountain road, it's hard to walk out of the ditch against the high counter, which I have to admire! But also because yesterday's accident and lingering fear, he decided to give up Haizigou, to a more relaxed double bridge ditch.

Xiao Wu is also embarrassed to stand me up, but he can't make fun of life, so he has to pat me on the shoulder to give me a blessing: "good luck!" when he is parting. But I have to accept this reality, until I set out, I can't find any teammates, but I have to go alone

Speaking of Haizigou, although it is the core scenic area of Siguniang mountain, few tourists come here. Haizigou road is more difficult to walk than changpinggou Road, and there is no sightseeing bus, only a path shared by people and horses, and the road is far away. If you want to play here, visitors must have good physical quality and psychological pressure resistance. If you are not a hiker, you can basically choose to give up Haizigou. Of course, that's the main reason why I can't find a partner.

Haizigou has a total length of 19.2km. From guozhuangping to the end of Haizigou, the terrain is like a dragon. Therefore, the local people also call it "dragon head up". Every year, there will be a grand mountain pilgrimage meeting in the ditch to pray for good weather. Among them, the most attractive are more than ten mountain lakes in the ditch, including Dahaizi, huahaizi, conjugal sea, floating sea, blue sea, rhinoceros sea, etc. the lake water is clear, sparkling, showing a real and illusory world in all colors, which makes people yearn

Climbing the big peak and the second peak of Siguniangshan mountain also pass Haizigou, so I thought I could walk with dengdeng for the first half of the journey, but I didn't expect that this plan was destroyed by his guide's endless lateness. At last, I was alone

Haizigou described in the strategy is so dangerous that I made great psychological preparation before I set out, but what I never thought was that its labor intensity still exceeded my expectation, so I was tired and half dead before I arrived at the fasting terrace, because although it was only two kilometers from Haizigou mouth to the fasting terrace, the vertical climbing altitude was 4500 meters.

I set zhaijieping as the starting point of Haizigou, which is the first pass that must be broken on the way up the mountain! The path up the mountain is tortuous like a horse's intestines. It's a rough and steep slope. The feeling of sore legs keeps going. Just after climbing for more than ten minutes, I gasped like a mule. I don't know how many curves I have passed, but I always dream that the end of a curve is the end, but it always backfires.

On the way, I passed a platform that overlooks Siguniang mountain. It's called baigujiao. But the angle and field of vision there are general, just better than nothing, which makes me feel depressed for the first time in Haizigou.

When I climbed to the fasting terrace, I felt that my life had already broken out. I found a big stone on the side of the road. I lay on it and gasped heavily. My weak legs became heavier and heavier. This made me worried. I asked myself, "can I do it?"

I still remember the old Tibetan man who led the horse at the foot of the mountain. He said that he could take me up the mountain for only 100 yuan, and take me to Dahaizi for 300 yuan. I don't think so. I smile that I have a pair of iron legs. The first battle of changpinggou has already proved my leg strength. With my strength, I will be able to sweep everything and make trouble directly! I have to leave a phone call for me. When I can't walk, I will call him to pick me up

Joke! Can I be a person who can't walk? But at this time, lying on the stone, I picked up my cell phone, stared at the number on the screen, and my life became numb

"Cough... Think about it and go back! "

Wait! Of course it's not me! The real I have taken a solid step to Guozhuang ping!

I look up to the road ahead, at this moment, I am stepping on the ridge of the mountain, the ridge has been extended to the sky, there is no cloud in the clear sky, there are countless "stars" shining in the blue

As I walked, I noticed how the road under my feet was covered with ruts several inches wide? In doubt, a few horses slowly passed by me, immediately carrying a few tourists. They talked and laughed so much that I envied them. After a few minutes, they disappeared without trace

I climbed up a hill and then several hills. I don't understand how such a long journey can't find a more comfortable and gentle one, even if it's only a few meters. What's more, there's no one around me, and there's no place to talk about the depression in my heart. Am I the only fool walking in Haizigou today?

Fortunately, Siguniangshan soon offered the first consolation to my previous tiredness. When I walked into Guozhuang Ping tired, I turned around and found that the four peaks of Siguniang mountain were all exposed from the horizon. The tall and straight mountain was covered with ice and snow, which was particularly beautiful against the blue sky.

But the trees at the waist of the mountain are so high that many mountains are covered. I sigh as I walk, until I climb the Chaoshanping, the perfect plane in my heart leaps out, and I dance happily. What's more, I found that there were two other tourists on Chaoshanping. Once I inquired, I went to huahaizi with me. So just in time, I could finally get rid of loneliness and go with them.

After crossing Chaoshanping, the road ahead is no longer a ridge, but a hillside. The road is finally smooth and comfortable. Walking on the hillside, the view becomes very broad. The opposite balang mountain is covered with golden leaves. The scenery is very pleasant, with a deep autumn atmosphere. I can't help but slow down and stop to enjoy the deep valley, ravine and wilderness

Continue to walk, before the convenience is the tip bag. The tip bag protection station is a midway supply point. People who hike here will stop for rest, eat and drink. People who don't bring enough food and water can also make a little supplement here, but the price is too expensive, everyone knows.

In addition, the tip bag is also the bifurcation point of the climbing line and the hiking line. According to the direction indicated by the signboard, we continue to move towards the direction of Dahaizi.

At this point, the mountain road stretches into the dense forest, and begins to become rugged. From time to time on the way, there will be streams running down the mountain. If there are streams converging in the place covered by trees, it will not be easy to dry, resulting in muddy road! Often the local people lead the horse to walk by. The long and thin horse hooves gouged out a series of earth pits on the road, and then countless mud pits were formed when encountering water. It's hard to walk on the mountain road. It may be better to shuttle through the trees on the side of the road, but sometimes people's road is not necessarily better than the road. In the process of walking, you need to always summarize experience and act on your own!

When passing by laoniuyuanyuanzi, another two kilometers is Dahaizi, but our feet have been tortured by all kinds of pain and soreness, no one does not cry. Dahaizi is not far in front of him. Now he has to give up or walk back. He has only walked a few miles less, but he has failed to complete his task. What's the difference between this and giving up just after arriving at the fast break? All paid so much, the foot hurts again, the road is hard to walk, also want to bite teeth to walk to the end

I'm so tired that my brain is blank. I can only focus on the road under my feet. When I encounter uphill or a string of mud pits, I get angry and scold: "how can TMD be uphill again Why is TMD a mud pit again... "

But who would have thought that suddenly my feet slipped and my body sank down like weightlessness. Before I could react, my feet had slipped into the mud pit and were covered with mud. They also quickly occupied the position of their ankles and so on, and then poured into the gap. Between the lightning and firestones, I quickly retracted my legs, but it was too late

I despairingly look at the muddy feet, disgust from the bottom of my heart, look around, there is no place for shelter around, I have to drag this mud leg out of the forest first! Fortunately, the sun is shining on the road 20 meters away. There is just a gap of two or three meters between the forest and the forest, which allows me to deal with this mud leg

I went to sit on the side of the road, pulled out my legs and shoes, and pulled out two Jin of mud In addition, the gap between the shoes and socks was filled with wet mud, so I had to put them on the side of the road to expose them to the sun and wear them after the mud dried.

With this lesson, the last step is to slow down my mood and take every step carefully. What oneself and oneself confront come out is mood, because the result that mood causes needlessly is gain and loss



Maybe it's a big expectation for Dahaizi. In late autumn, Dahaizi didn't have the beauty in mind, and the plan to go to huahaizi was abandoned by three people. I stood at a high place and looked down. A few yaks ate grass quietly on the yellow grass. There were no birds in the sea. There were only blue sky, distant snow mountains and deep yellow trees. They were all singing elegy to say goodbye to autumn.

On the way back, we must arrive at Chaoshanping before sunset, because it will be the most important finale in today's journey, that is to watch the sunset of Siguniang mountain.

The way back is still a familiar taste. Although it is still difficult, we still need to carry on the load, but this time we have a little more insipid and calm in mind. On the way, the two companions surrendered to the passing groom several times, but the other side demanded too much money, forcing them to dig out their potential again and again. When we got back to Chaoshanping, it was an hour earlier than expected!

四姑娘山 日落金山

At this moment, the three of us can finally lie contentedly on the soft grass, and the happy Spring overflows our hearts. The hard days will pass, and the beautiful glow of Siguniang mountain will come

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