It's really difficult to wait for a sunset in Bingzhongluo in May or June, at least it's me. It took me seven days but didn't bring a brilliant sunset.

I stand on the observation deck of Bingzhongluo, gazing at the distant sky, filled with disappointment in my heart. For these seven days, I have come to this place every day, waiting for the sunset and sunset. I look forward to seeing the brilliant colors, the sky burning like flames, but every day ends in disappointment.

I know that beautiful things always require time and patience to wait. Although these seven days of waiting have made me feel tired and discouraged, I still firmly believe that one day I will see that enchanting sunset.

However, whenever I arrive at the aircraft stand as usual, whether it is sunny or rainy during the day, the direction of the setting sun is always covered with clouds, covering the sunlight tightly. Only on this day did a faint layer of orange appear in the sky. I held my breath and waited quietly, praying that God could lift the clouds and see the sun. Time passed by minute by second, the orange gradually deepened, but I never saw the crimson in my heart

Although the visuals were dull, I still took out my camera and recorded this moment. As the sun completely sets, the sunset gradually disappears into the sky. I stood there, with mixed flavors in my heart. These seven days of waiting have taught me a truth: the beauty in life is not always easily obtainable. It requires us to pursue it with our hearts and wait patiently. Although the outcome may not be as desired, the process itself is a kind of growth.

This sunset is not brilliant, it is dim and somewhat desolate, leaving deep regret in my heart. But I still hold hope and look forward to the day when I can once again stand in Bingzhongluo and pursue that beauty.

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