Yesterday's snow is still on the red roofs

what a coincidence!

Before I came to Seda, I and my companions had a vision: if we could see Seda in the snow, wouldn't it be perfect! Maybe character can really make up for luck, so good things still favor us!

Snow is a normal thing in winter for a northerner like me! And the big and small snow scene in my opinion is also common, but why do I look forward to the snow scene of Seda?

Before sunset, we climbed onto the highest observation platform of the Buddhist College. When the magic valley came into view, we felt a kind of inexplicable emotion in our hearts

Although not in the imagination of snow, but the scene in front of us or excited. At a glance, in the valley, red and white are half. White is snow, red is doors and windows, houses and monks' cassock. Among them, some gold is the golden roof of the lecture hall.

In the afterglow of the sunset, white turns into pale yellow, red turns into orange, surrounded by a peaceful atmosphere, warm, so that people's hearts seem to roam in warm water

On the snow covered road, lamas and jueem came and went in crimson robes. Some of them sat up in twos and threes, clapped their palms, debated scriptures and joked; some held their frozen red hands and fiddled with the beads used to recite sutras, so that the power of faith filled their chests; some young people, like their childhood self, held snow and pinched balls and threw them at their companions nearby; some of them, like the kind elders in their families, sat on the steps, basking in the sun and singing in their mouths ...

Hey, when I throw a snowball at random, I'm happy to throw it away. I ran to sit next to the elder. Before he said hello, he handed me a book full of Tibetan. He pointed to the words on it and muttered...

All of them are quiet, peaceful and simple. In the snow, all of them are hot, dazzling and devout...

Compared with the world full of material enjoyment and spiritual emptiness outside the valley, it is a world of ease, a world of peace, a world without worldly trivia, or a world of magnanimity...

I seem to be glad that my blindfolded heart is still throbbing, and even simply defines sada as "the world I see", or "the world I imagine", or "the world I yearn for"!

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