I don't know when Seda is not the name of a certain county, but has already become the pronoun of "Wuming Buddhist College". This is my first visit to Seda

In Yamashita Ho, as like as two peas, the small red house was seen in the valley, which was the same as the pictures on the Internet, but more experience in it.

On the way up the mountain, there are buses to pick them up. It is organized by the temple. There is a fixed ticket price. It's very cheap! However, there are hundreds of people waiting to get on the bus. Although the bus departure time interval is very short, we discussed it and simply climbed it directly. This slope and height are common for us who often travel on foot.

We slowly climbed up the stone steps along the road, and finally got a close look at these little red houses. They were only a few square meters in size, maybe just enough for a person to sleep in. Most of the houses are only made of wood and wrapped with iron sheet. They are not strictly designed and constructed. They are very simple! The wires on the roof are also disordered and random

There are chimneys under the eaves. It seems that they have a stove for heating, which is the same as my hometown in the North! Therefore, I am also aware of the danger of burning a stove. When the road is just rising, incomplete combustion of coal will produce a large amount of carbon monoxide poisonous gas. If you inhale too much, you will be poisoned, causing paralysis or death The house in my hometown is very big, and there are also big windows. When there is too much soot, you can open the window for ventilation! But these small houses only have a small window, which is really worrying

In addition to the wooden houses, there are more than a dozen brick buildings on the hillside. Their surface is painted with red paint, and they are integrated with the small wooden houses nearby. It is estimated that the county government plans to build them. Whether these brick buildings will eventually replace these small wooden houses is still unknown, but the small wooden houses do have fire and other security risks

Seda's altitude is a little high, and our physical strength is fair. We can't help but gasp when we climb. Fortunately, we soon reach the end of the stone steps. There are several monks sitting outside the house not far from the end. We only know that there are three huge Scripture tubes installed in this house. In addition to monks, there are Tibetans who come and go. We also come close and circle three times with the Sutra

Continue to go up, there are more and more monks around, they are busy, some around the car carrying coal and vegetables, some pass by us with buckets, some sit on the steps closed, some fiddle with Buddha beads and chant words

Soon, we passed the lecture hall in the center of the Buddhist Academy. The golden roofs were dazzling. This was the place where lamas and juames (female practitioners) studied and conducted Buddhist dharma. Every word uttered by the teachers in the hall will be broadcast live through loudspeakers, and the whole valley is covered with Buddhist sounds.

On the top of the mountain, there is a landmark building of the Buddhist Academy, which is "Mandala". Mandala is the Sanskrit name of Mandala, which means that a certain kind of sacrificial ceremony is conducted according to the Buddhist Tantra. It is usually a place for people to turn scriptures. No matter where you are in Wuming Buddhist Academy, you can look up and see Mandala.

To get to Mandala, the shortcut is a few long stairs leading to the top of the mountain, which may have been designed and built by the Buddhist Academy for the convenience of tourists. There is also a cement road leading to the top of the mountain, but we have to make a big turn and walk many more roads. However, at the turning point of the cement road, there is a huge warp tube, which is golden, solemn and great. This is also the result of our idle wandering around

When the Golden Hall of Mandala appeared in front of us, a kind of inexplicable shock suddenly rose in my heart. The huge mandala is resplendent, similar in structure to the golden Mandala I have seen in the Potala Palace, but I am more surprised by the momentum of the physical architecture.

On the first floor, the corridor of the Sutra turning cylinder is open to all believers. Countless Tibetans and monks concentrate on surrounding it. The open space outside the city is full of devout believers who kowtow their heads. Besides Tibetans, Han people and foreigners, we can see that the status of Wuming Buddhist Academy is respected and Tibetan Buddhism is widely spread.

It is also here that we have a first view of the valley!

The secret mahogany little red houses are like mountains and seas, which are the scenes in the photographic works that I am familiar with for a long time. Those disorderly little houses melt into the Red Sea, give up their self, blur the outline, seem to make the Buddhist Academy look magnificent, and make themselves small and humble


I stood by the railing outside the altar city and watched the Tibetans and monks coming and going. Each of them was very serious and calm. No one was chatting. All of them were chanting and praying around the sutras. They are very polite, but not warm, few people and "outsiders" say hello, even in the "outsider" look they are a little shy, but their eyes always reveal kindness, never give people a feeling of being difficult to get along with

When I left, I saw many monks carrying water and coal to go to their own little red house. How can people put down all worldly desires and live peacefully in such a lack of material environment? This is probably because of faith!

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