I closed my eyes, and now I just want to put those fears and anxieties behind me. Returning to the car, I picked up my camera and drone, and ran towards the inner lake with great anticipation. At that moment, all that remained in my heart was the longing and expectation for the beautiful scenery.

The scenery of the inner lake is indeed even more stunning. Surrounded by a row of towering snow capped mountains, as if within reach. The mountains are covered with huge glaciers, like an epic scene, emitting a faint blue light under the reflection of the Samco Lake.

The sacred mountains, sacred lakes, and glaciers here complement each other, with the mountains appearing even more majestic due to the water, and the water appearing even more sacred due to the presence of the mountains. I stood on a high slope, let go of the drone, and easily integrated myself with the divine mountain, as if I had also become a part of this world.

I shuttled back and forth around Lake Samu, looking at the snow capped mountains and glaciers all around. Among them, the most eye-catching mountain shape is none other than Sap's second son. It is a rare triangular pyramid shaped mountain in China and even the world, with a flat section covered with snow all year round, emitting a cold and mysterious temperament.

The most gentle and beautiful mountain shape is undoubtedly Sap's wife - Xuemo Peak. The mountain shape of Xuemo Peak is beautiful, like a graceful woman, standing tall and graceful among the peaks. Her mountain ridge curves beautifully, as if it were a carefully crafted artwork by nature, showcasing an infinite sense of beauty.

Although Xue Mo's illegitimate son, like Sap's second son, is shaped like a pyramid, he is snow-white all over, but his petite figure carefully hides next to his mother, making him less noticeable.

As for Sap's eldest son and daughter, some of them are integrated with Sap, while others stand behind him. Moreover, their mountain shapes do not have obvious edges, making them appear much more low-key in the world, showcasing the beauty of humility.

This scene is like a family painting painted by nature, each member exuding unique charm, each blooming with charming charm.

As night fell, I stumbled back to the campsite. The bright moonlight poured down like the Milky Way, reflecting the Sap Mountains as cold and serene as a fairyland. Under the interweaving of starlight and moonlight, I gradually fell asleep.

At some point, a burst of noise shattered the tranquility of the night. I opened my eyes in a daze and saw crowds of people outside the camp, bustling with activity. People holding flashlights are actually chasing a cute bear! That's a bear? That's right, it's a bear!

I saw them holding a flashlight in one hand and constantly poking at the sausages with the other. For every plucked one, throw one towards the bear. And the bear, searching for food in the garbage bin at the campsite, caught the sausages thrown by people and ate them with relish.

As more and more people were awakened, the crowd of onlookers gradually grew. There are also several dogs raised by Tibetans protecting everyone, and they mercilessly bark around this bear. At this moment, people seem not to be afraid of this bear, but rather find it adorable and very interesting. Countless flashlights of light converged on the bear, and it reluctantly ate for a while in the dazzling light. Finally, it couldn't bear it and began to search for an opportunity to escape.

Wherever the bear runs, the dog runs, and people follow... The poor bear has nowhere to escape from being chased, it's really frustrating! Finally, the bear found an opportunity and ran towards the darkness, disappearing into the darkness.

People gradually dispersed amidst laughter and cheers, chatting about tonight's adventure as they walked. Some people say that this bear must not have grown up yet, otherwise people wouldn't dare to tease it like this The campsite has once again returned to tranquility, with only moonlight and starlight shining in the night sky.

The next day, in the dim light of dawn, Mount Sap gradually revealed its majestic outline. When the first ray of sunlight gently caresses the mountaintop, the pure white main peak of Sap seems to be coated with a layer of gold, shining brightly against the blue sky.

I got out of the car and stood quietly at the foot of the mountain, looking up at this mysterious and solemn mountain. The snow is like a soft feather veil, lightly covering the peaks. The glaciers in the mountains are like decorations on the edge of the feather veil, shining like gemstones under the sunlight. They are filled with the scent of ice and snow, making people feel an indescribable tranquility and sacredness.

The morning of Mount Sap is quiet, with only the sound of a gentle breeze and occasional bird songs. This peaceful atmosphere relaxes the soul, as if all the troubles are dissipating at this moment.

I arrived at the edge of the Samucuo Lake, where the clear lake water flowed with ripples. I bent down and reached out to touch the cold lake water, feeling its purity and vitality. This water is a gift from the divine mountain. It melts down from the glacier on the mountaintop and nourishes all things on this land.

After breakfast, I am ready to leave this sacred land. Sap Mountain, with its grandeur and solemnity, allowed me to appreciate the magical charm of nature. It stands between heaven and earth, witnessing the changes of the earth and the proliferation of life. Every stone and snowflake seems to be telling the story of time, flowing with the wisdom of nature.

At the moment of starting the car, I clasped my hands together and silently prayed towards the sacred mountain, wishing for a safe and smooth journey back. Faced with the steep slope of despair, I took a deep breath and accelerated towards this terrifying test.

With the help of inertia, the car climbed up a steep slope of one-third lightly. When the car showed a slight fatigue on the slope, I decisively switched to manual first gear, stepped on the accelerator all the way, and together with the vehicle, faced the next extreme challenge.

The sound of tires rubbing against the ground came from my ears, as if they were talking about a battle against gravel and bullet pits. My nerves are tense, and I dare not let go of the gas pedal for a moment before rushing up a steep slope. Fortunately, the tires were strong enough to conquer this steep slope with me.

When I successfully reached the top of the slope, an indescribable passion surged in my heart. I was both happy and calm, calmly stopping at the meeting area and posting on a social media post: Although the road to Sapney Lake is terrible, whether it's a steep slope or a small break, it's easy for me to handle when I come out. I really don't know if it's a car or me

Arriving at the outer lake again, I let go of the drone and scanned the enchanting scenery once again. On the internet celebrity bridge, I left precious commemorative photos one after another, but a hint of melancholy couldn't help but rise in my heart. I don't know when I will be able to step into this secret realm again.

As I turned around and left the Sacred Mountain of Sap, my heart was filled with emotion. I am deeply fascinated by the magnificent scenery here, but as I bid farewell, a hint of reluctance arises. As Sap Mountain gradually disappeared into the valley, my journey came to an end.

I ended a conversation with nature and also felt a sense of tranquility and strength remaining in my heart. Perhaps one day in the future, I will come back here again, rediscover the magnificent charm of Mount Sap, and meet it again.

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