On this magical land in Xizang stands a revered holy mountain, the Sapu Mountain. It has many aliases, such as Sap Gulagabu, Sepu Gangri, and Sap Snow Mountain, but the most well-known name "Sap" comes from the snow leopard, meaning "deep in the snow leopard ditch", symbolizing the wildness and mystery of this land.

Located in Ruxian County, Naqu Prefecture, Xizang Autonomous Region, Sapu Holy Mountain is a mountain group composed of several peaks, of which the main peak is known as the king of local holy mountains, with an altitude of 6956 meters. In Tibetan Buddhism, Mount Sapu is the sacred site of Bon Buddhism and also the highest peak in eastern Tibet.

The family of Sap Mountain is vast and mysterious. In addition to Sap Peak itself, there are also Sap's wife, Sap's illegitimate son, Sap's eldest son, second son, and daughter. It is worth mentioning that the illegitimate son of Sap's wife and the mountain shape of Sap's youngest son present a rare equilateral triangle pyramid shape, which amazed people with the incredible craftsmanship of nature. The Sapu Holy Lake at the foot of the mountain is formed by the melting of ice and snow from the sacred mountain for thousands of years, and is divided into two parts. Near the foot of the sacred mountain is a glacial lake, known as "Samucuo", while the other part is the larger main lake with clear water, like the tears of the sacred mountain.

This sacred mountain is not only remarkable for its steep shape and year-round glaciers, but also fascinating for its unique geological structure and rich biodiversity. In the peak of summer, the summit of Sapu is covered in white snow and shrouded in rain and mist, while the bottom of the mountain is a scene of red flowers, green grass, and abundant water and grass. This scenery complements the Sapu Snow Peak, which has been formed through millions of years of weathering and glacier action, perfectly blending the essence of the snow plateau scenery, making every visiting tourist praise it as a "peerless secret realm".

In the hearts of the Tibetan people, every mountain peak is protected by a sacred soul, and the same goes for the Sapu Divine Mountain. Legend has it that Mount Sapu is the residence of a noble deity in Tibetan Buddhism. Therefore, it always attracts devout pilgrims who travel long distances just to circle the mountain, seeking divine protection and spiritual purification.

There is also an ancient legend circulating among the Tibetan people about the origin of Mount Sapu. It is said that in the distant past, this was once a vast sea. However, as the crust changes, the seawater gradually recedes, revealing towering peaks. Sap Mountain is the embodiment of the ancient sea god, silently guarding this land and the people living here.

A long time ago, I was attracted by the mysterious charm of Mount Sap and had always harbored a longing for it in my heart. This time, with a sense of awe and anticipation, I finally embarked on a journey to Mount Sap.

The wheels slowly advanced on the winding mountain road, and the unpaved road was like a test, posing a severe challenge to the performance of my two wheel drive small SUV. I stared nervously ahead, always prepared to deal with the large potholes and gravel on the road. So, I cautiously drove for more than ten kilometers.

Gradually, the valley in front of me became wider and the scenery became more magnificent. The mountains outside the car were undulating, shrouded in clouds and mist. As I was still bumping along the road, I could see the Sap God Mountain from a distance. The towering snow peak made me feel a sense of insignificance. As I gradually delved deeper, the beautiful scenery before me stirred my heart and my breathing became faster.

When I finally arrived at the shore of the outer lake of Sap, I couldn't wait to get off the car and run out. Standing on the deserted grassland, my ears were filled with the sound of the mountain wind, the chirping of birds, and the occasional sound of avalanches. Looking around, snow capped mountains surround and white clouds churn. The clear and bottomless Samco reflects everything around me, and the breathtaking scenery makes me forget the hardships along the way.

Just as I was immersed in the beautiful scenery and couldn't extricate myself, I saw some brave off-road enthusiasts trying to enter the inner lake. That is the secret realm in the Sapu Divine Mountain Secret Realm, closer to the divine mountain, and the feeling is completely different from the outer lake. I witnessed one car after another slowly moving towards the sacred mountain on the small road at the mountainside, and my heart flew away with them.

I also want to drive deep into the inner lake, but the journey into the lake is several times more difficult than entering the scenic area. This is not just a five kilometer unpaved road, accompanied by shell craters and gravel. What's frustrating is that the road is narrow enough for only one vehicle to pass through, and some sections even tilt towards the edge of the cliff. Cowardly drivers are bound to be nervous and sweat profusely. The most deadly part is the last downhill section before entering the inner lake, which is jokingly known as the "deadly slope" due to its steep slope. Even if a car with a smaller displacement successfully drives in, it may still be hopelessly stuck on a slope on the return journey. Therefore, small displacement vehicles often require external rescue to get out of trouble.

As someone who loves landscape photography, I dream of camping one night in the closest place to the sacred mountain. I will regret it for life if I don't experience the secrets of the inner lake. Although my car is a two wheel drive vehicle, it has successfully withstood the tests of "Bingchacha" and "Alibaba Middle Line" before. I believe that with my driving skills, this challenge is equally easy.

When there were no more vehicles driving on the small path between the mountainside, I drove up without hesitation. I held my breath and crossed one shell pit after another. The cliff on the other side of the road made my heart race. Whenever I encountered a small uphill, as the front of the car tilted up, the road beneath my feet would disappear from view. At that time, I would be nervous and panicked, but my hands and feet were surprisingly calm. Although the road ahead was endless, everything was easily grasped in front of the cars they controlled

Half an hour later, there was finally only the last steep slope left, but my heart lifted up to my throat The desperate slope almost made me feel like I was about to be thrown out of the car. Perhaps it is because countless vehicles are struggling to climb the hill here, and the density of shell craters here is astonishing. I pressed the brake deeply, and the car was swaying in the pit. After countless thrilling struggles, I finally ran through countless grass mud horses in my heart and smoothly entered the inner lake.

After parking, the first thing I saw was not the fairyland like scenery, but the desperate uphill behind me. Before passing through the despair, I had no concept of it in my heart, but after walking, my heart began to tremble involuntarily. I couldn't help but ask myself repeatedly in my heart, "Can I get out smoothly?"

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