This is a picture of long exposure of fluorescent algae on the beach. Of course, this is not a wonderful picture

In fact, although it is the 13th day of the lunar new year, the moon has long been covered by thick clouds, making it so dark that you can't see your fingers! Without any light supplement means, I have been using 20 to 30 seconds for long exposure. At this time, my sensitivity can be set at about 400

Maybe due to my photography level, the picture in the camera has not been what I want! When I was distressed, an idea suddenly popped out of my mind. Why don't I try a 900 second long exposure? I use Z72

Turn on the long exposure expansion, turn on the high sensitivity noise reduction, and then turn on the long exposure noise reduction. The sensitivity 64, aperture F4, and exposure time up to 900 seconds complete these settings. I carefully press the shutter, and the shoulder screen of Z72 starts to display the countdown

I squatted next to the camera and watched the beat of the countdown and the fluorescent waves coming to me again and again. I began to lose my mind. After a while, I began to lose my mind again

900 seconds is really a long time. Every time I look at the shoulder screen, I only go through dozens of seconds! Before turning on this function, I never thought 900 seconds would be so long. Carefully calculate, it was a full 15 minutes. I was surprised at the moment of ignorance

Someone set off fireworks on the beach. It's very beautiful. I want to take a camera. Unfortunately, it's in long exposure

There is a family of four walking hand in hand on the beach. It's very warm. I want to take a camera, but it's a pity that it's exposed for a long time

There is a couple snuggling in the fluorescence, which is very romantic. I want to take a camera, but it's a pity that it's in long exposure

There are brighter fluorescent waves on the beach outside the lens. I want to take a camera to take pictures. Unfortunately, it is still 900 seconds when it performs long exposure and noise reduction

This picture comes out

It recorded fluorescence, but there were no waves

It records the light track of the yacht on the sea, but the people on the yacht have had enough and went home

Looking around, those who set off fireworks, walked and snuggled up disappeared

It's dark all around. There's only one non wonderful picture left, and I've been tortured by this picture for half an hour...

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