In the summer of August, the Xiangla Glacier did not see its beauty in full bloom! I couldn't feel its beauty, as the sand, stones, and soil covered most of the glacier made the originally pristine ice tongue appear filthy and unbearable. In front of the glacier is a huge glacial lake, and the blue lake water looks decent, but this lake also blocks the path to the glacier.

Upon hearing this, in the winter, ice and snow will cover everything around us, and the world will be shrouded in silver. At that time, it will be the peak of the appearance of the Xiangla Glacier. More importantly, people can go deep into the glacier through the frozen lake. In this glacier, there is a very amazing ice cave. This cave is not only spacious, but also the blue ice pattern is refreshing. This is the Rocket of Xiangla Glacier.

Unfortunately, the rest is not at the right time

Looking around the valleys, the mountains cut by glaciers are still vividly visible, and one can imagine how spectacular the scale of the Xiangla Glacier was at that time.

I let go of the drone, driven by my unwillingness to surround the glacier and travel back and forth between the valleys, but still couldn't capture the image that I wanted. The surrounding mountains are still towering, making the snow capped mountains on the opposite side not very straight. I tried my best to make the drone approach the glacier, but what I saw was a stunning scene of the glacier retreating, which may disappear between heaven and earth in a short amount of time.

Since the departure of Xiangla Glacier, there seems to be no such attachment, but I still hope to visit Xiangla Glacier again in the coming years, in winter, to explore the stunning ice cave.

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