In my opinion, it doesn't seem so easy to go to Danba County!

At that time, we lived in Ganzi County, where there was no regular flight to Danba, which made us wait at least two days to get a ticket to Danba. The departure time of the bus is six in the morning, so we have to get up at five in the morning and hurry to pack up, so that we can arrive at the station before six

Ganzi is more than 350 kilometers away from Danba. It takes six or seven hours to get there because of the long road obstruction. Who knows, on the way we also encountered a landslide! The falling sand and boulders buried the road for nearly 100 meters When ah Zi and I were woken up by the driver, we were confused until we got off the bus

Fortunately, the driver told us that we could walk through the landslide and change to another car to go to Danba!

I kept swearing in my heart, but I had to accept the fact. There are many buses parked around. It seems that they are all here for docking and transfer. From time to time, someone hurries past me and looks towards them. There is a large migration force composed of not less than 100 people

As I packed my backpack, I told ah Zi to hurry to the car on the other side of the landslide to occupy a seat! Our two backpacks weigh dozens of kilograms, but it's nothing to me. Whether we can sleep on the road in the second half is the "big thing"

The things that a Zi does are quite effective, I am very satisfied "faint" in the past I don't know for a long time, the car stopped steadily, I think we finally arrived in Danba county.

Xiaohua tells us that we can carpool to Zhonglu village when we get out of the station! Because the most beautiful Tibetan village in Danba is not only the "Jiaju", compared with it, the middle road Tibetan village is not only free to visit, but also more original folk customs. We can live in it. There are three viewing platforms for us to watch the sunrise and sunset. The plan is not perfect

Maybe because of our good character, we not only got the car when we left the station, but also the driver recommended a good house. It is located in the middle of the stockade, close to a school, called ran Zhu collector.

The Tibetan inn is run by a middle-aged couple. Their parents also help in the inn. In fact, the inn is their home. In addition to these four adults, there is also a lovely baby. The baby is the grandson of a middle-aged couple. The parents of the baby are the same age as us. They all work in Chengdu. It's also a pleasure for them to leave the baby to their grandparents, grandmothers, grandfathers and dainai! This family, with four generations in the same family, has a lot of fun. It's really enviable

I call the innkeeper uncle and his wife elder sister. I think it's younger And their parents became our grandparents. Maybe it's because of the off-season. There is no other guest in the inn except for me and violet. In this way, we mix into a "four room home" and enjoy the authentic Tibetan life.

The first is a bowl of buttered tea from Grandma. The fragrance of tea always gives people endless aftertaste, but it's surprisingly sweet for me and violet to drink! Maybe it's the reason why we haven't been able to eat in the car all day

Grandma knew that we were still hungry, so she quickly cooked noodles for us. She was too busy and embarrassed to explain: "it's afternoon, there's no cooking at home. First, make a bowl of noodles to pad the bottom, OK?"

We were overjoyed and hurriedly said, "well...". But he was afraid of being too troublesome for the old man, and hurriedly said, "no, no, no, no, No."

Although grandma listened to us politely refuse, but the business on her hand did not stop. She quickly burned firewood, boiled water, and then put two bowls of hot alkaline noodles in front of us in one go, with small dishes! It's not like an old lady with a great grandson. It makes us young people blush

My grandmother picked up her grandson and sat at ease. While eating, I noticed that the black traditional Tibetan clothes my grandmother wore were different from those I had seen in Tibet, especially the headdress, which was a headdress with distinct regional characteristics.

I saw a lot of photos on the wall behind my grandmother. There were many girls wearing the same style headdress in the photos. Compared with the simple and elegant headdress of my grandmother, those girls' headdress was more unique. They tied long braids on embroidered handkerchiefs, wearing Turquoise hair rings and wax beads, as well as various kinds of gold and silver jewelry, like hanging grape strings, which were extremely gorgeous.

Later, I learned that this is the unique style of Jiarong Tibetan women's headwear.

The headwear of Tibetan women in kangzang area is generally the same as that in Tibet, and some of them are the same as that of Tibetan women in andoah. Only along the Dadu River, especially in Badi, Bawang, gershza, Yutong and Mingzheng Tusi of Danba and Kangding County, are Tibetan women's headwear unique, so it is called "Jiarong women's headwear".

Take a closer look at those photos. It's not only the girl, but also the scenery behind her is very unique. In the picture, there is a beautiful Tibetan style building. Under the eaves of the building, there are strings of corn and pepper. In the brilliant sunshine, it shows a strong Tibetan style.

I asked grandma, "where are these pictures taken?"

Grandma pointed out the door: "it's in the yard!"

I was surprised to open the door, and found that it was here. Corn and pepper were still there, but the weather was bad, the light was much less, there was no sister, and there was less color

I turned to look at a Zi and said, "tomorrow morning when the light is good, I can take a picture of Tibetan style for you!"

Violet nodded. Grandma took over and said, "I have Tibetan clothes here. My daughter and granddaughter-in-law can lend them to you for taking photos..."

A Zi jumped up in surprise and said, "really! That's great! ". Ah Zi and I danced with joy and laughed.

After having enough food and drink, we plan to rush to No. 3 observation platform to watch the sunset before sunset! This is what Xiaohua told us. She also told us to go to the No. 1 viewing platform to watch the sunrise, and reminded us to be careful. Don't go wrong!

We asked grandpa who was sitting in the yard smashing walnuts, "where are the viewing platforms 1, 2 and 3?" Although grandpa pointed out the direction for us, I didn't understand how to go

There are many paths in the stockade. If you don't remember the road carefully, don't say you find the viewing platform, you may fall into the dilemma of "going out of the gate, but not going back home"! The school mentioned before is also remembered as our home sign. It's thanks to violet. If it wasn't for her remembering the location of the school, I think we could hardly find the way back to the inn!

I remember that when I went out, I confidently asked ah Zi to keep close to my tail. With my ability to know the way, finding the viewing platform must be a piece of cake! Although the road ahead is confused, but I am as clear-minded as a mirror, intuition tells me: climb straight to the top of the mountain is right!

The mountain is very high, but not too steep. The hillside is covered with thick colorful forest, and the path is hidden in it. I and violet climb the hot sky, tired, into the carpet made of colorful leaves to play, unconsciously, the sun quietly hide half of his face behind the mountain

I seem to forget that we are in the valley, because there are mountains blocking, the sunset should be earlier than usual! When I suddenly realized that there was such a thing, I didn't know where the No. 3 viewing platform was! I watched the sun disappear a little bit, the sky is a little dim, I and violet are very helpless

I stood in place and didn't know how to advance or retreat, but violet seemed to be more rational. In view of this situation, she suggested that we hurry down the mountain before it was completely dark. It's safer! It's still her thoughtfulness. I nodded, turned around and followed. I talked big before, but now I'm so ashamed that I don't know what to say!

"At least we know how to get to the No. 2 viewing platform tomorrow..." said Aziz

By the second half of the journey, it was completely dark. Even if there is a purple headlight for lighting, but in the thick darkness, we can only barely see the way ahead. I don't know why, there are more turnovers on the way back than on the way back. The road under my feet and the trees around me are becoming more and more strange as I go forward

We have to admit that we have lost our way But we haven't touched the stockade yet!

At this time, fortunately, we met a villager, and I didn't know where he came from, only to find a vague figure on the way ahead. We rushed to ask. Coincidentally, he will pass the only school in that stockade. In this way, we followed him all the way to the school.

I didn't expect that uncle had been looking for a long time near the school with a flashlight. Although he knew that we were going to the mountain to watch the sunset, he was afraid that we couldn't find the way home. I didn't expect that my uncle is so nice, which makes us feel more concerned

Back at the inn, my elder sister prepared four dishes for us, including sweet tea and buttered tea. I have thought that a bowl of noodles can completely satisfy my appetite, but I never thought that elder sister provided such a good meal! Because of this, from that day on, every tourist I meet who wants to go to the middle road Tibetan village will be introduced to live in the ranzhu Tibetan house

The next morning, when I was supposed to get up early to watch the sunrise, I was curled up in the quilt by the cold around me. When I woke up, I couldn't sleep anymore. I had to lie still. The air around is quiet like condensation, only to hear the occasional ticking from the outside of the window

"Is it raining outside? Fortunately, I didn't get up early! " I seem to have found a very satisfactory excuse for my staying in bed. Although the weather is bad, can it improve my condition of procrastination

It's about eight o'clock. There's a rustle outside the room. It seems that big brother and big sister are talking. I think they are preparing breakfast for us when they get up so early. I can't stay in bed anymore. It's time to get up!

I pushed open the door, and a fresh cold air came to my face, which made me quickly shrink my neck. There is a thin layer of water mist on the glass window of the corridor, which makes people can't see the scenery out of the window. I went over and wiped out a big hole with my hand, revealing a vast expanse of white

I am surprised to lie on the window to see that the outside has already become a snow heaven! I excitedly went to call violet to get up and shouted, "it's snowing It's snowing. Violet, get up and watch the snow... "

"Is it?" She was so excited that she couldn't pay attention to her words. She walked out of the room and couldn't wait to open the corridor window. Outside, there is still a lot of snow. The snowflakes are like white elves. They are dancing in the wind to celebrate the happy winter. They are also like beautiful fairies throwing white flowers in the air. A Zi is fascinated. As a southerner, she has never seen such a beautiful snow scene before.

Snow, it didn't take long to stop, it's a little pity

Maybe the snow came too early and too suddenly. The Tibetan village is not ready for the coming winter. When we go out and stroll, the snow in the road has already turned into 78. 8. Only the snow on the top of the mountain and on the roof remains traces of snow. The surrounding scenery seems to have been splashed with water, and everywhere is clean. Wet air into our nostrils, itchy, not to mention how comfortable

We went out of the village and climbed up the second viewing platform by mistake. This is a platform to watch the sunrise. It was supposed to arrive in the morning. I think it's not too late to come now. Especially standing on the viewing platform, when we look down from the top, the middle road Tibetan village is in front of us

Compared with the ancient mystery of Danba Tibetan village, the middle road seems more peaceful. Being in it, people feel like walking in a paradise. The folk houses in the stockade are beautiful and simple in appearance. They are generally built in a relatively flat place on the sunny slope and beam. Hundreds of folk houses are located on the mountain. They are arranged in a staggered way and form a picture scroll of pastoral songs with dense woods, clear streams and snowcapped peaks around them.

Danba is known as the "country of thousand blockhouses". There are many kinds of existing ancient blockhouses and strange buildings in the county, which is the most in the country and rare in the world. The watchtowers are mainly located on both sides of the river valley, especially the ancient stone watchtowers at suopo, Zhonglu and pujiaoding, which are the most dense and spectacular. The ancient watchtowers are well preserved and compatible with the village houses.

Danba's watchtowers are beautiful in appearance. They are generally square columns with four, five, and eight corners, and a few high square columns with thirteen corners. They are made of soil and stone. The walls are very solid. It can be divided into four types: pass blockhouse, huanghuo blockhouse, Zhai blockhouse and Jiali blockhouse, most of which are Jiali blockhouse and Zhaili blockhouse.

It is said that the blockhouse was originally used to subdue the demons. With the needs of production and life, it was mostly used for fighting and defending wild animals. The watchtowers are mainly located on both sides of the river valley, either in groups of three or five, or independent of the mountain. The watchtowers and the watchtowers echo each other and form a trend according to the mountain. Where the distribution is concentrated, dozens of watchtowers rise and fall, forming a spectacular group of watchtowers.

In the afternoon, there are snowflakes in the sky. We could not help but stop for lunch. We should have a colorful world. Now there are more white memories

The afternoon sky is still cloudy, but the clouds seem to be fading away. My goal is to find the No. 3 viewing platform that we didn't find yesterday

With yesterday's lesson, today's sightseeing tour is very easy! The main problem lies in a four or five meter high iron ladder, which stands in an inconspicuous position on the side of the road, making me imperceptible when I passed by the ladder yesterday, which leads me to a road of no return. When we arrived at the third observation platform, we found out: where is this observation platform! This is a half meter wide narrow road dug on the hillside

It's no wonder that we can't find such a hidden place. The old mage who can find the place has already occupied the best position in the deep lane! We chose a place to wait with them, waiting for the sunset.

In the magic sky, the clouds are flowing rapidly. A pair of invisible big hands tear several cracks out of the airtight cloud curtain. A little Jesus light shines down, and the earth is endowed with color in an instant

Gradually, the clouds became more and more sparse, and the long lost blue finally occupied the sky again. Under the blue sky, a huge snow mountain appeared in front of my eyes. Under the sunshine, the mountain was shining like a layer of gold foil. I hurriedly asked the old mages, "what mountain was it then?" They answered me, "it's Mount Mordor!"

Mt modor is the most ancient religion of Tibet, the holy mountain of yongzhongben religion. It is a mysterious, beautiful and dangerous holy mountain. It has been worshipped and praised by people all the time. In the Tibetan area, it is as famous as Himalayas and Gangdise mountains, and is ranked among the four sacred mountains, especially its magic and wonderful. It is also devoutly worshipped by Chinese and foreign religious believers. Tibetan monks feel that they can make a pilgrimage to Murdo mountain to complete their merits and virtues.

Under the holy mountain, there is the rural landscape with crisscross paths. Once again, we have a commanding view of the whole Middle Road Tibetan village. Wisps of cooking smoke came out of the chimneys of a small Tibetan building, rising into the air, flying over the high and low roofs, floating in the afterglow of the setting sun, like a picture of the quiet years

It's Dusk again. The stars are full of night sky. The white moon seems to have guessed our mind and paved the earth with frost. It seems to me that I have clearly seen the residence as "home", although it is only the inn on the journey

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