"Oh, my God, only fools come to Ranwu in winter!"

I don't know how low the temperature outside the car is. I'm sitting in my seat and stretching my neck to explore. There's no sunshine outside the car. The wind is whirring and beating the door from time to time. Thick clouds cover the sky like a quilt. I think it's not "keeping warm", but "keeping warm"

I pushed open the door and quickly moved to the trunk to pick up my luggage, but it was only a few seconds before my body temperature was disintegrated! At this time, I was caught off guard by a cold wind blowing in front of me. It was like someone forced cold water into my mouth. Suddenly, my brain was in a daze!

I was shivering with the cold wind. I asked violet to get out of the car quickly. She got off the car and lingered, shrunk her neck, and crept. I couldn't get there. The low temperature made both of us have polio. In order to get two 60-70 liter backpacks on our shoulders, she and I had to work hard.

It's too cold. Both of us wrap our heads into "zongzi". We only breathe through a small hole. We look at each other through the hole!

I asked her, "who said it came here?"

She pointed at me mercilessly and said, "it's you!"

I cried desperately, "yes, it's me, it's me! Hey, is this the picture in my cell phone? Ah ah ah... "

"Where are you staying tonight?" she asked me stupidly

I thought for a moment and said, "red carp and green carp and donkey!"

After listening, she laughed and said, "say it again."

I said, "red carp and green carp and donkey!"

She laughed even harder! Laughing and learning from me, he said, "red and green and donkeys!"

I pointed in the direction of the Inn and said, "let's go! I know you southerner have done your best! "

"Hum!" A Zi jumps up and stomps her feet. Unconvinced, she keeps repeating after me. She is confident that her own Putonghua is the standard Putonghua!

Fortunately, we are not far from the inn. We look like tens of meters, but we can't get there quickly under the strong wind, so we have to move slowly.

At present, the inn is getting closer and closer, but there is a big ice in front of the door. It may be caused by the snow a few days ago. Seeing that we are going to enter the inn, but they are blocked by it, I and violet can't help but wonder why fate always sets up a card at a critical time. In order to avoid unnecessary fall, our door goes around a big circle before entering the inn.

When we entered the inn, we stood at the door and looked around. The hall was empty. The boss was the only one. With the wall blocking, we felt much better by reducing the temperature taken away by the wind. But the temperature in the room was not much higher than that outside

I went to the boss and couldn't wait to beg him for food first!

The boss said: "there is no food in the menu now, only noodles, eggs and ribs hotpot!"

As soon as I heard that there was soup noodles to eat, I replied happily, "OK, I want egg noodles!"

It suits me. There is nothing more comfortable than a bowl of hot egg noodles in this winter. November's Ranwu lake is in the off-season. It's lucky that the inn is still open here, and we can eat egg noodles. That's only because our character is very good!

The hostel is outside the town, but it's by the lake. The back door of the inn is the lake view. Our room is also the lake view room. When we are full of food and drink, we lie on the bed to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Isn't that "beauty"?

However, in reality, it's dark outside the window. It's only five o'clock in the afternoon. It's going to be dark! We are disappointed to ask the boss, "brother, is this Wuhu beautiful?"

The boss was surprised and said: "it must be beautiful! Why? "

I and violet said to the boss in tears, "look outside. It's dark. Isn't it the right time for us to come?"

The boss nodded and said, "the weather is not good these two days, but the weather in the plateau is not very stable. It is usually sunny in the morning. Then you can go out and have a look!"

We nodded, and the boss added: "in fact, in my opinion, the Ranwu Lake in winter is the most beautiful, because the lake water in summer is very muddy, and the lake water in winter is more clear. When entering the deep winter, the lake water will change from green to blue, and the scenery will be more charming..."

Listen to the boss so said, we began to look forward to it, the boss advised us not to worry, a sleep until dawn to say!

Sure enough, the next morning sun through the curtains into the room, hard to wake us up from the dream, I and violet are excited, desperately boast of their good character. We can't wait to wash our faces before we can get out of the back door of the inn. Let's have a look at Wuhu first!

However, Wu lake is really beautiful. There are few dead branches and sundries on the calm lake. The scenery composed of blue lake water and snow capped snow peak is picturesque. It's said that the edge of Ranwu Lake in summer is a large meadow with green grass and various flowers in full bloom. A large number of birds inhabit it, which is more like a paradise.

After breakfast, the boss suggested that we climb to the mountain opposite the inn. On the top of the mountain, we can not only overlook the lake, but also the town of Ranwu. As he spoke, he took out the photos he had taken two days ago to show to me and violet. I have to say that this perspective is really refreshing, and the scenery there is really beautiful!

In addition, there is a lake called "ramyucuo" in the mountain, which is adjacent to Ranwu lake, which has the reputation of "western yaochi". She seems so unknown. She is hidden in the valley forest, which is also a rare fairyland in the world!

Ramyucuo is 4086 meters above sea level. According to Ranwu Town, it's not far away. It's about two kilometers long. There are footpaths accessible.

It is said that a long time ago, there was no such lake here. One day, a fairy came from the sky. She passed by here and accidentally dropped the jade ornament she wore, so the jade ornament turned into today's ramyucuo. Although this is just a legend, the beauty of ramyucuo is within reach.

It took only an hour for me and a Zi to climb to the lake. The water of ramyucuo lake is green, surrounded by lush virgin forests and mountains and rocks. The scenery is pleasant, like a shy woman hiding here.

We went around the lake clockwise, and the snow covered Valley added a touch of mystery to the lake. The plants around us were all wearing white hats and white clothes, just like the fairy tale world, especially the round bushes and shrubs, which made Azumi burst into the heart of the shed and took pictures around her.

Not far from the lake, there are tons of big rocks in the depression. Are they all rolled down from the mountain? It's like a glacial relic. In ancient times, there was also a huge Glacier

After walking out of ramyucuo, we continued to climb on the top of the mountain. At the end of the road, there was no way to walk. Fortunately, we all had hiking experience and walked out of the forest slowly on the footprints of cattle and horses.

Climbing up the ridge, the eyes suddenly brightened. What appeared in the distance was not Ranwu lake or Ranwu Town, but a broad highland farm. There were lots of highland barley scattered among them. In winter, they were only left in the space after harvest. A bunch of yellow grass was collected and piled on the shelf, or inserted in a vertical trunk, like a mushroom. They were three Five, five together, in a row, and the distant snow mountain, will dress the farm very good-looking.

I can't help but exclaim with violet: "there is a little Switzerland hidden here!"

Standing at the back of the farm, you can see the prayer flags standing on the top of the mountain. I know that it is the top of the mountain overlooking Wuhu lake. It will not be far by sight. I and violet are marching towards the final goal.

However, after crossing the ridge, I met the depression. After climbing the ridge, I met the depression again. I had to go up and down two times, and I had to go through a forest to get there. Fortunately, I was prepared in my heart, but violet said she would not be able to climb! Looking at her moving steps, I had to say, "well, wait for me here."

"Be careful of bears here!" After two steps, I seem to have forgotten to care for her. By the way, I added.

"Ah? No, I have to go... " A Zi was shocked, and didn't know where to make efforts.

We drilled out from under the prayer flags and finally climbed to the top of the mountain. The beautiful scenery in front of us is more dazzling than the boss's mobile phone. The grassland, forest, snow mountain and lake are all beautiful. No matter how I turn my eyes, it seems that I am in heaven

At this moment, the weather has gone bad, the dark clouds have covered the sky again, the cold wind is suddenly rising, and the scenery in front of us seems to fade, leaving only black, gray and white. In front of us, it becomes a "ink cave".

I stood at the top of the mountain with a Zi and looked at everything in front of us silently until it was getting dark. The temperature around us made us clench our teeth, but I still didn't want to go.

I said to violet, "I wish I could have a fire and cloud!"

Purple didn't seem to hear me clearly. She asked me, "what do you say?"

I said, "will there be a cloud fire tonight? If only there would be a fire to burn the clouds! "

A Zi said: "it's impossible. You look at the dark clouds in the sky. It's good if it doesn't snow..."

I don't want to say, "do you believe in miracles?"

A Zi looked at me and said, "I don't know..."

Finally, ah Zi and I went back to the inn before it was completely dark.

Seeing the boss, I asked him, "will there be a cloud of fire today?"

The boss said, "not necessarily..."

"I'm hungry. Let's have a bowl of egg noodles..."

"OK!" The boss turned and went into the kitchen. I sat at the dinner table and played with my cell phone.

Maybe the eyes are a little astringent. I raised my hand and rubbed my eyes. I was surprised to find that the big glass at the back door of the inn is red. Is it burning outside? I'll take another look



I stand in the cold wind like a wooden man, just watching the sky silently shouting in my heart: "miracle, miracle, miracle..."

Purple saw that I was not around and also chased out, along with my eyes to the sky, began to exclaim of speechless

The boss brought out two bowls of noodles and seemed to find something

Then, there is a man running wildly by the lake. He just wants to be closer to the lake and closer to it

The sky, a fire like cloud, it is ever-changing, can not see the edge at a glance, the beauty is suffocating, finally, it formed a Phoenix

As the red light reflected from the sky gradually dimmed, I looked at the face of violet and murmured, "it turns out that the black is the Phoenix..."

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