When I left Ali, I came to Payang Town again.

I remember that my first visit was in winter, and the charterer told me that this place is the source of the the Yarlung Zangbo River. Surprisingly, what surprised me even more was the appearance of snow capped mountains, lakes, and deserts in the same frame. Such a spectacle opened my eyes.

I still have a vivid memory of the Sichuan restaurant in the town, and the characteristic of "having a large quantity but full capacity" deeply resonates with me. Especially the large amount of lettuce shreds in the fish flavored shredded meat, it appears particularly friendly in this desolate and dry area, and it is so comfortable to eat. So much so that when I returned from Alibaba, I specifically asked the chartered driver to bring us to this Sichuan restaurant again

Many years later today, I came to Payang Town again and found that it is different from the past. This town has been transformed into a "divine mountain relay station" and has become an important cultural and tourism brand on the Alibaba South Line.

Payang Town has unique tourism resources. It is close to the the Himalayas in the south and the Gangdise Mountains in the north, overlooking the source of the the Yarlung Zangbo River - Gema Yangzong Glacier, as well as the endless ecological wetland in the Maquan River basin.

Last time I came, it was winter and I never associated it with wetlands. But now it is summer, and seeing the boundless green grassland and the starry lake water, I understand that nature is truly wonderful in this setting.

There are many small flowers blooming on the green grassland, one after another, like a colorful tapestry stretching into the distance. The gentle breeze blows, and the flowers sway gently, as if dancing gracefully.

Bees and butterflies shuttle through the flowers, busy collecting nectar. They complement each other with flowers, creating a vibrant scene. At the edge of the grassland, the trees are lush, forming a natural and harmonious beauty together with the grassland and flowers.

On top of this beautiful flower sea, there is also a wooden boardwalk, which leads all the way to the amazing desert. Here, the desert and wetlands coexist, and people can enter the boardwalk to get close to this land, let go of fatigue and stress, sit in the pavilion, drink tea, and chat.

The contrast between the desolation of winter and the vitality of summer surprised me immensely! I found that I fell in love with this place. I stayed here and didn't want to leave until dusk came, and the sunset filled the sky.

I released the drone and headed towards the direction of the sun. The wetland reflects the sky, and the sky and earth are a fiery red. The area where the Maquan River flows is also endowed with the characteristics of wetlands. The river is dotted with dense sand and soil dunes, and under the reflection of the sunset, it looks like a chain of fire spanning across the sky and earth. Such a masterpiece can only be created by the divine craftsmanship of nature.

I can't help but sigh that Payang Town is a place where people's souls are nourished. I look forward to the next visit and continue to explore its beauty and mystery.

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