I woke up in a daze. As soon as I opened the door, I saw my mother frowning, one hand on the wall, the other hand on her waist moving in the living room! Actually, I'm standing and walking, but the steps are very small. I asked mom what was going on? Mom said, fell!

Huh? How did you fall! I was surprised and nervous. In my impression, my mother has flexible limbs and good health all the time. Although she is in her fifties, she doesn't fall so hard

Mom said that she slipped in the morning when she took a shower. It's the moisture removing foot stick that's to blame. It's like touching the oil on the sole of the foot stick. She fell to the ground on her back accidentally. When my mother fell down, I was still sleeping in a dream. My family's real character made my mother on the ground not call me to get up and see her! After lying alone for a while, I feel better. Then I stand up with the water pipe, and then I wash my bath

Mom told me that her back hurt! I feel my mother's waist and blame myself!

After the film examination in the hospital, the doctor said that my mother's thoracic vertebra was broken, and she needed to stay in bed for one or two months, lying on her back, unable to move around, and only opened a few boxes of Gukang films, which ended the diagnosis and treatment!

Back home, I ordered my mother to lie down and not move! But when my mother lay on her back for a long time, she would lie on the other side. I said that it's not good to lie on her side like this. I scared her to be careful about her spinal dislocation! After bluffing several times, my mother would still lie on her side from time to time. I also know that lying on your back for a long time will also feel uncomfortable, but this is the best position for lumbar recovery.

The mother of low back pain began to think of her own way. She said to me, son, stick a plaster to her mother! Often sticking plaster, she picked up this move which was not good for her

The next day, I helped my mother to eat after dinner and saw that the plaster on her waist had been renovated The third day, the fourth day, continue to renovate I asked, mom, do you keep sticking this plaster? My mother gave a poor hum. Take off the plaster. I see a red rash on the pasted skin! Mom said that maybe the plaster is a little allergic

I said, mom, don't always paste, I'll buy you Yunnan white medicine, spray it, massage it, it should be very good

Therefore, Yunnan Baiyao has become a kind of "spiritual medicine" of my mother. I don't know if it's backache. She always sprays it! A big bottle of medicine will be finished in four or five days

I said, mom, fortunately you don't take drugs, or you will really become a big smoker!!! My mother gave me a look, and said pitifully, hum, silly son!

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