With more money, productivity will rise with the pace. Otherwise, the purchasing power of money will not be equal to or even decrease when there is less money. That is to say, in the eyes of the common people, "affluence" is only a mirage, but on the contrary, there will be less disposable objects. For example, clothes that used to cost 100 yuan a piece now cost 1000 yuan a piece.

With the rise of raw material prices, the production cost of commodities increases year by year, and the sales price will naturally rise. No matter how much money people have, they can't resist the rise of prices. Facing the pressure of survival, the producers have to keep the cost down and the price down again and again, but facing the people who have no money to buy, they still can't sell the goods.

During this period, the enterprises with insufficient productivity will face bankruptcy, and in order to survive, the enterprises have to use cheap and poor quality raw materials for production, even more seriously, to fake!

We have printed more money and put it into the society to let people have money to borrow and enterprises have money to borrow. We have maintained this illusion that everyone has money to earn and everyone has high salary. We have sought a breath in the gap between the supply of resources and the response, so that people can ignore the immediate inflation phenomenon. Those diluted currency pools cause the devaluation of the currency. In order to avoid the reality of "inflation", we have to constantly inject water into the pool, so that people have more disposable funds to resist inflation.

The more water there is, the older the pressure will be. When there is a certain amount of water, even the dam will burst. Even if we let the water flow freely, it will get muddy everywhere. Unless we build multiple reservoirs with a certain scale to fix the living water into the dead water, it is also equivalent to the implicit tightening of the currency.

The profit seeking capital picked up the big ice and mercilessly smashed it into the pool. After collecting the splashed water, they condensed it into ice and continued to smash it

The real economy is suffering from the shortage of funds and no money to borrow in the process of development. When it collapses, it will inevitably lead to a debt crisis. After the ice melts, the water surface, which is originally parallel to the edge of the pool, will also fall

"When the market is crazy, most people are reluctant to miss the climax of this big dance," Buffett said. When the flames in the dance floor burned into flames, people rushed to the exit. At this time, the most afraid is screaming. There must be silence after the scream. "

Maybe when this day comes, it will be like the end of the world. I can't imagine what the result will be. When the currency devalues, how can we avoid the escape of foreign capital? How can we settle a large number of unemployed people after the successful escape of foreign capital? When the currency appreciation, the import and export trade will inevitably be damaged. How can the house prices caused by deflation make the people who have already overdrawn consumption face huge debts? Ah, there are so many things to do

Money, originally the surplus product of labor force, evaporates the so-called "external things" no matter how heavy the loss is within the scope of ability. When the labor force is manipulated and magnified by people intentionally or unconsciously, it's like feeling suddenly strong, like stuttering into a fat man, like stepping into the sky

One day, when the financial crisis came, we counted the few wages in our hands, and we also worried about the sudden collapse of the enterprises we were in due to the problem of capital turnover

I dare not think about the example of people jumping from a building any more. Maybe the result of this lifetime's struggle will disappear.

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