Hungry, I found that the rice at home has been eaten, I think of the dumplings in the refrigerator, and forget how many times this is. Looking at the full two bags of dumplings, I think of my mother again!

My mother only left me two days ago, and there was nothing to eat at home. My mother knew that I was lazy and was afraid that I had nothing to eat when I was hungry. Before I went out, she specially made dozens of dumplings for me to freeze in the refrigerator. My mother knew that I liked pork and green pepper stuffing, so she gave me pork and green pepper stuffing.

Mom's dumplings are delicious. They are the most delicious dumplings I've ever eaten. I love them. I can't get tired of them every time. I eat 20 dumplings in a blink of an eye

I think maybe I can see my mother next month. Do you want to save food? After eating, there will be no food. Otherwise, you can cook ten pieces of noodles, and the oil from the dumplings will be delicious!

I remember my mother lying on the bed before going out, holding my hand and saying, when will you find a daughter-in-law! I said, don't worry! Mom said, how nice to have someone to take care of you! Mom looked at me, like looking at a star, flashing, I looked at mom's eyes, flashing!

I said, mom, go to bed early. I have a train tomorrow! Mom said, and then she clenched my hand.

My mother went to other places to make money. She said she didn't want to encumber my sister and me when she was old. Recently, my mother got sick again. I have to take medicine every day. I know that my mother is tired. I also know that my mother doesn't want to leave me, but I can't. I've been wandering outside for so many years, and I still can't support this family.

I'm busy with my work, and I'm very upset. My mother comes back from time to time to see me and take care of me. I learned to cook from my mother, but I didn't do it for her several times.

Once, my mother came back from the hospital and saw my fried celery. She was so moved! Also said, oh, can also go home to eat son's hot meal! A happy face!

But I can eat my mother's cooking every day is really happy!

I said, mom, I want to eat meat! When I come home from work, I can eat my favorite stir fried pork with green pepper!

I said, mom, let's lose weight! When I came home from work, my mother cooked porridge and prepared cold dishes!

Mother said, son, want to eat dumplings no! I said, yes! Go home from work, and eat enough dumplings filled with pork and green peppers!

I eat dumplings, feel full, but still miss my mother!

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