Lhasa, as a holy land in the eyes of many people, maybe everyone who comes to Lhasa doesn't want to take a panoramic view of Lhasa like me

The holy city is surrounded by high mountains, serauzi mountain in the north and Nanshan Mountain in the south. Every place is a good place to overlook Lhasa! Since Lhasa has an altitude of 3650 meters, it is still difficult to climb some heights on this basis.

Top of salauzi


Overlooking the holy city of Lhasa from the top of salauzi

Serauzi mountain is located three kilometers away from the northern suburb of Lhasa, with an altitude of about 4300 meters. The famous sera temple is located at its foot.

As far as I know, there are two ways to get to the top of salauzi:

1、 Ride up the mountain

There is a road in duodi Township in the northeast of Lhasa City, which extends to serauzi temple on the hillside. You can reach duodi Township by bus No. 14, but you can only take a taxi or charter a car. If you choose to charter a car, it is recommended to negotiate the price in the city so that you can accompany all the way, so as to save the difficulty of finding a car on your return trip.

2、 Hike up the mountain

You need to arrive at the sera temple on foot. You can take a bus or take a taxi to the sera temple. It is more convenient to take a taxi. The fare is expected to be about 20 yuan. The starting point is the channel on the left side of the gate of sera temple, from which you can go straight along the outer wall of sera temple and reach the foot of the mountain.

There are many weeds on the mountain, and there are thorns on many stems. Fortunately, the grass is not very long, and the tallest grass can't live without its legs. Pay attention to the puncture or scratch of clothes. There are roads that have been stepped by predecessors and yaks. There will be interruptions when walking halfway up the mountain, but don't worry. Just find a place where you can step down and climb towards serauzi temple on the mountain. Through a simple fence gate, you can reach serauzi temple on the hillside, which is the highest temple on sera mountain.

Top of the mountain

The above two ways have reached the height overlooking Lhasa, but there is a more exciting position, that is, the higher mountain top


Sala uzri chase

When you arrive at the temple in the picture, it means that you have completed half the journey. When you take a break, you can visit around the temple. At this time, you can overlook Lhasa.

Walk east along the road outside serauzi temple for about two kilometers, and you will reach the big turn of the road. The hillside behind you is the road to the top of the mountain. Of course, it has to climb up to an altitude of 200 to 300

Prayer flags on the top of the mountain

When you climb this huge stone surrounded by countless prayer flags, it means that the top of the mountain is only one step away from you. If you work harder, you can climb the top. At the top of the mountain, it is said that there is a [celestial burial platform].

Nanshan Park

Overlooking the holy city of Lhasa in Nanshan Park

Nanshan park is separated from the urban area of Lhasa by the Lhasa River, next to the Sichuan Tibet highway. It is the Nanshan afforestation project launched by Lhasa in 2012. Through afforestation, the Millennium barren mountain has become a lush and beautiful park.

At present, the only way to the park is to drive and take a taxi. There is no bus. The taxi fee is about 30 yuan.


Climbing the top of the mountain, you will find that it is facing the Potala Palace and surrounded by the Lhasa River. It is the best place to overlook Lhasa. At sunset, you will find that the surrounding sun is gradually blocked by the mountains. At this time, you are on the sunny side, but when you forget to face opposite, you will find that this is a great place to watch the sunrise.

Guide summary

Due to natural location factors, choose Nanshan Mountain for sunrise and Sela mountain for sunset.


Shooting night scenes on Mount Sala is more grand, but you need to wear more clothes. If you don't drive, you'd better take a flashlight down the mountain, walk along the road to duodi Township and take a bus back to the city. If you miss the last bus back to the city, you'd better stop the bus while walking on the road. It's no problem to walk back all the time, but there are few street lights in the village. You can't see the wide asphalt road until you walk at least three kilometers.

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