sanya night

Sanya is really a boring place. I have no interest in the man-made scenic spots all over the place.

When I woke up in the morning, I walked to the coast for a walk, and watched the floating and heavy people in the East China Sea as if they were dumplings cooked in meat noodle soup


On the observation platform of Luhuitou Park, I looked at the whole Sanya Bay. Maybe it was the weather. The scenery was very ordinary. The planned Wuzhizhou island has also been temporarily abandoned due to weather problems

My next destination is Wuzhishan, so I don't want to make more stops in Sanya. On the way to Wuzhishan, I selectively strolled the yanoda rainforest. Although the rainforest is very beautiful, you can also overlook Haitangwan reservoir, but the scenery is everywhere in 314 provincial road, there is no sense of freshness for me, and the tickets are very expensive, but few new things are touched. There are also staff selling all kinds of entertainment items in the ticket office, a full set of play down to 5600 yuan, what slide, CS, no creativity


After a tearful stroll, hurry to drive to Wuzhishan.

The road to Wuzhishan City is a section of tropical rainforest. It's raining all the way. It's planned to climb Wuzhishan the next day after arriving at Wuzhishan City. It seems that this wish will go bankrupt

As expected, the news said another typhoon arrived in Hainan Island. It rained all night! But under, I drove to Lingshui again, all the way heavy rain intermittently, it was a deserted day.

I collapsed in the hotel near Qingshuiwan. Outside the window, it rained heavily and the waves in Qingshuiwan became crazy in the strong wind. It's said that Qingshuiwan has clear water and soft sand. A large Thai style villa has been built in front of the beach, dotted with coconut trees, which is quite high-end. It can be imagined that Qingshuiwan in good weather is definitely a wonderful Resort

Leaving Lingshui, I went to Boao again. Before arriving at Boao, I took a special detour to visit the Shenzhou Peninsula in Wanning. The environment of Shenzhou Peninsula is well managed. There are many artificial shooting sites similar to Sanya, and it is also a resort.

Boao, from an unknown small fishing village, has become a world-famous "diplomatic town", with perfect village planning and infrastructure.

Folklore has its own legend, Boao, Fengshui treasure land; Boao is the leader and head of state. The sea embraces all rivers, and the mind is broad; the head is held high, and the head is in the first place!

In my opinion, Boao is famous for the Boao Forum for Asia. Some people say that it gathers eight geographical features of river, river, lake, sea, mountain, ridge, spring and island. But what I can see is only the strong commercial atmosphere and boring forum site. The Yudai beach in the territory is also an inescapable decoration! When I left, I saw the mountain digging and sea filling, which was really eye opening!

It's a high-level resort, but it's far from Lingshui and Shenzhou Peninsula, so far, it has no interest

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